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Little Green Boat
Spruce left Australia in July 2015. We cruised through Indonesia and arrived in Malaysia at the end of October 2015. Until February 2016 we cruised Malaysia and Thailand. Now we are doing some land/air touring to see a little more of Asia.
Slow & Steady
Sue & Andy
05/May/2012, Caribbean Sea Between Grenada & Bonaire

Enough wind to keep moving at a steady rate of progress but insufficient to romp along. A great day with a good current pushing us along followed by a night of lighter breeze and neutral current. Hopefully we can keep moving without too much adverse stream developing.

A lovely colourful sunset last night and a piccie to show the spectacle.

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Noddy Hitches a Ride
Sue & Andy
03/May/2012, Caribbean Sea Between Grenada & Bonaire

No sign of Big Ears... but a Noddy (seabird) swooped in at dusk to take up a roost on the inflatable, hoisted in davits at the stern. He stayed all night and deposited a sizeable portion of guano over the dinghy. Sues watch was spent preening himself and Andy's watch saw he head under wing. Come dawn he stepped off and soared into the air with as great flourish. Our books say Noddy's normally roost in trees, maybe this chap was caught out to late to fly home. Poor lad departed many miles farther from home than when he joined us.

The new Hydrovane shaft was again delayed and we didn't get it aboard until the evening flight arrived. Another few hours of decent wind wasted while we kicked our heels. We sailed off, literally, into the sunset; a gorgeous sunset it was as well. Two hours of motoring to get ourselves clear of the land and our booming out poles were rigged and we pointed our bow towards our destination in the former Netherlands Antilles.

A good day gently sailing along at between 4-5kn but with a helpful push from the ocean current of up to 1.5knots.

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Cleaning the Hull - The Underwater Bit
Sue & Andy
01/May/2012, St Georges - Grenada

Tuesday Morning - Light winds means we want to have a clean bottom, doesn't everybody :-) Time to remove that frondy red cotton wool and the few tenacious barnacles that cling to the antifouling. Last time we did a scrape and scrub was about 7 weeks ago in Bequia, so we have been pretty lax on this front. Only two tanks of air so we'll do the near surface areas with snorkel and save the deeper sections for scuba assistance. A chance to check anodes and maybe well give the undersides of our CopperShield a light rub with wet & dry to scratch up the surface and expose more of the copper dust particles to the unwelcome passengers.

A dreamy element to the view towards Grand Etang, the mountains of the interior, this morning. Foggy Cloud shrouding the dense green trees, sunlight peeping through gaps as the mists rolled around the peaks. Recent rains have certainly brought a deeper lush greenness to the vegetation. Limited swell from the ocean is creeping around this side of the island. Vessels entering and leaving the Lagoon and Careenage add their wakes and the whole lot reflects back from the shoreline. Sometimes the wave frequency sets up a dramatic roll that oscillates the boat rather like a swing building up momentum. Different yachts in the anchorage have varying natural frequencies of roll so never do all roll at the same time. The forest of masts are reminiscent of a whole clan of metronomes nodding discordantly in time with alternative tunes.

Now its evening and we are sat at the Grenada Yacht Club overlooking the Lagoon and enjoying a well deserved cold beer. Seventy minutes underneath the hull and the deed is done, including a light sanding with very wet wet&dry sandpaper. The fishes had a feast as they gorged on the dislodged tiny shrimps, very bold silver glints, similar to sardines, darting between us and the hull in a feeding frenzy.

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03/May/2012 | Welly
Bonaire is probably one of the most meomorable places I have dived as far as biological aspects are concerned (and you know I have dived in many nice places around the world). I wish I could come tooooo! Solent for me next week though.....does'nt quite match up!! xx
Almost Ready to Sail West
Andy & Sue
28/Apr/2012, Grenada - WI

Photo shows some of the shoals of tiddlers around the boat with one of the large garfish munching into them. The fish eat fish world below never rests.

Our ducks are just about all lined up for the off. Our new Hydrovane shaft is scheduled to arrive on Weds, providing the local holiday on Tuesday doesn't cause delay. We have all our paperwork ready to go and release the delivery from the customs bonded store when it gets here. That is the last item to tick off our list before we clear out and depart for Bonaire.

Good progress on future arrangements. We have an agent for Cartagena in Colombia, friends aboard "True Blue" (also heading into Pacific next year) just arrived there and we think they may have helped move things along. Marina bookings are in progress. Arrangements for the Panama Canal transit are also in hand with an agent appointed to facilitate our smooth passage into the Pacific.

We are starting to get very excited at the prospect of visiting new places. First Bonaire with its excellent diving environment. On next to Curacao with its splendid Dutch architecture....and then to the delights of Cartagena in Colombia. Hopefully we can move ourselves from zero to basically proficient in Spanish by the time we leave Latin America :-)

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30/Apr/2012 | Jim and Jeannie Lea
HI following your bog and see that you will be in Panama this spring/summer. Our boat is at SHelter Bay on the hard wiating fro a new engine and we are back in Canada. when do you think you will be there? Are you planning to visit the san Blas??
Peking Duck
Andy & Sue
26/Apr/2012, Careenage - Georgetown, Grenada

A night out with some other cruisers last night at a Chinese restaurant in Grenada. Peking Duck was the menu, three courses: Crispy Aromatic Duck, Stir fired duck and duck soup to finish off with. The whole duck fully utilised....

(Left to right: Sue's bag, John (Shilo), Jim & Wendy (Merengue), Hope & Steve (Starshine), Top of George's head, Holly (Shilo)) ....

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26/Apr/2012 sweet though. So en-route back to the boats, a stop at De Big Fish for a night cap and for those who must partake in dessert.... Sue, Holly and John...

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