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Little Green Boat
Spruce left Australia in July 2015. We cruised through Indonesia and arrived in Malaysia at the end of October 2015. Until February 2016 we cruised Malaysia and Thailand. Now we are doing some land/air touring to see a little more of Asia.

... a Lizard Fish doing his best to emulate his land based namesake..

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... watch where you place your hands and feet! A well camouflaged Scorpion Fish. As the camera was moved closer still his dorsal fin and its poisoned barbs pinged erect ready to spike any attacker.

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Pink Water???
Andy & Sue
25/May/2012, Bonaire - Inland

Three days hire of a pick-up truck to tour the island and to do some shore-entry diving. We teamed up with the folks from Iolea and Fox-Sea to share the cost of a rental vehicle to go further afield from Kralendijk, the main coastal town in Bonaire. The first day was a tour to the North and the Slagbai National Park. A large expanse of exposed limestone, cactus and thorny acacia shrubs. A strange experience to see so much greenery after several weeks of ocean and coastal views. The limestone outcrops presented large cliffs and plateaus of rock; weathered during earlier phases of erosion when sea levels were higher than today. Cactus tall and branched rather like the classic photographs one sees of the Arizona desert, except not the occasional lonesome plant here. A dense, head height, forest of shrubbery with a taller army of cactii protruding above as far as the eye could see.

Day two started with a fruitless search for "Goat Lady". A farm where visitors could see the various stages of rearing goats for small scale milk and cheese production. Many wrong turnings, bumpy rides along rough tracks, discussion with locals in a mixture of Dutch, Spanish and English led only to the wrong "Goat Lady". "Oh yes we have many goats! ...but they are roaming the heathland now and only come back here for water at nightfall." Obvious knowledge really and it was clear we should have realised our search at this time of day was pointless!

Southwards we journeyed, on to a completely different landscape with no high ground at all. Low lying land, much of it flooded with salt water for either marshes or the commercial production of sea salt. Quite an amazing operation fuelled by solar power and the wind used to evaporate the water from the shallow pools. As the salinity increases the colour of the water becomes pink due to an algae growing (see photo). Some of the views across the water was reminiscent of an old Vermeer painting, only lacking the Flemish boats of old straining under canvas in the brisk wind.

More on the third day and diving in Candy Land later ...

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Cephalapod City.
Sue & Andy
21/May/2012, Andrea II - North of Kralendijk - Bonaire

It is not all fish on the reefs here. Cuttlefish are amazing creatures as they change their colour to match the surroundings... if you try to approach them they zoom of with water-jet propulsive elan.

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Acrobatic Sue.
Sue & Andy
20/May/2012, North of Kralendijk - Bonaire

Sue doing underwater at seeing the large Blue Parrot Fish

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More Time Underwater.
Sue & Andy
20/May/2012, Kralendijk - Bonaire

So far we have only seen the Kralendijk district of the island, still much more to see further afield but not until we hire a car for a few days. The plan is to share a pick up truck with the folks from "Fox Sea" and "Iolea" for three days sometime this week; a chance to tour the national park in the north, do some more remote dives via shore entry to the water and visit one of the larger supermarkets to haul lots of heavy goodies back to the boats.

The trade winds are back into fine fettle with a solid Easterly breeze in the 20-25 knots strength. Good passage making weather, downwind only of course, but not so wonderful for taking the dinghy to exposed areas loaded with dive gear and the Sprucettes. There are, however, a few dive sites more in the lee of the main island which we have been sampling. A few days of lighter winds would be much appreciated before we move on, so the dive sites around the coast of the nearby islet of Klein Bonaire are more manageable.

Until then another photo of an underwater location.

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