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Out of Bounds
August/17/2009, Tobermory

Just look at the Photo's of Tobermory. I hope to download more. We provisioned here for our trip around to Lake Erie. It was a real bustling tourist town.

We motored back to the town dock (had to wait for the ferry to dock and 2 other boats fuelling up) and then we headed back to our same anchorage... 5.5 hours

Today, we picked up our anchor and went into the town docks to pump-out and top up our water tanks. There we met Harley and Janice on "Blue Blazes" a beautiful traditional CS 36. . . oh and a very nice couple too! They were deciding if they were going to anchor or stay in town. We were there to re-provision. We hadn't done so since Friday August 7th in Parry Sound when Dan and Deborah lent us their car for the trip to town. That was before Mike, Heather and Thera came aboard (10 days ago), so we were in need of fresh veggies etc. Tobermory was a wonderful, little friendly town. When I asked the clerk at the liquor store what our choices were for grocery stores, she replied; "well, we have one, so the choices are easy". And their Foodland was very well stocked. The town was a buzz and we enjoyed walking around to exercise our sea legs. We also found a little hut (about a ten minute walk just off the hwy) that sold fresh fish. We decided on trout for tonight's dinner. Along side the hut was the owner carving a large tree trunk (similar to the one we saw on our P.E.I golfing trip with Rhonda, Ken, Lynne and Duncan). And on the other side, it looked like the Jitterbug Java café back in Waterdown.
I tried to get internet connection but it was sketchy. I have decided I really need one of those boosters that Larry and Janet had.
Blue Blazes and Lion's Paw are heading out tomorrow together. Plans are to head to Sarnia (weather permitting).

Please check out the gallery for more photo's of our wonderful sail to Tobermory from Parry Sound.

First Leg to Port Colborne from Parry Sound
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August/19/2009 | Jamie and Janice
That's funny, we took the same picture this summer. We will be following you South on our Morgan 384.
It's Nothing like 2 weeks ago!
August/17/2009, Tobermory

We're in Tobermory, Big Tub Harbour, anchored for the night.
I gave Mum a quick call. Yes I am still alive (she asked). Just as I was about to hang up I heard thunder-boomers in the distance and they were getting closer. That night we had 3 thunderstorms along with the usual gusty winds and rain. It was nothing!

I have to thank the Flecknell / Newbold holiday for my calmness. After what we all experienced (the last week in July - first week in August, 2009), everything seems like nothing! It's such a wonderful feeling "not" to be white knuckling it. I believe you become a better seasoned / calmer sailor as each year passes. I am thankful (?) of the various mistakes and decisions we have made. Without sounding too cocky, we have gained more and more confidence in our abilities and have gained more confidence in our boat's safekeeping. That being said, I don't' really want to experience anything harsher. Someone out there can pray for calm seas and fair winds... maybe that will help.

For the sailors out there:
Never have a schedule. Easy for us to say, now that we don't have to report back to work on Monday! But even so, if you've made a promise to be somewhere or have changed plans in order to accommodate someone else's plans or if you decide to go somewhere and arrive at a specific time and date, you're dumber than dumb! You end up motoring rather than sailing. You end up in weather that you shouldn't be in. You end up not enjoying the moment of where you are now. And you usually end up disappointing yourself and the other party involved. If at all possible, DON'T HAVE A SCHEDULE!

First Leg to Port Colborne from Parry Sound
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This Is How I Remember Sailing!
August/16/2009, Parry Sound to Tobermory

Photo: My favourite..Red Rock entrance to the Parry Sound area.

Warm winds. Less that 1 Meter waves. Steady winds. Now if it were all like this...I could consider crossing the ocean!

We sailed almost all the way. We motored during the usual mid-day doldrums and into the anchorage. I have logged ~2.25 hours of motoring for the trip into the anchorage at Big Tub Harbour.

Trip 85.3 nm
Time 12 hours (6:30 am anchored by 6:30 pm)
3.5 engine hours

First Leg to Port Colborne from Parry Sound
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August/20/2009 | Karen
WOW! warm winds and less than 1 metre waves, I could consider crossing the ocean if it was always like that, sure is a lot different than our holiday weather. I'm glad it finally warmed up for you guys.
Anchorage near Killbear
August/15/2009, Davy Island, Parry Sound

Leaving Davy Island, Parry Sound 6:30 am August 16th for (we thought) the Winfield Basin, Cabot Head

First Leg to Port Colborne from Parry Sound
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