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Little Green Boat
Spruce left Australia in July 2015. We cruised through Indonesia and arrived in Malaysia at the end of October 2015. Until March 2016 we shall cruise Malaysia and Thailand.
Spruce's Photos - The St Lawrence Seaway
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Obviously not a mad dog or an Englishman. Most folk had awnings fitted to the boat but this one looked lovely.
An old windmill from yester years
Pontoon boats. Andy thinks these things look like a Star Trek space shuttle. Two floats, sun and insect protection with a big outboard engine at the rear... wouldn
Montreal from the Seaway.
Sunday afternoon bedlam! We thought it was looking pretty close to fit us both in the channel (rules say pleasure boats must not impede safe transit) but Sunday drivers are a law unto themselves in this area. Further on there were kids playing "chicken" swimming across the canal and back... and boy racers with big-engined offshore racing power boats challenging each other in the same waterway.
Another ship passes by...
... carrying wind turbine blades.
Two nights the insects were terrible, nets were essential and in the morning the deck was covered with dead bodies. Apparently we had the May/June plague in July.
..and another big ship comes steaming by.
A lifting bridge on its was to some 22 metres clearance.
They pack all sorts of cargo on these Laker Ships.
A lifting bridge.. srtill waiting for it to lift and let us pass on our way.
Approaching a lock.
Leaving a lock much lowered from our earlier elevation.
Ready to leave a lock. All that water (91,000 tonnes) just for little old Spruce ... ,maybe $CAN 25 per lock isn
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