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The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

16 November 2017 | South Harbor Village Marina
10 November 2017 | Oriental Marina
08 November 2017 | Oriental Marina
08 November 2017 | Oriental Marina
07 November 2017 | National Parks Dock
06 November 2017 | Ocracoke National Parks Dock
04 November 2017 | Manteo Waterfront Marina
30 October 2017 | Manteo Waterfront Marina
29 October 2017 | Manteo Waterfront Marina
28 October 2017 | Atlantic Yacht Basin
26 October 2017 | Horn Harbor Marina
20 October 2017 | Horn Harbor Marina
12 August 2017 | Horn Harbor Marina, Port Haywood, VA
10 June 2017 | HarborFest Norfolk , Portsmouth

Passage - Osprey Marina - Harborwalk Marina, Georgetown, SC

18 November 2017 | Georgetown, SC
Brooke Smith
Friday, November 1, 2017
32 miles 5.4 Engine Hours
7:38AM Underway
12:12PM Face Dock Harborwalk Marina

Short day. We were going to pass Georgetown. But it’s one of those towns we say were could move to. We had a very long day the day before and we really needed to WALK. On the boat we get lots of leg exercise going up and down steps and the constant motion of the boat.

The trip from Myrtle Beach to Georgetown is fascinating as you travel past all the former rice plantations. http://www.georgetowncountysc.org/about/history.html You can still see the canals that went way back into the rice fields from the waterway. You catch a glimpse of plantation homes and wonder how that time in history must have been. There is a very interesting Rice Museum on the main street of Georgetown.

After docking cleaning up some we walked to the seafood company and got a 1 lb of shrimp for $8.99. It was more like 1 1/4lbs. I’ll cook that tomorrow. Tonight we are going out somewhere nice.

We walked the shops along the waterfront street and didn’t find anything we had to buy for the boat. We saw some things we might like for our home. Unless we start pulling a barge behind us we can’t buy much. We still have not put away everything we loaded onto the boat before we left ou home marina.

We ate at ate dinner at a nice restaurant called Alfresco Bistro. I had bolognese and Susan had flounder and shrimp over risotto. Wonderful bread with garlic butter and a glass of wine. They had a very good band playing too. We really enjoyed the whole experience and brought back some of both meals in a doggy bag.
Got a long day Saturday through some shallow water to Isle Of Palms.
Today’s picture is one of the canals and rice fields that we passed today.

Passage - Southport - Osprey Marina, Myrtle Beach, SC

17 November 2017 | Osprey Marina
Brooke Smith
Thursday, November 16, 2017
63 miles 10.8 Engine Hours
≅ 7:15AM Underway
4:14PM Docked Holding Area, Osprey Marina

Yep everywhere we try to book a slip on the fly is FULL. We got into Osprey by the skin of our teeth I guess. They found a spot for us in the very back of the marina. Today was a very long day. Very long.

It started out good enough and we could have arrived at Osprey as early as 3PM . I had to run the engine harder than normal to just have mediocre speed. At first we were being sucked toward the New River Inlet as the current was running out into the ocean. Our ETA was shown to be as soon as 2:30 PM. I realized that 2:30Pm was not realistic. I did think that 3:30 would be reasonable. But when we came through the New River Inlet the nice ride came undone. We looked like we were standing still. The ETA changed to about 5:15PM. I knew that would improve too. But I wasn’t sure when we would get out of the strong pull of the outflowing water. We were facing the same strong current that had helped us on the other side of the inlet. We were headed uphill. And, that’s how it was for the last 28 miles. I was under 4 knots of speed for quite some time and it only improved to a little over 5 knots until well past Myrtle Beach proper. If you are going to get an early start each morning there is no way to time the tides in your favor. I’ve had good days in the past where the tidal flows were more in my favor. But it’s just luck.

We arrived at 4:14 to Osprey Marina. We took on 191 gallons of diesel. We had not bought any since June. After running the engine 116.9 hours that comes out to 1.63 gallons per hour. Our average cruising speed is 6.5 knots. So that gives us about 4 miles per nautical mile. Not bad for a 38 year old boat that weighs 23,000 lbs. We will not fill up again until we leave the US heading for the Bahamas.

Osprey Marina is a very nice place. They always give you an interesting goody bag with all kinds of promotional items and a jar of jelly. Sometimes we have gotten cheese.
I was going to have another long day today. But these long days were you out. So, today (Friday) we are going 32 miles to Georgetown. Georgetown is one of our favorite spots on the ICW. Very nice Rice history town with some good restaurants too.
Today’s picture is one of my artsy attempts. The water is coffee color here and I shot this reflection of the trees as the sun was setting.

Passage - Dockside Marina to South Harbor Village Marina, Southport, NC

16 November 2017 | South Harbor Village Marina
Brooke Smith
Wednesday, November 14, 2017
28 miles 4.7 Engine Hours
8:27AM Underway
12:13PM Docked Inside face dock

Short run yesterday as we were planning a visit to see Chuck & Judy Young. Judy worked with Susan in Special Education. They were a team for sure helping lots of kids and helping each other with the demands of the Special Education field. Chuck owned Glenwood Garden Center. Both were avid boaters and we traveled with them to various parts of the bay. Chuck always ribs me about towing us in. Chuck and Judy’s boat was a sailboat and ours was our 1st 24’ power boat.
The run from Wrightsville to here the current was in our favor. Our boat normally traveling at 7knots was doing as high at 10.2knots in the Cape Fear River. I have had just the opposite experience in the Cape Fear only being ably to do a little more than 3 knots. Weather was nice and it ended up being a very short day.
We are headed to Osprey Marina today. That’s pretty long run. But there is a bridge under construction and the ICW is going to be closed tomorrow. If we make it to Opsprey, we will be just past that bridge.
Going to get an early start today very soon.
Today’s picture is Chuck & Judy with Susan at the Dead End Saloon for dinner.

Passage - Casper’s Marina to Dockside Marina, Wrightsville Beach, NC

15 November 2017 | Dockside Marina
Brooke Smith
Tuesday, November 14, 2017
56 miles 9.8 Engine Hours
7:50AM Underway
4:14PM Docked inside face dock

Nice ride yesterday. Started out chilly with a NE wind 10-15kts pretty much behind us the entire trip to Wrightsville Beach.
About 8 miles passing Camp LeJeune the boat felt a concussion from something big exploding. We felt a few more of these explosions and I wonder what that sounded like closer. Wow.
The New River Inlet markers were a mess. You had to go what looked like aground to be in the deeper water. And, then it got shallow really quickly. The sailboat ahead of me grounded and spun sideways in the current. I only had about 3’ under our keel and then headed to the next temporary marker and finally it got back to normal depths and normal marker arrangements. I’m not sure if the inlet was messed up by the hurricanes recently or other natural reasons. But, inlets in general have very shifting shoal areas.
We had a difficult time finding a slip for the night in Wrightsville Beach. We did finally get a slip at a nice restaurant. We met an interesting couple that had been traveling on their boat for 11 years. I spoke mainly with the guy and Susan his wife. You need those discussions every once in a while. Both of those people were having physical things happen and were going to have to have knee replacements etc. It seems to come with our age. HA.
I was pretty tired and it wasn’t long after getting back to the boat from the restaurant I fell asleep watching TV.
Today’s picture is THE PINK HOUSE. I love seeing this house near Sneads Ferry, NC

Passage - Dudley’s Marina to Casper’s Marina, Swansboro, NC

14 November 2017 | Casper's Marina
Brooke Smith
Monday, November 1, 2017
1 mile 1.1 Engine Hours
Underway 12:12 PM
Docked 12:36PM Church St Dock ( Swansboro Parks & Recreation )
Underway 12:50PM
Docked 12:55PM Casper’s Marina face dock

What the heck? I try to start the engine yesterday and it turns over fine, but doesn’t fire on any cylinder. Very strange. Engine ran for almost 9 hours yesterday without a hiccup. And, now it will not start at all. When a diesel will not start it’s usually a fuel flow problem - clogged fuel filter - air leak? That sort of thing. But it was running fine when I turned it off yesterday. My trouble shooting processes bypass the fuel filter or air leak because the engine was running fine when I cut it off. I check the fuel cut off switch and it seems to be working fine. I try priming the system but there is no air to be purged from the system. I’m really at a loss for why the engine will not start and then I glance at the bowl of the port Racor fuel filter that the engine is using and it is filled with brown liquid. Diesel fueI is dyed red and the bowls are alway red when I look that them. I switch the Racor to the starboard filter and the engine starts right up. Wow, where did all that sludge and water come from? I was very lucky the engine didn’t die on me yesterday. I’m still perplexed that it did not. When we planned on crossing the Gulf Stream / Atlantic to the Bahamas in 2011 I had decided to put in the dual Racor fuel filter system. I pictured being about half way to the Bahamas and having the engine quitting due to a fuel filter getting clogged. When I first bought Liquid Therapy she had been sitting for a couple years and the fuel was in bad shape. I have only had the engine cut off one time due to a clogged filter. After that I changed filters about every 30 hours of running until I had nice clean red dyed fuel showing in the bowl of the filter. And after that I’ve changed the filters every 200 hours. During the routine filter change I’ve never seen any water in either Racor filter. This clogged filter has only 55 hours of engine time. So, where is the water crud coming from? It’s coming out of one or both fuel tanks. But, Im not sure why. I’ll just be checking the filters as my standard engine room check before we leave each morning. We have been running for about three days on just the starboard tank. So, that makes me suspicious. I’ll be running on both tanks today and it SHOULD be easier for the fuel pump to lift fuel from the good tank and leave the crud on the bottom of the bad tank. I’ll be getting fuel in South Carolina. Fresh fuel will not fix water in the bottom of any tank. But it will give me more in which ever tank has the problem unless??? Both tanks are fowled. Better stock up on filters.
Headed to Wrightsville Beach today. That is if the Onslow bridge is fixed. Lots of boats returned to Swansboro late yesterday afternoon as that bridge was broken. I see boats heading that direction and think I’ll get underway soon myself. Now let me go do the engine room check and get going.
Today’s picture is the liquid that I got out of the fuel filter bowl. The think red layer at the top is fuel. The sludge below that is water and who knows what else.

Passage - Oriental - Dudley’s Marina, Cape Carteret, NC

13 November 2017 | Dudley's Marina
Brooke Smith
Sunday, November 12, 2017
49 miles 8.9 Engine Hours
Underway 8:16AM
Docked Dudley’s Marina 2:43PM

Cold - 45° when we left Oriental this morning. I had on jeans and wind pants, long sleeve shirt, sweater and hooded squall jacket. Inside the full enclosure on the flybridge with SUN shining it didn’t take long for the layers of clothing to come off.
Navigation was pretty straightforward today. I really enjoyed running the leg by leg route that I programing into the Chartplotter yesterday. Long ago, when I used real charts and a compass for navigation, I would draw each leg of a trip on the chart and write down each course and distance leg by leg into my log book. In this way I sort ran the trip in my head and didn’t have to figure things out on the fly. Today with all the electronic charts and GPS precision it’s easy to get lazy and just navigate without planning. That can still get you in trouble when temporary markers are moved near inlets from hurricanes and storms. We passed one temporary marker today that was not on any of my charting software. This made me revisit updating all of my electronic charts. Some software charts are updated automatically. But some programs you have to manage the charts and update any that NOAA has changed. Mine are as up to date as i can get then for now.

We are starting to get into the stronger tidal currents and tidal swings parts of NC. Still only about 2 1/2’ tide swing. We are very near Bogue Inlet and I think that’s why the water is rushing around the boat. Headed to Wrightsville Monday.
Today’s picture puzzled Susan and me. We believe these are wind turbine blades being shipped. I’m open to what ever anyone else thinks these are.
Hailing Port: DELTAVILLE, VA
Extra: Headed south fall 2017 to Miami and then the Bahamas
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