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Little Green Boat
Spruce left Australia in July 2015. We cruised through Indonesia and arrived in Malaysia at the end of October 2015. Until February 2016 we cruised Malaysia and Thailand. Now we are doing some land/air touring to see a little more of Asia.
Islands Floating By.
Sue & Andy
26/Oct/2011, 24 Miles South of La Gomera

The sun sets on another day and we are treated to a splendid view of four of the Canary islands. The mountain of Pico de Teide, Tenerife, is bout 53 miles distant, La Gomera is just 24 miles astern, La Palma still visible at over 60 Miles and on our starboard beam is smouldering Isla De Hierro, recently famous for volcanic activity and still rumbling; hourly navigation warnings being issued over VHF for vessels in the area.

Our first day at sea. 31 miles logged and 718 Miles more to our destination, the Ilha Sal at the North-eastern end of the Cape Verdean Archipelago. If propagation proved OK for this upload we'll try to post a picture tomorrow. We should arrive on 31stOct or the 1st Nov weather permitting. Hopefully the light airs from the WNW will veer to North East during the night and increase to a respectable 20knots over the next two days; that might enable us to get in ahead of nightfall on All Hallows Eve.

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Yet more Music and Fishes
Sue & Andy
25/Oct/2011, La Gomera

.... preparations and jobs continue here in the sun. Sun covers and straps for the diesel cans, more awning covers, more efficient stowage solutions.

The cruisers social scene also continues unabated. More vessels arrive each day in preparation for crusing further south and west. Some to visit Sierra Leone, others to The Gambia and Senegal, several will call in at the Cape Verdes. Most are heading trans-Atlantic to either the Caribbean, Brazil or French Guiana. A few we will meet again and many will be proverbial ships passing in the night.

Another music session was arranged aboard Spuce with visitors from Norway, USA and UK.

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... Sue and Wenche taking the plunge with the dramatic backdrop of El Teide in Tenerife across the ocean...

News & Updates

... pretty fishes in abundance below the surface. Perhaps our last snorkel here as we frantically get ready to depart on either Wednesday or Thursday for the Cape Verdes. Destination Sal! Followed by a 2-3 week cruise through the Cape Verdes to the island of Sao Vincente where we will clear out for the Caribbean.

The winds have been a bit slack but will fill in from the North East on Thursday.

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Awnings and Cringles
Andy & Sue
20/Oct/2011, San Sebastian de La Gomera

Extending the deck awning continued apace during today. The morning dawned grey and rainy, eventually the sun broke through and the hitherto comfortable temperature evolved into a more sweaty and humid atmosphere. However, silver linings and all that. The washing dried and we were able to try out the extended awning. Our sewing machine paid its way once more as Sue slaved down below...

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27/Oct/2011 | John McGiveron
Woah! Andy's pants are looking pretty big these days. All that grog I presume. Well done brave Sue for even attempting to repair the holes....

... and then Andy swanned in at the end, punched a few holes and put in the cringles... ah, but such finishing touches.

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25/Oct/2011 | Popeye
Always keep your eye on the hammer and punch or you'll have a big fat black thumb.
25/Oct/2011 | Sue & Andy Warman
When Sue says look at the camera... and smile .... the big black thumb is not the biggest concern :-)

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