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Life After Little Else......or Rambles with Reg!
Liz Ju and Jack burn rubber, in campervan Reg, to tour coasts and inland areas, armed with maps, Cobb barbecue and anti-midge cream.
Turkey and home

The rest of our trip went very well indeed. We returned to Marmaris with a night sail, and then hired a car and drove to Ephesus, then Pamukkale, both wonderful places to visit, and Heriopolis, a second metropolis of the ancient world. What a place Turkey is, to have so much history, so many mountains, and to be just so overwhelmingly big! There were two earthquakes while we were there, both 2000 miles to the east of us, so all we knew of them was on the news.
After taking the car back to Marmaris and the boat we had a farewell dinner in the restaurant at the marina with our great hosts, Steve and June, and got the airport taxi back to Dalaman, and flew to Istanbul.

We had two and a half days in Istanbul, nowhere near enough to see very much of this city of 15 million people. We visited the Blue Mosque, the Ayia Sophia, the Byzantine Cistern and Topkapi, fitting in a bus your of the city and a waterbus tour of the Bosphorus. Full-on tourism, starting early in the morning and going on all day.The Blue Mosque was very moving, I was there on the 20th anniversary of my Dad's death and it moved me to tears! The Ayia Sophia is described as a museum, so I was prepared to see the usual ranks of glass cases with musty exhibits. Not a bit of it, the building itself is the museum, with its history as a Christian church overlaid with its time as a mosque played out on its walls. Wall paintings concealed over centuries have now been partly revealed, and are amazing for their age.

Topkapi was an example of how power can enable a line of oligarchs to live the life of riley in hugely opulent style, based on a subclass of slaves, concubines etc. It has a wonderful view of the Bosphorus from the cafe, so we enjoyed a brief rest there over a coffee. I have taken to drinking Turkish coffee, in tiny cups, with sugar, to be sipped slowly and leaving a bed of sludge at the bottom of the cup!

Our final morning there was almost our final morning anywhere, as the driver of our airport taxi was a maniac who drove at over 100mph (170Kmh) along motorways, dodging precariously from lane to lane when other traffic would not yield, and accomplishing the jourmey we had been told would take one hour and a quarter in thirty-five minutes. I have rarely been that scared!

We collapsed into a cafe in the airport and took a couple of hours to recover!

But that was our farewell to Turkey, our plane took us to Stansted, where we waited patiently for the Glasgow flight some hours later.

The final stage of the journey was fine, in good weather and a moonlit night we drove back to Ardfern, stopping only in Arrochar for a fish supper on the way. Back home to Foxy the cat, and village life in the winter months!

Look out for the Turkey album in the gallery! Meantime here's a pic of Little Else going up the SOund of Mull in May!

Anchoring with a line ashore
10/30/2011, Turkey

The last two days we have headed for unpopulated bays where the custom is to drop an anchor then either swim ashore with a line or take it in the dinghy, then tighten everything up until you can play F sharp on the stern rope, and the boat will stay as still as if it were on a pontoon! Not recommended in Canna, Ju remarked, as the seaweed farm there would ensure dragging anchors all the time! They drag there anyway, without benefit of ropes ashore!

We spent a couple of nights in a small village called Bozborun, which has an amazing minaret, the top of which is made of blue glass, which shines beautifully when the sun is behind it.

There is an end-of-season air about the place, with the large wooden ships called 'gullets' all being laid up for the winter. We had to move off the dockside in Bozborun to accommodate one which was having its engine changed!

Enjoying the warm but not too hot weather, and the motorsailing and relaxing!

Birthday Bash
10/25/2011, Marmaris, Turkey

Leaving Little Else on her mooring in Loch Craignish and after a very pleasant week entertaining the three children during their October break, on Monday morning Ju and I boarded a flight at Glasgow for Dalaman, Turkey, and a two-week holiday sailing aboard Piper with iur friends June and Steve.

After a long flight and a speedy minibus transfer we found ourselves being greeted at the gate of the Marmaris Yacht Marina by our hosts, who rushed us straight into happy hour at the marina pub/restaurant. It was like an old Lagos cronies reunion, because there were not only June and Steve but also Jacky and Rob from Arwen, and Barbara and Lee from Amour de la Mer and we all repaired to the restaurant and sat eight-strong at a round table and had a great meal. What a terrific birthday bash I had!

Today we went into town by bus and had a great wander around, while tomorrow we're off sailing somewhere. Fantastic! And it's warm!

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