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Little Green Boat
Spruce left Australia in July 2015. We cruised through Indonesia and arrived in Malaysia at the end of October 2015. Until February 2016 we cruised Malaysia and Thailand. Now we are doing some land/air touring to see a little more of Asia.

... and a few of the local inhabitants

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Two Rivers & Palms!
Sue & Andy
12/Nov/2011, Carrical - Ilha Da Sao Nicolau

A mixed night. Sailing closed hauled for 40 Miles is not normally fun but tropical temperatures, full moon and an 8-10knot breeze gave a wonderful romp through the night towards Sao Nicolau... then the wind dropped and wandered in direction until with only a 4 knot zephyr, on the nose to boot, we enlisted the donkey and started chugging along at economical motoring speed. The island of Sao Nicolau emerged ahead, in mountainous splendour, as dawn broke astern. A wonderful view with increasing colour and definition as we approached. Nine-Thirty am and the anchor was down in the entrance of a cove, a tiny village named Carrical with a dark sandy fringe at the head, gentle surf surging across rocks on each side and palm trees behind the beach. Our fishing having been unsuccessful we bought a 2Kg specimen from some fishermen and enjoyed a swim from the boat to cool down.

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Beware a North-west Swell!
Sue & Andy
10/Nov/2011, Porto de Sal-Rei - Ilha Da Boavista

We arrived in the island where salt was once king yesterday afternoon. Ilheu de Sal Rei lies offshore from the main town of the island, providing shelter to the southern anchorage where we swing to anchor in 6-metres depth, our trusty hook buried into soft sand. The Ilheiu off to port positively glows in the sun. An old circular fortress, little more than a low wall built from volcanic stones and blocks, shows the limited defences that gave security to this small harbour when the Portuguese garrison was harried by pirates, privateers and the English. A single cannon peers over the wall, maybe in days of yore there were more but surely not enough room for more than three. astern of us and inshore is a long white strand with volcanic peaks and vibrant sand dunes shimmering in the tropical heat, a smooth trade wind making the climate bearable for mere mortals. Our anchorage is populated by a rag tag band of cruisers, hailing from a variety of European countries and the USA. Most of these vessels will make their way to the island of Sao Vincente over the next couple of weeks ready to start the winter migration to the Caribbean. Tropical storm Sean is moving North-eastwards in the West Indies, hopefully he won't evolve into anything stronger before petering out; maybe this will be the last storm of this season as things settle down in the Western Atlantic and Caribbean for another year.

A stroll around the town this morning, clearing in and out of the island in one procedure and some shopping. The swell from the big blow near Greenland will reach here by Tuesday and we must be away in good time before this idyllic setting becomes quite chaotic and the anchorage untenable.

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Windy Anchorage
Sue & Andy
06/Nov/2011, Baia da Mordeira - Ilha Do Sal

Spruce started on her way to the island of Boa Vista this afternoon. A breezy day with a fairly constant 21-knots of North-east trade wind blowing, a drying wind and not too humid. Temperature is only varying slightly now, a couple of degrees cooler at night from the daytime average of 28 Celsius.

The North-north-westerly swell is still about 3 metres so we have pulled into Baia da Mordeira for a night or two as the pilot book says the anchorage at Sal de Rei, down at the island of Boa Vista, can be a little sporty if there is some west in the swell. The wind is due to ease back to about 17 knots tomorrow but it is the storms in the north Atlantic that mostly drive the swell.

It is delightful to be out of the harbour and on to a more remote anchorage; although only 6 Miles south of La Palmeira it feels like a different world. Our bow is pointing into the wind and towards a distant beach with large combers curling shorewards, their heads blow by the offshore wind, large pure white curling crests blowing seawards, glinting in the afternoon sunshine. Off on our port (left hand) side is a large extinct Volcanic cone, hues of brown and yellow in the rock, with waves breaking on the reefs below its cliffs.

Friends from York, aboard Mary Anne II, will likely be heading down this way tomorrow. If we are still here a snorkeling party is on the cards as this bay is reputedly one of the best sites in the island of Sal. While the wind blows we have ample power aboard with the wind generator whizzing around back aft putting a steady flow of energy back into the batteries.

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Sue & Andy

We have updated earlier entries with some photos and added a gallery. Off to next island of Boa Vista today.

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Island Tour!.
Sue & Andy
05/Nov/2011, Ilha Do Sal- Cape Verdes

Off to visit the island yesterday with a group of cruisers, eight of us all together in a 4X4 pick up truck; dust cloud astern as we hurtled from coast to interior. Basaltic columns, spouting flumes of spray from ocean swells crashing into the cove. Modern resorts with kite surfers and malibu boards galore; offset by the sombre sight of a shanty town on the outskirts of Espargos, the main centre. An old abandoned salt mine turned over to newer salt pans and spa healing for tourist bathers. An arid island in the warm trade winds of the tropics, a constant strong breeze drying all before it. An amazing series of contrasts as the modern world meets a developing nation. One of a group of 10-islands, each quite varied in topography, climate and economy.

During the next couple of weeks we hope to visit five more of these islands.

Uploaded over HF radio email so afraid there is no photo today either. Will hopefully get to an internet place tomorrow.

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