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Life After Little Else......or Rambles with Reg!
Liz Ju and Jack burn rubber, in campervan Reg, to tour coasts and inland areas, armed with maps, Cobb barbecue and anti-midge cream.
La Corunna to Plymouth

Jon duly arrived, and we set off on Sunday 11th around 10.30am for the big hop across Biscay. The plan was to head west until the 9th meridian then north until around latitude 38 west, then head north-east for Plymouth. The winds were ideal for this plan, and we made very good progress. The winds never got above 12 knots for about three days and nights, and kept on a steady beam or broad reach all the while. The confused swells of Biscay meant however that the motion of the boat was irregular and unpredictable, so no rock-a-by-baby effect when trying to get to sleep. Jon felt a bit seasick to start with so I dug out the Traveleze lozenges and he felt a bit better. Frank had prepared a super stew which lasted around three days! Shipping was slight to start with, then we found ourselves crossing a track between the two TSZs of Finisterre and Ushant. Ships were great though and altered course when they saw we were sailing.

Frank and Jon kept watch together at the start of the trip, as all this was new to Jon, who was finding this journey a life-changing experience. Their bete noire was always the fishing boats, which zoomed around the sea unpredictably, especially at night, exhibiting all sorts of lights and then suddenly no lights at all.

Once past our 38 degree marker we headed up towards Plymouth, finally sighting the Lizard light some time after the wind had died and we had put on the engine. We saw lots of dolphins on our trip, and Jon spotted a whale close by while Frank and I were both below, but we all spotted a broaching whale south of Flamouth on that last day motoring towards Plymouth!

We negotiated the Eddystone Light and fiound our way into Plymouth harbour, passing Sue and David's new flat on the way, and tied up safely in Mayflower Marina at 11pm on the 15th. What a trip, over 900 miles in 8 days of sailing! A tot of Lord Nelson's special rum to celebrate, and Jon headed off home! Safe in harbour, what a feeling!

Lagos to La Corunna

Frank and I left Lagos at 6am Tuesday morning, and arrived here in La Corunna this morning at 11am, after three days and nights of sailing, plus five hours for luck! We had the best wind for the first half of the journey, and covered 250 miles under sail, then the engine went on and stayed on for 37 hours. 453 miles in all! We only had one dodgy moment, off Lisbon, when we were surrounded by loud wet and flashing thunderstorms. Frank reefed quickly while I helmed, and all was again under control!

We are taking a couple of days R and R here until John, the third crew member, addives tomorrow night. Then we are probably off early on Sunday morning, weather permitting, for the second hop top Plymouth.

My only comment is that this is a sharp reminder of how much colder the north is than the south, especially when sailing! Full thermals, oilies, fleece and fleece hat! Lovely!

Crewing again, solo this time

For the next couple of weeks I will be crewing aboard Frank Grinnall's boat 'Goldrush', on a voyage towards the UK via La Corunna. Ju is staying in Lagos and looking after Little Else. I'll get back before the end of the month, more traveller's tales then!

10/07/2009 | sue
hope you have a great trip and Biscay is kind to you
I couldalmost wish I could be with you.
Where will you berth in the uk
Let us know when you arrive
fair winds
sue and suerte
10/29/2009 | Rosemary Brown
We were sorry you weren't at home when we were in Lagos earlier in the year. Now, with a wonderful trip to the Azores behind us, the boat is in Falmouth, we are back in Scotland. I know... Keep in touch. Rosemary and John

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