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The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

10 December 2017 | Cocoa Village Marina, FL
09 December 2017 | New Smyrna Beach City Marina
07 December 2017 | Marineland
07 December 2017 | Marineland, FL
06 December 2017 | Palm Cove Marina
03 December 2017 | Fernandina Harbor Marina
02 December 2017 | Jekyll Harbor Marina
30 November 2017 | Morningstar Marina, St. Simons, GA
30 November 2017 | Morningstar Marina, St. Simons, GA
30 November 2017 | Morningstar Marina, St. Simons, GA
26 November 2017 | Isle Of Hope Marina
25 November 2017 | Port Royal Landing Marina
23 November 2017 | Port Royal Landing Marina
21 November 2017 | Port Royal Landing Marina

Passage - New Smyrna Beach - Cocoa Village Marina

10 December 2017 | Cocoa Village Marina, FL
Brooke Smith
Sunday, December 10, 2017
52 miles 8.2 Engine Hours
7:52 AM Underway
2:45 PM Docked bow in port side to Slip 24

Nice chilly ride today. 38º as we left New Smyrna with a north wind 10-15 MPH at our stern as we headed for some very long stretches of water with little or no turns. We saw lots more destruction of docks and homes as we headed south out of New Smyrna into the Mosquito Lagoon for 10 miles before taking a cut that dropped us into the Indian River. The rest of the trip was on the Indian River and will be so for many more days as the Indian River runs from above Titusville all the way to St. Lucie inlet about 95 miles to the south. The trip was pretty easy with the wind at our backs and the long stretches of steady headings. We did see our first manatee today in the cut going between Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River. The manatee was right in front of the boat and I was doing all I could do to keep from hitting him at dead idle. There are many manatees hit by boats and I didn’t want to injure one. I don’t think they are the smartest sea animal since they don’t get out of the way. Dolphins on the other hand are very smart and often play in our bow wake. Dolphins will also turn on their side and look up at you. Most of the time I can’t see them playing under the bow. But I hear them blowing air out and sometimes smell their breath. And, every once in a while they will actually jump into the air like you are at a show. Of course as soon as you pick up the camera they disappear.. Anyhow, I didn’t hit the manatee.

We pulled in Cocoa Village Marina just before 3 and got tied up. This place is nice, Their cable TV even works. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hooked up cable at marinas that say they have cable, and it doesn’t work. We really don’t care that much for TV. The little we watch is mostly with our Apple TV or locations that we get some antenna TV. But hey, since it’s working at the dock, I’m hooking it up.
We are planning on staying at Cocoa for two days. Although I’ve been informed there is a space launch on Tuesday. The guy says this marina is the perfect spot to watch rocket launches. So, we might stay 3 days instead of two.

You meet people that are from Virginia, or had their boat in Deltaville very often. But, Susan just met a lady in the marina bathroom that is from Old Church, Our neighborhood. How crazy is that?

Today’s picture is a terrible sight. A barge loaded with damaged boats about to meet the boat graveyard in Jacksonville. Sad.

Passage - Marineland Marina - New Smyrna Beach City Marina

09 December 2017 | New Smyrna Beach City Marina
Brooke Smith
Friday, December 8, 2017
51 miles 8.2 Engine Hours
7:01 AM Underway
1:58 PM Docked stern in port side to Slip 31

Early start 1 minute before sunrise with chilly mist. Three boats all pull out of the marina at the same time with Liquid Therapy in the lead. I really don’t like being the leader of anything. But, having other boats follow the path I have picked might have them wondering about my navigation skills. Well most of the time there is no other boat around and I shave off corners instead of following the center of the channel. It saves time and fuel. But, it’s not exactly pretty. When I meet another boat, I move over to the proper side of the channel. Or, when a boat comes up behind me I get all proper too. So, now I have two other boats following my path. Most of the time whoever is following me is catching up with me because we are a slow boat. For at least for an hour or so they are content to stay behind me while I pick our way though the haze and mist. Finally I slow down for a no wake area. The other two boats pass me. And then I’m free to pilot my boat anyway I please.
It’s supposed to get really nasty in the New Symrna, FL area. Calling for thunderstorms and high winds. That was initially supposed to start late this afternoon. That is why we started out just before the sun came up. And, then the forecast changed to 7PM for severe weather. Anyhow, we are tied up. I met the guy that was in the boat next to us at Marineland. He was supposed to anchor out at Daytona. He didn’t like the idea of anchoring in thunderstorms either and has joined us here at the marina.

We are staying at New Smyrna two days There is a farmers market tomorrow morning. We love farmers markets. I hope it is not canceled. At least it's not snowing.
Today’s picture is the view from our boat at Marineland.

Docked - Marineland Marina, FL

07 December 2017 | Marineland
Brooke Smith
Thursday, December 7, 2017
Just a nasty rainy day. 54º this morning and the wind is still bouncing us around in our slip. We have decided to run the 51 miles tomorrow in the 40% chance or rain. Rain doesn’t bother me too much. I have the entire route programed into the Garmin Chart Plotter and it will tell the Autopilot where to steer us in safe water, taking care of the cross currents and windage. Oh yea, I watch all of that with an eagle eye. But for the most part it is rather precise in keeping us in good water. There are errors in NOAA charts and you still need to use common sense and actually look through the windshield to make sure everything is where it should be. But like many airline pilots. I take off and land. The rest of the time I’m on autopilot.

Cold, so Susan baked cookies in our oven. Burned the bottoms. I made a cake some time ago in a tube pan and the entire crust was burned. I don’t think I like gas ovens. I contacted the tech department of this EXPENSIVE oven and he said people had put pizza stones in the oven to even out the heat. So, a pizza stone is definitely on our list.

I continued working on my high water bilge alarm system. I spent lots of time deciding where I wanted to mount the alarm. I decided the fly bridge is where I run the boat from and I would like to know up there that the boat is taking on more water than the bilge pumps can get rid of. So now I have to run wires from the fly bridge to the bilge. That takes lots of effort. Cutting a rectangle in the helm area for the alarm is what I studied mostly. Got to make sure there is nothing behind there that I ruin in the cutting process. Also getting things looking proper is not easy on a boat. I mean a pocket level just doesn’t do much good. Sometimes it’s just a good eyeball. If it doesn’t look good I blame it on the previous owner or a mechanic. Anyhow, I got the Dremel out to cut the rectangle and decided to procrastinate that another day and didn’t cut anything yet.
Today’s picture is looking through my helm windshield at the dock at 6PM. We get underway tomorrow morning 7AM.

Passage - Palm Cove Marina - Marineland Marina, FL

07 December 2017 | Marineland, FL
Brooke Smith
Wednesday, December 6, 2017
49 miles 10.3 Engine Hours
8:07 AM Underway
3:13 PM Docked bow in port side to Slip 46

As I writer this Thursday morning it’s 56º and gray outside. We are once again running the heat. It was 80° and we were in shorts yesterday. And, yesterday at 11:11AM we crossed the 30º 00.00’N latitude. Yea baby, we are in the warmer latitudes. Except it’s cold here. Also, yesterday we crossed out of seagrass into mangroves lining the shoreline. Pretty tough day with the tidal current Gods not showing favor on Liquid Therapy. We got a little favorable tidal current approaching St. Augustine inlet. Of course as soon as you turn away from the inlets to stay on the ICW channel you are hit with the water rushing toward you also heading to exit to the Atlantic. We fought the tide almost all the way to Marineland getting a slight push near the Mantanzas inlet. I kept looking over my shoulder with the clouds of the cold front approaching closing in behind us. At least we are out of the extreme tide ranges of South Carolina and Georgia. The cold front hit about 6PM last night with the temperature dropping and the boat rocking in the slip from the strong gusts of wind. After about 1 hour later the severe gusts from the leading edge of the front had passed and it was just getting colder fast.
Trying to decide whether to head to New Smyrna tomorrow. Wind will be behind us 10-15 and it is 60% chance of rain. It’s 52 miles. That is a pretty long day for us. New Smyrna is a nice town. We have seen Marineland Dolphin Conservation Center ( http://marineland.net/home/about-us/our-history ) and there is no real town or shopping here. So, We will probably move south.
Today’s picture is the iPad Nav. App. as we crossed into the 29º latitude.

Passage - Fernandina - Palm Cove Marina, Jacksonville, FL

06 December 2017 | Palm Cove Marina
Brooke Smith
Sunday, December 3, 2017
31 miles 5.1 Engine Hours
8:34 AM Underway
1:24 PM Docked Port Side to Slip C10

(Reposted to correct today's picture )Started out in not quite a fog but decided visibility was so low that we should run the navigation lights. We had a following current for most of the way round Amelia Island. But then extreme head currents slowed us under 4 tkos, The worst was when we went under the San Pablo Bridge. I had enough power on to be going 7.5kts. Was doing 2kts! This was the most extreme current we have even been in. Later I spoke with a sailboat that said he ran as hard as normal and was sitting still and had to over-rev the engine to get through the bridge. Other than the slow going the channel had plenty of water all the way to Jacksonville.
I noticed my tachometer was suddenly reading 0 when the motor was running at 1800RPMs. Before I could call Susan to see if the lower helm tachometer was also reading 0 the flybridge tachometer resumed working and never flinched the rest of the day.
The tachometer is connected to the alternator and counts pulses off one of the diodes inside the alternator. So, is my alternator about to fail? Could just be a bad ground connection or a loose connection at the tachometer. Until it stays broken ti's too hard to tell.
Along our passage we saw more broken docks, sunken or boats blown up into shallows. Hurricane's Mathew and Irma have damaged much around this area.
We had a Deja vu moment entering Palm Cove Marina. We didn't remember the name, but we have been here before. The very nice restaurant, Marker 32, was closed Monday night and we opted for not crossing the 7 lane highway to other nicer restaurants and ended up at Wendy's.
We ended staying two days and I got back to working on installing a high water alarm in the bilge. It's on my "to do" list and running the wires to the fly bridge is going to be the tough part. Planning where to mount devices is a very difficult process due to space limitations of a boat. Running wires is often difficult. I've got it figured out, but not cut out the spot on the flybridge. That will be done on another day. We are headed to Marineland today.
Today's picture is a pretty spectacular sunrise just a few minutes ago.

Passage - Jekyll Harbor - Fernandina Harbor Marina

03 December 2017 | Fernandina Harbor Marina
Brooke Smith
Saturday, December 2, 2017
33 miles 5.6 Engine Hours
9:31 AM Underway
1:46 PM crossed the Florida - Georgia Line
2:15 PM Docked Port Side to face dock

We didn’t plan on going to Florida today. We planned on St. Marys, GA. I did my route plan and called the dock master at Lang’s Marina in St. Marys. He answered the phone “Hello”. I asked if this was Lang’s Marina and he told me yes but it had been destroyed by Hurricane Mathew. I enquired about anchoring and coming to a dinghy dock. He said all of that was destroyed too. He suggested I skip St. Marys until our return trip in the spring! Maybe by then there will be somewhere to dock. We also heard that Cumberland Island was closed to visitors. We had planned on visiting Cumberland on the return trip. Hope that is ready by then.
So now we set our sights on Fernandina Harbor Marina. We knew Fernandina was destroyed so we didn’t have a good feeling about that. The main face dock at Fernandina is destroyed, But inside there were a few docks and the mooring ball field is operational. We opted for the slip so we could easily go to eat. You know boating is all about eating. We have eaten our way through Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. So, Florida, we are here and hungry. I used to say “ I’m not Hungarian, but I’m Hungry. Found out it offended my Hungarian friends reading our blog. So, I don’t say that anymore. Whoops off base here.

About a mile before we reached Fernandina we passed a terrible sight. Storm damaged boats were on a barge and being sent to a crusher. Lots of boats sank during Mathew and Irma. Kind of bad seeing boats being sent to the crusher for death.

We docked almost at dead low tide which was an abnormally lower tide because of the super moon. I still had 8’ below the keel until I got near the inside T dock. The 4’ shallow alarm started beeping but we still had 3’ under our keel. Docked I exclaimed “We are in Florida” Time to switch chart books and the Waterway Cruising Guide to “Florida” I found the cruising guide but not the chart book. I must have left that home. I still like charts as you can get a much larger view of an area. Often with the electronics you can get lost because you cannot see in detail enough of the surrounding area. Anyhow, NOAA has stopped producing paper charts and everyone is electronic charting. I like marking on the chart books dates and times and found it amusing seeing where we were on certain dates and times written on the paper charts as we flip page to page in the chart book.

We walked into the town of Fernaninda to eat of course. We had pizza. We haven’t had pizza on our trip so far. The pizza tasted really good.
The town has many nice restaurants and plenty of shops too. We are going shop hopping Sunday and see what we might add to our boat’s huge storage areas. Of course I’m joking. We still have stuff in bags not put away yet from when we left. It is kind of hard packing for winter and summer clothes. Eventually the winter stuff will be packed up and stored out of sight.
We are staying two days here and getting our boat decorated for Christmas. Sunday night is the super moon. I’ll be trying to get some pictures of that for sure.
Today’s picture is the boat graveyard we passed coming into Fernandina.
Hailing Port: DELTAVILLE, VA
Extra: Headed south fall 2017 to Miami and then the Bahamas
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