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Life After Little Else......
Happy New Year 2010
01/03/2010, Lagos

Well now for a new decade! After the Christmas Party all was calm, and on Boxing Day the weather was better so we went off on a walk out to the end of the peninsula and the lighthouse at Punta de Piedade. We watched the waves crashing on the cliffs for a while, then came back via a nice English pub where we watched two football matches simultaneously and had a pub lunch. We were walking back to the boat, and had just crossed the town's main square when suddenly Ju fell down on to the cobbles, cried out in pain and just couldn't get up, having injured her arm. I waited with her until she felt she could get up, walked slowly to a taxi and headed for casualty in the town's old hospital.

They couldn't have been more kind, helpful and efficient. Within two hours we had been triaged, seen by a doctor, xrayed, seen by the doctor again for prescription and diagnosis (other way round) and we were back on the boat. The wrist wasn't broken, just severely jarred, and painkillers were prescribed.

Friends on the marina were equally kind, offering lifts to further hospital or doctor visits (which we did two days later as Ju was still in horrific pain and really couldn't move her right arm much at all). Further xrays of the upper right arm revealed no cracked or broken bones either, and a second doctor prescribed pills and ointment.

Our near neighbour on the pontoon turned out to be a homeopath, and attended each day regularly, sometimes twice, with arnica granules and instructions to me as to how to administer these.

It's now 8 days since the fall, and Ju still can't do very much with her right arm, so I'm on cooking, washing up, and lots of other stuff. I hope this sorts itself out, otherwise we may have to delay our plans for the spring. However, we'll jump that bridge when the water has gone under it! To mix a few elderly metaphors!

Meantime the patient is resting quietly, looking forward to a coffee party with cake! Outside the rain still pours.

01/03/2010 | ek
hope the patient enjoyed the coffee party - hopefully with something a bit stronger in it to help the pain! Fairly treacherous here with the ice so we are being very careful! all the best for 2010 x x
01/04/2010 | Sprucettes
Hi Liz & Ju, Bad news about the sprain, its tough living on board when always hauling on ropes and stays just getting on and off the boat... good job Captain Macinally isn't a decendent of Bligh or this might be called malingering with consequential withdrawl of the daily Talisker ration and periodic keel hauling to remind one things could always get a whole lot worse:-))
Christmas Party

Around 20 of us organised a fun Christmas dinner yesterday in a conference room belonging to the marina, as the weather was very wet. That didn't stop seven brave souls doing the traditional dip in the sea beforehand. Not including either of us, I hasten to add.

The food was great, everybody brought stuff to share, and there was plenty and to spare. Then we played a silly game with tuned whistles out of crackers, and had a bit of a singalong session, then broke for the rest of the day on board, which was well-timed as the sun began to shine around then.

This photo shows the start of proceedings. A fun day!

01/04/2010 | Sprucettes
Head West!" young ladies, "Head West!" ... Oh yes, and a bit South, too... no need for brave souls out here it is a complete relief to fall in the oggin to cool off from the mid-day heat:-))
Earthquake! (s)!
12/17/2009, Lagos

Apparently last night there were a sequence of earthquakes south-west of here, off Cape St Vincent, the strongest of which was 6 on the Richter scale. Although the strong one was felt in Lagos town, we slept blissfully through it, insulated from earthquakes by the water surrounding our floating home. Another good reason to be liveaboards!

This evening we are the organisers of a carol-singing tour of the pontoons and quayside bars, so I'm taking along my little ukelele guitar and headtorch, so I can see the words of the carols. This is an annual event here, the proceeds going to the local children's home.

Tomorrow the Christmas dinner organised by the marina. Last year's was great fun, with the conga line snaking round and round the restaurant and the music going on unbroken well into the small hours!

More anon. No further forward on the boom yet, but our bimini is in place, and looks great. Photo to prove it!

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