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Out of Bounds
Happy Birthday Nancy

Happy Birthday Nancy. . . Fox Lake MILF love Steve and Marg

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Happy Birthday Dan

Photo taken (1989). We were at your 30th and your 50th Birthday Celebrations... hope to be invited to your 70th. Love Marg and Steve XO

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Happy Anniversary Christine and Fred.

It's my sister Christine and Fred's Anniversary today. . . and Thera arrives in Canada for a visit there before heading to Grenada to visit with us! Love to you all, Marg and Steve XO

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Remember when...

I was looking through my photos and found this one of our friends Wendy and Paul back at Dutchman's Cove Marina. They had just returned from their first summer sailing the waters of Georgian Bay, Lake Huron and the North Channel and Lake Superior. I remember them being so, so, so, relaxed and very, very, happy!

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July/24/2010 | Wendy and Paul
Seems so long ago. Just one great lake to go, but we didn't make it this year. Oh well, something to look forward to next year.

Thanks for the photo as we hadn't seen it before.

The blog is wonderful.
July/24/2010 | Wendy and Paul
We miss you.
Happy Birthday Martin

My little brother... There are some who call me . . . "Tim?" (Monty Python)

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July/19/2010 | Thera
HAHAHA ... Classic !

I Fart In Your General Direction!
July/19/2010 | margaret Colquhoun
Well, we are glad that you appreciate the sentiment and get the humour... I'm not sure either brother looks at the blog... but on with life... as it should be. I love you... you are the greatest... bias opinion I know.. mums bragging rights.
July/20/2010 | kim&marius
Beware the killer rabbits LOL That was quite a party. We danced so hard we knocked the TV right off it's stand. Ah the good times
Happy Birthday Karl

Happy Birthday Karl. Don't celebrate too much! Love Aunt Marg and Uncle Steve.

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Happy Birthday Jim
July/12/2010, St. George's, Grenada

Happy Birthday Jim. Take the day off and do some limin' today.

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July/17/2010 | jim keast
I'm speechless!
The only word I can think of is "wow".
Thanks for the memories.
Hope to see you both soon, less than 6 months till retirement.
Take care.
Happy Birthday Lynne
June/24/2010, Carriacou, Grenada

Pic of Lynne and I. We have shared (and will continue to have) so many a good times ... true friendship will last forever. Thank you.
Yes you said: If it becomes too much trouble to go skiing or camping or having fun... then we know we are old.. well said!

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March/4/2010, Palm Bay Beach

Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday in March... but especially Fred (March 9th), Heather (March 13th) and Emma (March 29th)... and If I got it wrong, it's because my finger slipped as I'm going up and down with the waves as I steal internet from shore... gotta love being in the basement while

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Valerie and Glenn visit

We had a wonderful dinner with friends Valerie and Glenn. And I will show you the flag Glenn made us as soon as I get it flying proudly aboard Lion's Paw.

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From Marg
July/5/2009, Still at Dutchmans Cove Marina

Hi Lee,
I love your emails. You have such a way with words (concise and very true). I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of posting your email on my blog.

I too seem to have trouble getting my head around this adventure. What seemed to be such a great idea seven years ago is already a reality today. I'm wondering if I truly disliked my teenager kids back then (doesn't everyone) to have conjured up such a thought to leave the wonderful, normal lifestyle that our family was able to attain and enjoy.

Today I must remind myself that both Thera and Mike have also begun to follow their own paths and create a life for themselves (as they should), never-the-less I do and will miss them (and Benson) dearly. I have been told, countless times, that there is no real good time to go. I leave behind Steve's dad (whom just turned 85) and Betty, my recently widowed mum, our every changing and growing nieces and nephews, sisters and brothers, many good friends and wonderful people I have met through work and community. My life. . .previous life, has ended up on the free table at Dutchman's Cove Marina... along with Value Village and a variety of other places in the city (like schools and charity events). . . but it's all just stuff. I still have the memories.

Memories...during the past year I managed to scan each and every photo that I had taken over the last 31 years and these photos are now on an 8 Gig memory stick, now lying in a safety deposit box. I have a second copy on my computer. The original photos are in a box somewhere in Petra and Colin's basement, as are all the rest of the things from our life that Mike didn't want for his new condo. Kim and Marius are storing a few pieces of clothing for us (just in-case we have to come back during the winter months) and my bike and golf clubs have been lent to Heather (Mike's girlfriend). Someone might as well get the use out of them. Isn't it funny what you keep!

The unfortunate reality, now that I'm homeless, is that I don't have a home that ours kids can come home too, and the lack of contact with them is unsettling. I can rarely keep in contact with Thera (since the use of Skype is impossible surrounded by peering passer-by's) and I truly treasure the occasional phone call from Mike. Another reality is that I feel I have to justify the expense of such luxuries as a telephone or the internet and using a laundry mat has its own set of challenges too.

Throw in a menopausal woman and a newly retired male; put them in a confined box and take away a lot of their retirement income and you've got the picture! Such is the situation and that's why we are in plan c-d or is that plan x-y.

Here's another reality check...I am not the type of person who thinks that the grass is greener on the other side. In fact, I believe in my heart that Canada is truly a beautiful and privileged place to be. Will I enjoy this adventure?

I also have to address my fears, the biggest being that if something should happen to Steve while "out there", how will I cope? It has become quite obvious to me that I do not have all the skills and knowledge necessary to bring this baby home alone. I know very little about the troubleshooting of diesel engines. Funny, I know I can't do it all and yet I expect Steve to be able too. I realize that it's impossible to know everything there is to know, but it sure makes me feel so much better to be able to say that I can do everything. As a matter of fact, we both hope that we have the ability to navigate, trim the sails and do night watches, cope with the swelling seas and figure out the tides. One thing Steve does not have to worry about is the fear of being bored. There is so much for him to do (just keeping the boat in good working order), but he also can relax so easily. This is a skill I will have to learn. I hope I find some purpose as I travel down this new path. I hope it not only is a challenge (as it has bee so far) but also that I find peace and happiness while we embark on this voyage.

Anyway, we are going. You should see the grin on Steve's face when he speaks of his plans the sail south. I know how much Steve loathed going to work (especially the last 6 years) and I look forward to seeing him snorkel to his hearts content...and hope that he can even catch some lobster for dinner.

So here's hoping we sail your way. That's why I want to go. I want to visit all the places where family and friends reside. I hope to be able to stay long and enjoy the life that they have to share. If I can only see these places from a distance (from the water) and not embellish in the culture and surrounding nature of the place; then I will be a very disappointed sailing partner. Hum, maybe that's why I've kept my skis, bike and golf clubs. Everyone knows that Vancouver is the place where one can enjoy all of that. So, keep those extra bedrooms.
Please keep me informed as to what you and your three "young adults" are up too. Love to all.

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July/9/2009 | George Markham
I know all about those question running around in your head...I've asked all of your's and some of my own. lol I think I'll feel a lot more relaxed once we're on Ishmael full time. By the way we are finally on sailblogs.
Girls Weekend

Typical girls weekend!

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Love the boots!

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From Vancouver
June/22/2009, Dutchman's

This just in: I hope Lee doesn't mind but I've copied and pasted her email. Thanks Lee. Photo of Lee and family 1989

Hi Marg;

I'm trying to imagine where you might be for this Father's Day? I've read your email a couple of times and I always marvel at the fact that you thought we were crazy selling everything and going traveling in the early 80's and yet here you are in 2009!

I also recall Steve being unable to enjoy 'yellow rice and maple leaves' and yet here you are adventuring with all the changes in diets, routines and lifestyles. Wonders never cease and I guess that is what makes life so interesting.

I'm also still getting used to the idea of you as a homeless person since a home was so important to you and not to me. You are now free of the responsibilities of home and I am neck deep in it. WOW! But my garden sure looks nice.

Stay healthy and have fun. A big hello to your Steve, Thera and Mike. We have an extra bedroom so perhaps you can sail our way. George Vancouver did it.

Love Lee

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June/22/2009 | Jennifer
well life certainly is a be savoured. we hope to move on board by the end of the week..
Visitors Welcome
June/20/2009, Dutchman's

Photo: We can learn so much from our parents. Here my mum has finished a bottle of wine..ah, but there is still a drop left.. so it is tilted for a while, so that the last drop can be enjoyed...and you wondered why I'm a frugal sailor type..ha!

Three days of rain, and soaking wet we were fortunate to enjoy the company of Glenn and Valerie. Glenn is a friend of ours from our university days. We may have convinced them to NOT buy a sailboat (ha!). Long time friends, Petra and Colin (whom keep their boat moored at Bay Mooring, next door) joined us. Before you knew it, we were enjoying a wonderful potluck dinner on their boat. Fortunately for all of us, the red wine spill came out of their upholstery. Another stemmed wine glass discussion ensued. I think we have all decided that the new wine tumblers are the way to go.

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June/22/2009 | Al & Jen .
Good grief!! there are some things you just can't give up
It must be a women thing!
June/18/2009, Dutchman's

Here I am again enjoying another beautiful evening but this time, I'm sitting here with some sense of satisfaction. Today I managed to get the internet and I fired off emails to some of my friends (unfortunately, not all of my friends . . as the signal faded away); and some of you got back to me a.s.a.p. Thank you. It must be a women's thing. . to search endlessly for some sort of connection . . . some sort of conversation.

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Marg Colquhoun
May/30/2009, Mississauga - Burlington

View from Mike's condo...oddly, this view is facing west and has captured Thera's condo (beneath the sunset) .. another rainy night.

Today, Steve and Mike played another round of golf at Lowville. I wanted to go, but thought it best to have a visit with my sister Christine and her husband Fred. I lucked out...Shari, Robert and Vanessa were also at home...while Amy was working (what's that?). It was short but good. I brought my camera, but didn't take any photos. Duh! I hugged them all.. tightly! See you next summer?

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Marg Colquhoun
May/29/2009, Burlington Ontario

Well, someone has to go to work! Off mum went. Mum help's out at my sisters school each Friday (not bad for 82 eh!)
We spent the day shopping for odds and ends. Before dinner, Steve hung the chandelier while I sorted through the sewing stuff and made another "to-do" list.
This time, dinner was enjoyed with Heather and Mike and afterwards we enjoyed the movie "Slum-dog Millionaire"

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June/11/2009 | Nancy Weber
I love the movie Slum-dog Millionaire! Our friend Rob Hutton suggested it!
Marg Colquhoun
May/28/2009, Mississauga - Burlington

Photo: Trying to be cool! Eye glasses on the top of our foreheads....ha!

We met Mike for lunch in Mississauga at the Spoon 'n Fork (a wonderful Thai restaurant). Mike p/u Nana and brought her home to his condo for dinner. Steve, I and mum headed home after spending a wonderful evening... dinner was slightly seared Tuna, Scallops, salad and fresh loaf of bread. We slept in the next morning...comfy beds or pure exhaustion.

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Staying focused! Ha!
Marg Colquhoun
May/27/2009, Ajax

Golf day - Q107 2009 Derringer Invitational
Wednesday May 27th 2009
Deercreek Golf & Banquet Facility, Ajax
North Course (Diamond/Ruby)
We had a wonderful visit with our first neighbours, Kim and Marius Lacasse..... they tried to escape our friendship from Augustine Drive ... but we've kept up with their various moves from Burlington and are still great friends. BTW: I didn't win the lottery 649...poop!

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