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The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

20 October 2016 | Reedville Marina
20 October 2016 | Cape Charles Town Harbor
15 October 2016 | Horn Harbor Marina
25 April 2016 | Horn Harbor Marina
23 April 2016 | Ocean Marine Yacht Center
22 April 2016 | Midway Marina, Coinjock, NC
21 April 2016 | Manteo Waterfront Marina
20 April 2016 | Ocracoke National Park Docks
18 April 2016 | Ocracoke National Park Docks
17 April 2016 | Oriental Marina and Inn, Oriental, NC
15 April 2016 | Casper’s Marina, Swansboro, NC
15 April 2016 | Harbor Village Marina, Hampstead, NC
13 April 2016 | South Harbour Village Marina, Southport, NC
10 April 2016 | Shelter Cove Marina, Hilton Head, SC
05 April 2016 | Daufuskie Public Dock
04 April 2016 | Buckhead Creek Anchorage
31 March 2016 | Morningstar Golden Isles Marina
30 March 2016 | Brunswick Landing Marina, GA
29 March 2016 | Brunswick Landing Marina, GA

Day 3 & 4 Fall Cruise Friday & Saturday morning, October 21& 22, 2016

22 October 2016 | Reedville Marina
Brooke Smith
Reedville Marina, Reedville, VA

As I writer this it is Saturday morning, drizzling rain and gray outside with the blowing 23-29 knots. Liquid Therapy is whistling and cold air is blowing up the sink drains. The A/C has switched to heat as it’s 56°. Good day to read a book. Since the pirate’s jamboree was canceled , maybe I’ll finish “ LAST DAYS OF BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE”.

Not going anywhere today or tomorrow it appears.

Might look at real estate since it appears we are going to be trapped by the weather long enough to become Reedville residents.

While walking back from the Tommy’s Restaurant Thursday night I realized we were at the end of Route 360. I am going to see if the town council will spring for a sign that says “END Rt 360” on one side and “BEGIN Rt 360” on the other side. Kind of like the sign in Key West for Rt.1.

Destiny, a 36’ sailboat, pulled in behind us yesterday (Friday) . After meeting Howard and Jim and chatting a bit it was decided to have Happy Hour on Howard's boat at 5PM. Might as well it’s gonna blow a gale.

We have too much leftover food from Kelly’s restaurant at Cape Charles and Thursday night at Tommy’s restaurant. We vowed to eat aboard for lunch and dinner yesterday. That was until we had sudden guests show up. Griff and Ann Holland had driven down to the boat ramp here in Reedville to retrieve a boat hook. Griff’s favorite boat hook!! Ann had dropped into the water at the boat ramp a few days ago. ( a divorce-able offense ) Griff had come way prepared with rakes and extension for rakes to rake the bottom for his beloved boat hook. When they got to the boat ramp they saw it had washed ashore and simply picked it up and just came to see us. So off to eat lunch with them driving us to Cockerel Creek Fish Market. I had oysters so big I cut them into thirds. Great lunch. ( We might be throwing out some leftovers tonight. )

Just at 5PM the front hit. Here it comes huge wind etc rain as we are trying to walk to Destiny for happy hour with drinks and snacks. The sailboat was very nice and the company was too. Both guys are married and their wives put up with boating, but are not into it like these guys. So, it’s a guys long weekend for them. They had been to Smith Island and then came here due to the bad forecast. None of us know when we will leave Reedville.

We did eat leftovers aboard last night. Considered going to the Crazy Crab for dessert. But, we had left over cheese cake ( Who ever has left over cheesecake? ) and it was spitting rain and wind was picking up.

Today’s picture is a big scary Halloween House in Reedville.

Day 2 Fall Cruise Thursday, October 20, 2016

20 October 2016 | Reedville Marina
Brooke Smith
Passage Cape Charles Town Dock to Reedville Marina, Reedville, VA
8:26 AM Underway
2:50 PM Docked starboard side to face dock in front of the Crazy Crab Restaurant
7.6 engine hours 40 nautical miles

Left Cape Charles under a heavy dew. Took lots of rags just to get the windshield clear. Susan wiped the boat down off and on for hours after we left Cape Charles.
Last night we did have a great dinner at Kelly’s. I had Sheppard’s Pie and Susan had fish tacos. Both filling and some in a box to take back to the boat. We have not started splitting dinners. Instead we both order too much and have lunch or dinner the next day with the left overs.

So back to todays action filled cruise details. After cutting the entrance markers to the Cape Charles channel, (Thank you Ed Bush ) I rolled out onto our course 347°T to be for 5 hours. Thank you autopilot. So, I just turned the autopilot on and went back to bed.
No, not really. There is lots of activity in the Chesapeake Bay especially as you slowly cut across the Baltimore shipping channel. I’ve always worried about our boat loosing power in the shipping channel and getting run over by a ship that cannot maneuver around us. The two ships I had to make room for were going opposite directions. Now just looking at these ships with binoculars it’s hard to figure what they are going to do. In fact they seem so far away and appear to be slowly moving. Wrong on that . We go 6 knots. One of them was headed north and was going 15 knots. The southerly headed tanker was going 17 knots. That’s three times our speed. So, you have to stay out of the way.
Enter my favorite instrument for doing all the calculations. My AIS transponder! Whether I’m going to cross the ships bow, a very dangerous idea, or, am I going to pass behind the ship, much safer, is information needed quickly. And, just how close am I going to pass safely by. The Closest Point of Approach ( CPA ) is the distance we will miss each other. The time until the CPA occurs is also critical for adjusting course or speed. Simply by adjusting your speed or course you can avoid a collision, or pass each other with a safe distance. I like a 1 mile CPA for ships. So, how do you figure this all out? You can certainly turn around or stop and let the ships pass. Or, you can adjust your speed until you calculate an improving CPA. In the Navy I used paper and geometry to figure the CPA . Yea today, my AIS transponder does all these calculations for me and also transmits my data for the ships to see what we are doing. It is our responsibility to stay out of their way. My CPA for the northbound ship was going to be 475 feet in 17 minutes! Too close for comfort for me. The southbound tanker was going to hit us if we didn’t do something. I didn’t want to change course and did not have to. All I needed to do was to slow down from 6 knots to 4. The northbound freighter would miss us by 1,000 yards ( 1/2 NM ). Not bad since we were definitely going to cross behind him. But, what about the southbound tanker?? I knew he would be turning away from us when he got to the next channel marker and we still had not entered the shipping channel. But my eyes kept looking as his information on the AIS screen and then I saw his turn to starboard on the AIS and also the binoculars. He also missed us by about a half mile. After his CPA was past I picked up my speed back to 6 knots. Never changed the autopilot course.

A few hours later and in the open waters of the Chesapeake my CPA alarm went off for a sailboat that was on a collision course. He was about 40° off my starboard bow, 3 miles away and appeared to be under sail only. I have to yield to him as the rules of the road say. But all he had to do was turn about 2-5° to pass safely behind me. Some sailboaters just like to exercise their power and make power boaters yield to them. This is very upsetting when I am trolling with 6 lines out and have to do a bunch to miss a sailboat exercising his will on a powerboat. For the most part, sailboaters will yield to that situation if it doesn’t mess up their sail. Back to the sailboat on my AIS. He was holding a nice course and speed. So, I simply slowed down a bit to allow him to cross my bow safely.

Finally I close in on the entrance to Ingram Bay, for our Reedville destination. I do have to dodge a fish trap and a line of crab pots to enter Ingram Bay entrance and on up Cockrell Creek to the Crazy Crab Restaurant / Reedville Marina. Both are closed today! Tied up and called the owner’s home phone. He told me they would be open Friday! Will be walking into town to eat somewhere else tonight.
Tomorrow’s forecast is blowing a GALE in the afternoon. Will have to see if I will dare cross the 13 miles of the Potomac to head on up to Solomons. Don’t have to. Not on any schedule.

Today’s picture is a window view from my office this morning. Never worked my way up to a window cube at the phone company. HA!

Day 1 Fall Cruise Wednesday, October 19, 2016

20 October 2016 | Cape Charles Town Harbor
Brooke Smith
Passage Horn Harbor Marina to Cape Charles Town Dock, Cape Charles, VA
9:32 AM Underway
12:52 PM Docked port side to slip D8
4.0 engine hours 18 miles

We set out for no particular destinations on our fall cruise. We knew we wanted to go to Cape Charles and after that we really have no plans but to cruise for two to three weeks around the Chesapeake Bay. Fall is our favorite cruising time. It’s not hot. Winds are usually calmer. Visibility is good. So, today is great. We had lunch aboard but are going roaming around and decide where we will eat tonight. Exploring eating establishments is about as much fun as the actual cruise.

The britework looks great thanks to our britework specialist Donna Armento. The teak trim (britework) on the boat now has 10 coats of varnish on it. A diver came and cleaned the hull and running gear Monday, making, the boat slippery through the air and water.

We are now trying to figure where to go next. We’re thinking about Reedville tomorrow and somewhere on the Potomac Friday, or, Solomons, MD. Friday night. Now, suddenly, Saturday winds look a little much. So, wherever we get Friday we will probably stay Saturday as well. We could go to Hampton. Haven’t been there in quite some time. Maybe, we could go to Old Point Comfort which used to be military only.

We had a nice walk to the Post Office this afternoon. We continued down one of the streets looking at all the old homes in Cape Charles. Many of the house are very large. Ended up thirsty at Kelly’s Gingernut Pub and cooled off with a brew for me and a wine for Susan. Just a beautiful sunset.
Nice shower and we are off to Kelly’s for dinner. I said we came to eat. HA.

Today’s picture is the dune at the Cape Charles Public Beach.

Thursday, October 13, 2016 & Saturday

15 October 2016 | Horn Harbor Marina
Brooke Smith
Planning cruise to Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree in Ocracoke
Docked Horn Harbor Marina

Boat preparations are just about complete. I still need to change the injector oil in the engine. The britework re-coating is almost finished. The washing machine is in the CRV ready to be loaded onto the boat. Susan has gone through all the old food aboard and is restocking. We have taken the dinghy home as we don’t plan on anchoring out and taking the dinghy ashore anywhere during the cruise. The diver is coming to clean the hull and running gear Friday.

Hurricane Matthew has really messed our plans up. We were planning on doing the Albemarle Loop http://albemarleloop.com if we had left today, however, the hurricane has all the routes messed up with floating trees, parts of docks and crazy high water. We were going down the Dismal Swamp canal to Elizabeth Cit, but it appears that it will be a long time before the canal and Pasquotank River are passable to get to Elizabeth City.

That leads us to the second route The Chesapeake and Albemarle Canal. Well two bridges were damaged and not operational. We read the entire AICW was impassible for the entire length of North Carolina. As of this writing we believe that it is open. But still, how about the marinas. We would like to stay at 3 or 4 marinas on the way down. We can anchor out if they are closed due to damage. But getting information is very sketchy.
Ocracoke was very hard hit and is not getting much coverage. WOVV, Ocracoke’s radio station lost it’s antenna during the storm and is only streaming music.

I’ll give everyone a few more days before I start pestering about the Pirate’s Festival. Everyone down there in Ocracoke and all the marinas along the way have lots of things to do before they
can think of fun at the Pirate’s jamboree.
OK while writing this I was made aware that the Blackbeard Pirates Jamboree has been canceled.

So, Susan and I will be cruising around the Chesapeake Bay for our fall cruise.
Best to all at Ocracoke. We will see in 2017 for the Ocrafolk Music Festival and next years Blackbeard Pirates Jamboree.

So, it's Saturday night now and we are on the boat
getting ready for a Wednesday pull out for a couple weeks SOMEWHERE.

Today’s Picture is a picture of Blackbeard at Howard’s Pub last year.

Day 188 Monday, April 25, 2016

25 April 2016 | Horn Harbor Marina
Brooke Smith
Passage Ocean Marine Yacht Center to Horn Harbor Marina, Port Haywood, VA
9:11 AM Underway
2:53 PM Docked Horn Harbor Marina
6.8 engine hours 47 miles

Last Day of our voyage! Paul, the Captain of Misty, a 100’ Stevens Yacht, helped us out of our slip this morning. Last evening we had him and Ron and Kathy, the owners of Quest, a 36 Grand Banks, aboard Liquid Therapy for docktails. Paul has been a captain of various yachts over the 33 years of his career. We all told interesting cruising stories and of course Paul’s stories were a lot different than most boats of our size. A little later we were asked aboard Misty and given a tour. Very nice, but a lot of boat to care for as well as operate. Paul is headed to Newport, RI, where the owner will spend the summer aboard.

It was fun getting underway for the last leg of our 6 month voyage. We passed all the Navy and commercial shipping areas in the Elizabeth River and could see the Navy is still cautious of boats passing by the destroyer and aircraft carrier piers in particular. These boats were surrounded by floating fences and guard boats with mounted guns. We then passed Ft. Monroe and the Chamberlin Hotel. I know we can go to this former Army marina on our boat, as it is not operated by the military any longer. That might be fun, as before, it was only for the military R&R.

We have started to pack stuff up, however, we are not good packers. On the other hand, we have way too much ‘stuff’. Some things in our duffle bags were never unpacked. I end up wearing about the same 4 or 5 shirts and the same can be said for all the other clothing. I never even wore my foul weather jacket.

Susan and I did grow our hair. I’m not sure why I did. But Susan’s hair looks really great. I’m getting mine cut. I hope her hair stylist does something cool with hers!

The Chesapeake Bay gave us a nice ride. Wind out of the south and sunny skies. As I approached the York River, we had USS Nitze DDG 94 entering the York River channel on my starboard beam. I slowed so as not to cross its very impressive bow. I remembered being in the Navy and on DDG5, going up the York River to the Naval Weapons Station at Yorktown to load 5” shells and powder before heading across the Atlantic. We had to off load what we didn’t fire when we returned to Norfolk.

We saw the New Point Lighthouse on the horizon. It was a nice sight, meaning we were almost home. And, then we turned into Horn Harbor channel for the 30 minute run up to the marina. Our old slip was waiting for us and we backed in with no trouble at all.

And, then suddenly, we realized our cruise was over. What did we feel? Kind of strange-like we hadn’t been gone long at all. We actually traveled 3157 miles on Liquid Therapy. 188 Days.
We are spending one last night on Liquid Therapy before Eddie, my brother, picks us up tomorrow at noon.

We appreciate all of you that have gone on our cruise with us by reading our blog. We really enjoyed the comments you made to us.

Day 186 Saturday, April 23, 2016

23 April 2016 | Ocean Marine Yacht Center
Brooke Smith
Passage Midway Marina Coinjock to Ocean Marine Yacht Center, Portsmouth, Va
7:31 AM Underway
1:43 PM Docked Ocean Marine Yacht Center
8.8 engine hours 48 miles

We made it to Portsmouth today. Ocean Yacht Marina (formerly Ocean Marine Yacht Center) was our first stop on our trip last fall, 10-21-15. Now we are at T-minus one and holding. We have had so many changes in the weather forecast, but have made it to Portsmouth. We could make the 38 mile run to our home marina tomorrow - except the wind is supposed to be too bad in the Chesapeake Bay until tomorrow, Sunday afternoon. It’s not good to start out in the afternoon for a 6 hour run. The Chesapeake Bay will be rolling for sure with the wind 15-20 knots out of the north. It’s supposed to drop to 5-10 in the afternoon. The waves will still be tough. So we will stay in Portsmouth until Monday morning.

The trip from Coinjock to Portsmouth was interesting as several power and sailboats pretty much started around the same time heading north. Everyone goes just a little faster or slower than the next. Much passing occurs over a period of several hours. Today’s bunch of boats were extremely courteous in the ‘Slow Pass’ procedure. That continued for several hours with all of us ending at the North Landing Bridge that had been damaged by a barge. Only one half of it was able to open. We ALL adjusted speed to arrive for the 11:30 opening. Then it was off like a herd of turtles to the Centerville Turnpike Bridge. Then came the Great Bridge lock that we were going to get to way too early for the 1 PM lock through. We tied up at the Great Bridge dock for about 15 minutes before entering the lock. The Great Bridge lock only raised us one foot. It basically keeps the salt water from the Elizabeth River and fresh water from the Virginia Cut from colliding. Seriously, we are not sure of the purpose of this lock.

We decided to refuel one more time as we were going to pass the cheapest fuel in Virginia in about one mile after the lock. We refueled at Top Rack Marina for $1.59 / gallon. That is so different from our trip four years ago when we had paid as much as $4.25 / gallon. We will need NO fuel for a year running around the Chesapeake. I did the calculations for the fuel since Osprey Marina. We have frequently, since Osprey, been in awful wind and current conditions. We still ended up burning 1.6 GPH and a respectable 3.6 MPG. This boat is very economical to run. Both of us LOVE the way Liquid Therapy has carried us safely through many different weather conditions and MANY miles these last six, months!! It is paramount to feel safe and comfortable in your home, no matter where or what it is.

As we approached Portsmouth, we were greeted with thunder and lightning from a brief afternoon thunderstorm. I called the marina and told the guy to put on a rain slicker. Our docking maneuver was probably a 9.0, but we stuck the landing first try. Soon we headed out for a celebratory meal at Lobscouser Restaurant.

Today’s picture is part of the parade of boats passing through the un-broken half of the North Landing Bridge.
Hailing Port: DELTAVILLE, VA
Extra: Boating the Chesapeake Bay
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