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Sailing with the Andersons
How Far Is the Bathroom?
Lisa Anderson
09/09/2009, Ventura, Ca

Update #2
FYI, it is exactly 406 steps to the bathroom, 812 round trip. Great weight loss strategy. Mind you, this doesn't include if you make another trip to shower, or walk the dog. And add on all the additional steps during the dog walk so he can relieve himself once he has walked the 400 or so steps! I am becoming much more particular as to how and what I shop for, because your car is out in the parking lot, which doesn't even start until you have taken your 406 steps to get to the lot. Humping groceries and laundry can be a whole day's work. I had forgotten the joys of a public launderette. Yesterday we found a rooster. No, not in the lauderette, he was running around outside of Starbucks. Now I normally would pick up any animal I found, however, I didn't think Larry would be too happy if I brought a rooster on the boat. Especially since we are in a marina as live aboards, which we're not supposed to be, and if we were, only two people are supposed to be on the boat and no pets! Hence, the low profile we are trying to maintain. Yesterday I slipped and fell into the metal rod of a life line. Needless to say, I have a painful contusion on my side/back. This was all just trying to get a box on board. I can't even keep my laundry baskets because I have to turn them sideways to get them through the doors which kind of makes it pointless to do laundry, if you know what I mean, because all the clean clothes fall on the dirty floor. People...never take for granted again...a toilet... endless running water...or a garage...or a driveway...walking ten steps and being in your your washer and dryer...or not sleeping in a washing machine (that's what our bedroom sounds like down below)...oh I could go on and on... I promise pictures are coming soon!

Love to you all!

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Moving on the boat
Lisa Anderson
07/13/2009, Ventura, Ca

Update #1

Date: Monday, July 13, 2009, 9:51 AM

Welcome to my blog of my experiences on the Lisa Kay. The opinions expressed are solely mine. Believe me, Ben and Larry have a whole 'nother set of 'em, I'm sure! Including some about me! Forgive me if you have already read the first two updates, as I did use a few people as my guinea pigs! Please, always read my writing with a twinkle in your eye, spirit in your heart, and LOT'S of inflection in your voice/mind. Another words... laugh. I'll let you know when you should be crying. Here goes...enjoy!

We are alive and well and have been living on the boat for exactly one week now! So, you know I'm not much of a camper...and this is very much like glorified camping. It takes us hours to do things that normally would take one. Partly, because it's hard for more than one person to move around on a boat at the same time because, believe it or not, a 55' sailboat is still VERY SMALL! If we use the two heads (toilets) on this boat, they fill up in about four days. Which means you either have to call Rusty Scupper's, this really cool lady who's probably 60 something, to come and pump you out, (mind you thirty gallons costs $30.00!) or you can drive your boat down to the pump out station and do it yourself for free. Now, every time you move a boat in a big beautiful harbor like this, with literally multi-million dollar boats, fishing vessels, kayakers, peddle boaters etc... you about have a heart attack, worried that you are going to hit something! Let's just say my prayer life has gone up dramatically! So has planning when and where I am going to go to the bathroom. Otherwise, we can walk about a 1/4 mile up off our dock and use the facilities here. That's where we shower as well, hence the camping feel. Now, remember, we also have an 80 lb dog on board. We literally have to lift him on and off the vessel as well as up and down the stairs. So, we have to plan his potty breaks too! We had our first new friends for dinner last night, Debora and Lawrence. They have been so nice to us since we came. Their boat is exactly like ours, and they are just a few slips down. Have you ever cooked a meal in a kitchen 2 feet wide and 4 feet long, with propane stove and really only one burner that works, no bowls, colander, paring knife etc... (because not all of my stuff is unpacked from storage yet because you can only take about one box out a day because you have to walk it 1/4 mile to the boat and then when you bring it on board you have to magically find a place for everything in spaces that just don't exist?!). CAMPING! All in all, things are good. Ben is having the time of his life despite no TV, or W ii, or friends. He has learned to boogie board and fish. Even though we are in practically a retirement community here, because that is who normally can afford boats like this, (oh yeah, I forget Larry is retired!) they are learning to like Ben and think he is a pretty cool kid. Don't get me wrong, the view is gorgeous, the birds and fish and seals spectacular, just is gonna take some time getting used to! Started going to a friends' (Freddy's) childhood church in Ojai. What a welcome relief to find a place we can go and feel accepted and loved and supported while we are here in Ventura. God is always so good, in so many ways. We think of you all often and miss you very much! We have Ben signed up for sailing classes starting next week. He is really looking forward to them.

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Crossing the Equator
Lisa Anderson
12/31/1969, Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

This is a test, this is only a test. Had this been an actual blog you would have been instructed where to read for unofficial information.


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