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22 February 2018 | Hope Town Marina
20 February 2018 | Hope Town Marina
14 February 2018 | Harbour View Marina, Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco
08 February 2018 | Hope Town Inn & Marina
05 February 2018 | Hope Town Inn and Marina, Elbow Cay, Abaco, BS
03 February 2018 | Orchid Bay Marina, Great Guana Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
02 February 2018 | Allans-Pensacola Cay
31 January 2018 | Old Bahama Bay Marina
30 January 2018 | Old Bahama Bay Marina
28 January 2018 | Old Bahama Bay Marina
27 January 2018 | old Bahama Bay Marina
24 January 2018 | Old Bahama Bay Marina, West End, Bahamas
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22 January 2018 | Lighthouse Point Yacht Club
20 January 2018 | Lighthouse Point Yacht Club
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19 January 2018 | Lighthouse Point Yacht Club
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11 January 2018 | Lighthouse Point Yacht Club

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

22 February 2018 | Hope Town Marina
Brooke Smith
Docked Hope Town Marina, Elbow Cay, Abaco, BS

Hot dog Carter and Nelson arrive about 12:30PM today. They started out at 3:30AM and were pretty tired when they arrived. Lunch at the marina and then unpacking and moving things.

It doesn't seem to matter what cruising boat we have visited, all available space is taken up with stuff. Many people use their 2nd bathroom as a closet. Some use their 2nd stateroom. We used both spaces for clothes food and other stuff. Our 2nd bathroom is our utility room because we have a small washing machine in there. The toilet can still be used standing. But the washing machine is in the knee area. I can move the washing machine. It only weighs 47lbs. Carter and Nelson said to leave it. I think I'm going to move it, especially since both of them are not feeling well.

Nelson and I took a power nap before going to a docktails party on JimandI at 5PM. 14 people on board in the cockpit of the sail catamaran was quite tight, And lots of laughter! All of us had fun. Carter and Nelson had been up since 3:30AM so, we were the first people to leave the party.

I am sick with a cold. Carter and Nelson have upset stomachs. So, it was an early bed time. I certainly hope all of us are well quickly.

The wind has gotten up again. 10-20 MPH for the next few days. That means we will not be taking Liquid Therapy out until Sunday. It will be a trip to the shops, lighthouse and museum on foot until boating weather returns.

Today's picture is Jessica, our adopted niece from Costa Rica and the waters of Hope Town

We have done two passages since I last wrote:

20 February 2018 | Hope Town Marina
Brooke Smith
Tuesday, February 19, 2018
Passage - Docked Hope Town Marina, Elbow Cay, Abaco, BS

Thursday 2-15-18
Passage - Marsh Harbour - Mermaid Reef - Tahiti Beach -Hope Town Marina
14 NM 3.8 Engine Hours
10:05 AM Underway
10:31 AM Anchored Mermaid Reef 26º 33.30’N 77º 30.29’W
11:44 AM Underway Tahiti Beach 26º 30.26’N 76º 59.10’W
4:19 PM Underway
5:01 PM Docked Hope Town Marina slip

Friday 2-16-18
Passage - Hope Town Marina - Pete’s Pub, Little Harbour, Abaco and back
9:15 AM Underway
12:21 PM Pete’s Pub Mooring 26º 19.61’N 76º 59.96’W
2:34 PM Underway
3:35 PM Anchored 26º 24.17’N 76º 58.89’W
4:35 PM Underway
6:33 PM Docked Hope Town Marina

Those were two full packed days with Jonathan, Jessica and Eric. The kids came for beach time and we gave them beach time and some of the prettiest waters in the world. Friday, by the time we docked, Susan and I were pooped.

Saturday would be a day for the kids to check out the Atlantic side beach at Hope Town with Susan and me resting on the boat. They walked at least five miles on the beach!

But, back to Friday. Friday when we got back to the Hope Town Marina, the power was off. We found out that it was off at several of the cays. The main generator at Marsh Harbour had failed. That power plant supplies power to Great Guana, Man-O-War, Elbow Cay (Hope Town) and other places. The news was that it might not be fixed until Tuesday. Liquid Therapy does not have an installed generator. We have a small portable Honda 2000 watt generator that can keep our batteries up and our inverter takes care of our 120VAC loads. We have LED lighting that uses almost no electricity. Still I need to run the Honda about 3 hours per day. One story we heard was that a fuse had blown on the main generator and they had to get a new fuse from Arizona or Oklahoma. As Three Dog Night said “ In Oklahoma, Not Arizona, What Does It Matter, What does it matter?” Anyhow, we have power for about an hour a day. That’s when I try to make ice and hot water. Other than that I run the little honda to recharge the batteries to keep the refrigerator and freezer running and our lighting.

Saturday night we walked around dark Hope Town with generators humming all around. There were lots of people trying to find open restaurants. We went into “Wine Down Sip Sip” and it was packed with lots of people. But at least they had power and everyone in there was in good spirits. And, then their generator died. We stayed a while for someone to refuel the generator. We ordered a bottle of wine as mysteriously there was a glow from the cash register. It was still working. But then the BTC cell service went out and there was no way to process credit cards. I told the waitress we would pay cash. Everyone in the restaurant was having fun by candle light. No one was leaving. The waitress finally said the generator was having oil issues and told us of another place we should probably try instead of eating there. So, we walked on down the path to the other restaurant in the dark. I have a clip light that goes on the rim of my ball cap. That thing lit the way pretty good. We finally got to “ The Harbour’s Edge” restaurant and it was packed. It took a while to get seated. But we finally got something to eat, and two wicked martinis. I couldn’t finish the second.

Sunday was goodbye day for Jonathan, Eric and Jessica. Jonathan and Eric took one more stroll around the beach and Jessica, Susan and I walked the town.
Today’s pictures is Atlantic waves crashing into a cay that seems to have no name on the chart near Sandy Cay.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

14 February 2018 | Harbour View Marina, Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco
Brooke Smith
Passage - Hope Town Marina - Harbour View Marina, Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco, Bahamas
12 NM 3.1 Engine Hours
8:41 AM Underway
11:05 AM Docked Slip 7 Harbour View Marina, Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

OK I’ve not written home in a while . I guess I need to catch you up.
I’ve now been to three yoga classes. It’s nice taking yoga outside. Nothing quite like gong into triangle pose and staring up at white puffy clouds and having a nice breeze blowing on you. I like yoga.

Other things. We went up to see the lighthouse lit the other night with two friends. It really is a sight at the top looking out at the Atlantic and to the west over the sea of Abaco. So, my friend, Robb asked could he wind the lighthouse rotating machinery. The light keeper was glad to oblige. The weight is 800 pounds. Robb said once you started winding you had to continue until the weight clicked at the top. If you didn’t get it all the way to the top it would fall to the floor. The 4,000 glass fresnel lens flows on top of a pool of mercury. I guess someone figure out a long time ago the glass would float on mercury. Anyhow, you can turn the lease with your finger and it makes no noise at all. Kind of makes me wonder why they use an 800 LB weight to turn the thing. And it has to be wound every two hours.

Other normal day activities include going to the grocery store by dinghy as well as eating at many restaurants. The dinghy is our car. It’s fun being in a community of golf carts and dinghy. Nothing is very far away anyway on Elbow Cay.

Poor Liquid Therapy has be sitting idle since February 7. When you don’t use Liquid Therapy it’s kind of like not letting your dog run for two weeks. It gets mad and something breaks.

Susan says “ Brooke there seems to be a leak from the galley sink.” I looked yes it seems the nut on the bottom of the sink drain needs tightening . I get my icing pliers and grab the nut to tighten it. Susan says. “ Do you want me to let the water out of the sink before you work on it? “ I say no I’ll just tighten the nut and it should be fine. I grab the nut with the pliers and it crumbles. And the sink water starts lying through the loose sink drain and I’m yelling “Let the water out fast” as I’m pulling the drain down as hard as I can. After the clean up I go in search of a 1 1/2” nut. There is no hardware store except on a different island. I go consult Lee, of Shalaylee. Lee has been here since December and knows everyone and who has parts. He suggests just using 3M 5200on the drain, effectively, gluing it. I have 5200. I open up my plumbing parts container first before opening the sealant container. I have most of Lowes and Home Depot’s departments on my boat. And, darn if I don’t spot an old 1 1/2” nut from a previous drain. I never throw anything away I might need. I don’t remember having this part but was glad it was there. After fixing the sink, I went to the bilge to have a talk with Liquid Therapy. I thanked L.T. for not making me be punished more than the sink drain and said I’d take her out for a cruise soon.
Today, we left our slip at Hope Town Marina and cruised to Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco, We are currently docked at Harbour View Marina for Valentines dinner ashore tonight. Jonathan, Eric and Jessica are arriving by air tomorrow for a long weekend of fun.

Today’s picture is a little after the sun went down looking at the Marsh Harbour anchorage.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

08 February 2018 | Hope Town Inn & Marina
Brooke Smith
Passage - Docked Hope Town Marina, Elbow Cay, Abaco

It’s Thursday morning as I write this. What have we been doing in Hope Town? We have had Deke and Chris over for morning coffee. Rob and Debb visited with us while they are doing laundry here at the marina. We talked and talked.

I Cleaned on the boat some. Went to Vernon’s store and bought a meringue key lime pie, day before yesterday ( we ate it ALL.) I fixed the horn circuit on the fly bridge yesterday. We attended a wonderful poolside party for the marina boats and cruisers on mooring balls two evenings ago.

Our dinghy mysteriously leaked air out of one side. I put soap all over it to check for leaks and could fine none. Pumped it back up and it’s not leaking anymore. I saying the air valve cap was loose. But time will tell.

We are experiencing phone, texting, Internet and foreign restrictions on TV and some financial institutions are locking us out as they think we are foreign hackers. Strange things about being in a foreign country. Some online things stop working. We get messages “NOT AVAILABLE IN THE YOUR LOCATION”. We all know the Internet is world wide web ( www. ). But that doesn’t mean that everything that works in USA works in other countries. Some financial institutions think you a foreign hacker trying to get into an account ( I am locked out of one institution right now ) You get error messages that you don’t appear to be logging in with a trusted computer. I’m using the same computer, but have a foreign IP address. So, if I want to call the institution, I will be calling with a Skype telephone number they don’t have on file either. Now where did I write down those challenge questions they will ask to prove I’m me?

Yesterday I went to a yoga class. It was TWO HOURS LONG. All the yoga classes I have been to have been 55 minutes of poses and the last 5 minutes you lay on your mat and try to think about nothing. It’s hard think about nothing. I haven’t been to a yoga class in probably 10 years. I didn’t have a yoga mat and used a beach towel. The class was being held on a wooden deck. The cushioning from the towel was not enough. The yoga teacher loaned me some knee cushions and that made things much better. A friend at the class said he had extra mats and I’ll borrow one of those on Friday. Some yoga poses were familiar and some poses I had to think about. And some I just cannot do. But with yoga, just trying to stretch in the directions of some of the poses helps you improve your mobility. At my age, being able to move is a good goal. I am a little sore today. I’m surprised I’m not more sore. Anyhow, I’ll try it again Friday.

Today at 1-4PM there is going to be some kind of a music jam here at the marina. I’m going up there with my guitar and ukulele and see if I can fit in.

There is also a big deal Country Music Writers festival next week end. When I asked the Bahamian lady that was telling me about this was it country music of their country, the Bahamas? She said, “No! It’s YEE, HAW country music”. We both had a good laugh. Check the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Hope-Town-Music-Festival-189082474607106/

Today’s picture is the Atlantic side of Hope Town.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

05 February 2018 | Hope Town Inn and Marina, Elbow Cay, Abaco, BS
Brooke Smith
Passage - Orchid Bay Marina - Hope Town Marina, Elbow Cay, Abacos
12 NM 2.8 Engine Hours
9:17 AM Underway
11:42 AM Docked Slip ? Hope Town Marina

OK, Play Barry Manilow’s “LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT”
We arrived at our destination today. Hope Town at Elbow Cay after an easy run from Orchid Bay Marina. YEA!! YEA!!

We will be here until the end of February. We will be running in and out of the marina to different places. But Hope Town Marina will be base camp until we start our homeward journey March 1st.

Then, Deja Vu things started happening.

Our friends, Lee and Cheryl, from Martha’s Vineyard greeted us. They have been at Hope Town Marina on their since December having had their 50 year wedding celebration held at the marina. They had 13 family members fly over for the occasion. The last time we saw Cheryl and Lee was in Ocracoke.

Then new sailboat friends that we met at West End, Deak & Chris, showed up in their dingy. They are staying on a marina mooring ball for the entire month and are having a wedding for their son here in March.

We launched our dinghy and motored through the mooring field where we saw a boat we had met at Lighthouse Point. They were surprised and excited to ask us aboard for some catch up conversation. They are from Virginia too.

We left them and puttered through the mooring ball field to find where Deak & Chris were. Never found them but we found two more boats from Mathews, VA. Now that really played with our minds. Mathews is a small place and Hope Town is not very big either. What is the probability that our boat and two others from Mathews would show up here. Small world indeed.

That’s not the end of Deja Vu. Deak & Chris were here last March when we flew over and stayed at an AirBnb. We found out that Chris had performed in a community choir concert that we attended with our AirBnb hosts Davis and Jan. How crazy is that?

The marina had a nice Super Bowl party. We sat with Lee and Cheryl. I ate too much super bowl food. It was a very good game.

Today’s picture is “HERE COMES THE SUN”

Friday, February 2, 2018

03 February 2018 | Orchid Bay Marina, Great Guana Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Brooke Smith
Passage - Allans-Pensacola Cay - Orchid Bay Marina, Great Guana Cay
38 NM 7.6 Engine Hours
8:31 AM Underway
2:44 PM Anchorage, Allans-Pensacola Cay

A lazy easy going day today. Anchor up and, we motored at a slower speed today as we are not trying to get anywhere fast. We only have to go out the Whale Cay channel into the Atlantic for a few miles and then come in around the other side back into the sea of Abaco. It was a beautiful windless day and the water without ripples made it easy to see the bottom. It was fun seeing the anchor chain laying along the bottom and seeing the anchor on the bottom. We also watched the shadow of our boat on the bottom as we were traveling. I saw a nurse shark and a few fish swimming as we made our way past Green Turtle Cay.

The Whale inlet was next and it was certainly rolling - not breaking or dangerous at all. It was beautiful. NONE of the pictures I post look as good as what you see with your eyes. You can enhance pictures etc. But your eyes / brain work better than any camera. After coming back into the sea of Abaco we had our destination of Great Guana straight ahead. Great Guana is one of our favorite cays. Of course the famous Nippers bar is here. But the vibe of this cay is different and we like talking with the locals.

It’s now Saturday, and we had a farmers market here at Orchid Bay Marina. This farmers market is like one we have never seen before. Made from scratch bloody marys with clamato juice. The bartender flipped bottles as he was making our drinks. We bought FRESH hydroponically and organically grown spring mix and some nice looking tomatoes. Thrown in was sour orange fruit and green pepper for free. The Sir Eden Farm has quite an operation here on Great Guana with 30 acres and a reverse osmosis water operation.

We were going to Hope Town today after the farmers market. But, the wind is up and we like Guana. So, we are staying another day. Susan bought a small bag from a local crafter here. Her name is Uni, and she is from Norway, visited here 8 years ago and married a Bahamian guy. She was so much fun to talk too and just loves Great Guana. She and her husband may visit and take a tour of Liquid Therapy. We were talking about the fresh water issue here in the Bahamas. She and her husband collect water off their roof into a cistern as many do around here. She, says bird poop on the roof settles to the bottom of their cistern. They never get sick from that. I get sick thinking abut that.

Jumping backwards in time, last night we had drinks and ate at a very small bar called Kidds Cove. We had conch spaghetti! Very good. We had a characterizer of a bar tender, a local playing music through the bluetooth from her phone. She was annoyed, the streaming service kept buffering. I asked could I play a few things I recorded? I did. So, now Emma Bailee’s version of “Royals”, Bill Zickafoos and The Continentals’ version of “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” featuring Roger Carroll, and the Zassoff Brother’s live recording from Lakeside Tavern of “Don’t Worry About Me” have been played internationally in the Bahamas. My music didn’t buffer because it was stored on my phone. After playing those, I relinquished the DJ music back to the local girl. Her music still buffered from time to time. But she had a cool play list.

It’s nice finally being in the Abacos with Elbow Cay, Hope Town, only 10 miles away. Sunday we will make that passage and will be operating in and out of Hope Town Marina until the first part of March.

Today’s picture is sunset about 1 hour before we anchored at Allans-Pensacola Cay.
Hailing Port: DELTAVILLE, VA
Extra: Headed south fall 2017 to Miami and then the Bahamas
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