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Little Green Boat
Spruce arrived in Australia during October 2014. The southern summer was spent cruising Tasmania. We will sail north to SE Asia during the latter half of 2015, and expect to arrive in Malaysia and Thailand during Nov-Dec.
Spruce's Photos - Porto - The home of Port Wine
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An amazing pictorial representation done in glazed ceramic tiles decorating the side of a church. The people in the photo give an idea of the scale.
Gold decorated wood carved cherubs. A small sample of an enormous carving standing some eight-metres high.
The churches in Portugal seem to have elaborate golden (real) decoration applied to wood carved altar pieces. The sheer scale is breath taking. Vast sums of money were spent on furnishing churches during Portugal
Interiors are well lit with natural light due to clear glass used in the windows, the golden decoration is very bright. This elaborate decoration on internal furniture makes stained glass windows unnecessary.
Portuguese crafts on dispay in a shop window.
In one of the main avenues in Porto a large number (circa one-hundred) resin castings of human forms have been decorated by different artists. Each one conveying an alternative impression.
Traditional display of wares within a shop. The smell of the spices emanating from the door was alluring.
A second large mural done with blue and white ceramic tiles.
An open market within an enclosed quadrangle. The goods displayed within bear no relationship to the dilapidated roofs. See the photos that follow...
Colourful strings of garlic and chillies in an open market stall.
One of the many small fish stalls in the market.
Beans of every shape and size.
We didn
Cafe Majestic - Splendid surrounding in which to dine - Apparently 1930s Style.
Busy street scene in Porto.
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