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Life After Little Else......or Rambles with Reg!
Liz Ju and Jack burn rubber, in campervan Reg, to tour coasts and inland areas, armed with maps, Cobb barbecue and anti-midge cream.
Long Range Certificate
10/25/2007, CA Limehouse, London

Taking a week off from Little Else's refit to acquire a radio certificate I may need if we decide to go for SSB. It has been a hard week, trying to assimilate lots of information of a fairly technical nature, but they tell me I will need this so here I am.

Only the practical part to complete, so fingers crossed!

Then it'll be back to Ardfern to carry on the good work sorting out the bilge and all the pipework! Can't wait!

Out of the water and into the yard
10/10/2007, Ardfern Yacht Centre

Tom and Sus helped us offload huge amounts of kit during the last weekend in September, and have offered us space in their basement for everything from the boom to the cushions, the barbecue and the windvane.

SInce she came ashore I have been using every spare moment to get to grips with the refit, starting with mopping out the bilge with Pampers (wonderful nappies, they soak up iidirty water and old gunge with great abandon and efficiency). I discovered an old screwdriver down there in the black water totally covered in carbon, caked on to its stainless steel shaft, while it was grafted on to the copper strum-box of the manual bilge pump. Stray current is the verdict, so I'm going to try and track that down, together with the exhaust leak which must be responsible for the black water and sooty deposits in the bilge.

Meantime I turned my attention to the water tanks, as they have not been cleaned out since we got the boat, and we want them to be OK for our trip. The progress on this work can be found in the Refit album.

The photo is of Sam Brooke climbing up the rope ladder we gave him, on his Pilot Cutter Ezra, on a brilliant afternoon in late September.

10/25/2007 | John Morrison
Great to see you down in t'South and best wishes for Little Else abroad!
Camping in the Fairy Isles
Mostly good
09/17/2007, Loch Sween

We spent a week in one anchorage, just reading, going for walks and doing small DIY tasks around the boat. We met a single-hander who invited us over for a drink, and saw some freinds from Ardfern, but most nights we were the only boat there. The Fairy Isles is a wonderful location, tucked away near the head of Loch Sween, it offers a sheltered anchorage from all but north-easterlies, and has a gooey, muddy seabed. We dropped our Rocna anchor there one Friday, and after having been blown almost round the compass in the course of the week, hauled it up from the same spot the next Friday morning.

That was the start of a brisk sail back home, as the wind had gone round to the north west, and we beat all the way up the Sound of Jura assisted by a strong tide, which gave us five 'free' miles on the journey. We used the engine to get into the Sound, as the swell was coming straight into the mouth of Loch Sween.

Glad we came home on Friday though, as the weather otherwise over the weekend was stormy, rainy and thoroughly dreich!

09/18/2007 | DREW
Sounds like a nice relaxing week away unlike our manic rush up to Rona with Capricorn and back again - Loch Sween is on my hit list ! Well done for keeping up blog !! Good news about Rocna too..........

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