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Dressed for Dinner

Dressed for dinner.

South America - Colombia
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January/1/2011 | Kim & Marius
Happy New Year old friends.
January/1/2011 | Betty & Jack Colquhoun
Happy New Year, safe sailing, good health and lots of happiness. Miss you both. Love Dad and Betty
January/1/2011 | Janice
Happy New Year you two! Wishing you all the best for 2011....btw love the outfits!
January/2/2011 | rhonda
Love your outfits!
Happy New Year! Hope you have another wonderful year of adventure with a brief visit to Burlington in September. Don't forget us!
January/8/2011 | Dot :
Happy New Year! Love the photo's and updates of the adventures. We think of you often and wish you both good health and safe sailing. Love to meet you somewhere??
Dorothy and Emil
Christmas Dinner

More Christmas pic's..thank's "Slow M'oceans".... Blake and Sunny

South America - Colombia
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Merry Christmas

South America - Colombia
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December/31/2010 | Thera
Happy New Years Mum and Dad ... have a drink for me :)
Feliz Navidad!
December/25/2010, 10 24.916N:75 32.397W

Felize Navidad!
10 24.916N:75 32.397W

We are celebrating Christmas in Cartagena, Columbia with Mark and Michele "Reach" and Sunny and Blake "Slow M'oceans".
Yesterday, at 1:30 pm, aboard Slow M'oceans", we started the celebrations by eating! On the menu, veggie rice paper rolls, Korean pancakes, cheese and sausage plate (Blake needed his meat fix), all topped off with a wonderful noodle dish that Sunny whipped up with the left over veggies that had been prepared for the rolls... we were so stuffed!
We headed home at 4pm and at 6pm we gathered aboard "Lion's Paw" and the eating continued! .. spinach dip served in a loaf of bread, shrimp, crab and pork dim sum and "Reach's" pot stickers and seared Wahoo. We had a wonderful evening and wondered how we could possibly be hungry tomorrow.

Christmas Day.. We had french toast and sliced oranges (so much for not being hungry). Tonight we are going to the home o "Reach" where we will all sit down to a traditional Christmas dinner. Steve and I are bringing the BBQ Turkey breast and mashed potatoes and gravy. It will be another feast I'm sure!

Boxing day, we hope to walk it all off. We plan to go for a self guided tour of the "Old Town" and hopefully I'll be sharing some great pic's with you.

For now, we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas! XO

South America - Colombia
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December/25/2010 | Thera
I LOVE YOU !!! Merry Christmas ! Sounds like you are having a great time with friends just like I am ... but christmas with no snow is just not christmas ... in a few years we will have to all get together in Huntsville ( they always have snow ) for a big old christmas feast !! xxoo Thera
December/25/2010 | Thera
FYI - I have christmas eve with good friends Ariane and Bart (both Canadian) and we had crackers and tissue hats .... I was almost crying and soo happy it was like Bass Christmas !!
December/26/2010 | Kim & Marius
Hey Thera We'll join you in Huntsville. We love it up there. Merry Christmas to everyone and hope to talk to you soon. Sorry we missed your call. I'll keep posted on skype. Love you XX
December/28/2010 | Chris & Jackie
Sounds like you two are having a wonderful holiday season. We are in Salinas PR and had xmas with 15 other happy souls. We know what you mean about being stuffed! Get boat bottom painted in Ponce in Jan. then heading to US Virgins! Keep safe, all our best.
December/29/2010 | Lori
Merry Christmas everyone! Dana and I skiied Ellicottville New York today. Marg, you and I were there almost five years ago! Lots of snow and some changes but still beautiful! Enjoy all! and Happy New Year!

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