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Spruce left the UK in 2011, arrived in SE Asia during 2015. Finished land/air touring in Asia. Afloat again and getting ready to head east to Raja Ampat and on to Japan and Alaka in 2018.

19 August 2017 | Sipidan & Mabul - Sabah - Malaysian Borneo
19 August 2017
19 August 2017
19 August 2017
19 August 2017
19 August 2017
19 August 2017
12 August 2017 | Rivers - Borneo
12 August 2017
12 August 2017
10 August 2017 | Turtle Islands - Malaysian Borneo
10 August 2017
10 August 2017
10 August 2017
10 August 2017
05 August 2017 | Kudat - Borneo
05 August 2017
05 August 2017
02 August 2017 | Kudat - Borneo
19 July 2017 | Papar - Sabah - Malaysian Borneo

Dive! Dive! Dive!

19 August 2017 | Sipidan & Mabul - Sabah - Malaysian Borneo
Andy & Sue
Three days with time spent beneath the waves gave an insight into local marine life. Two dives on a reef local to our anchorage, one dive at Mabul, two at Kapalai and three plunges at Sipadan gave a reasonable spectrum of what can be found in Sabah, Malaysia’s eastern most Province. This shoal of Big-Eye Snappers was happy to come close to slow moving divers.

19 August 2017
Interesting colourful smaller creatures positively glow: this one a Nudibranch, a sort of slug-like animal, is but a single example of many different types seen at Mabul. The fronds on its back are gills. There are artificial structures at Mabul, which certainly attract a wide variety of creatures. The “dive resort” complex is a stilt village built on the reef at the site of a former fishing village. We are not fans of these types of development; it would be far more ecologically sound to bring divers by boat from properly serviced centres on shore.

19 August 2017
A much bigger animal, a Crocodile Fish, shown here, blends into the background, camouflaged to seem like coral bedecked stones. It would be easy to swim straight past if you did not have your eye tuned in to spot these weird fish.

19 August 2017
An old favourite is the Clown fish. Several different species bathing luxuriously in the fronds of exotic Anemones abound. Sizes vary from tiny to around 100mm: a feisty fish that faces challengers fiercely, but is always ready to seek the relative safety of its stinging host.

19 August 2017
Larger still are these chaps, securely wedged into crevices to avoid the current sweeping them away. The bigger animals at Sipadan are mainly confined to Turtles, Napoleon Wrasse, Jacks lurking in the periphery of visibility and …

19 August 2017
… Sharks. Mainly Reef White Tips but it is excellent to see Sharks in these waters have not all been slaughtered to sacrifice their fins for the Chinese market. So far, in SE Asia, sharks seen have been very few. The elderly lone specimen seen three months ago in Tioman Island was the pride of the local dive shop; he was, however, a sorry comparison with those seen in previous years around the Pacific reefs and Islands. Sipadan showed signs of being a much more balanced eco-system, although smaller fishes were in fewer numbers than we expected. That might be due to the large numbers of sharks and other predators located at this oceanic pinnacle island.
Vessel Name: Spruce
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg Rassy 42 - Enderlein Design
Hailing Port: Portsmouth, UK
Crew: Sue & Andy
About: Sue is an artist, plays the flute and guitar. Andy enjoys technical challenges and hoped to learn to speak more Spanish. Unsuccessfully:-( Maybe this year?
Extra: During 2013 and 2014 we sailed across the Pacific to New Zealand and then Australia. 2015-16 brought us north into Asia. The past few years cruising has enabled us to visit many countries, meet lots of interesting people and to understand the world a little better.
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Spruce's Photos - Galapagos - San Cristobal
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The channel at Kicker Rock.
One of the cliff faces of Kicker rock.
Andy glowing after a brilliant dive at Kicker rock.
Galapagos Shark
Hammerhead Shark appearing from the murk
Interaction with Turtle - should be rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise, that
More turtle interaction
Sue having a fine day out
Spotted Eagle Ray
One of the huge shoals we swam through
King Angel Fish - a big shoal of those
White Tip Reef Shark in distance, probably a Galapagos Shark closer
Green Moray Eel - you can just see the cleaner shrimps on the right of picture
View from the top of Frigate bird hill.
A young Sally Lightfoot crab.
Different types of lichen
New growth on the trees.
Viewacross the bay too san Christobel
A blue footed Booby and a sea lion, sounds like a new cocktail
A lava lizard
Up close and personal to a cactus
Yellow Warbler.
Our swimming cove.
Andy sits amongst the sea Iguanas.
Lichen covered tree
Not sure if this is Sue on a good hair day or a bad hair day?
Barge blown onto a trip ship.
Succulents growing on the lava path.
A large cactus tree/
Not road kill just asleep.
Lichen covered plants by the coastal path.
A very cheeky Finch!
These sea lions came within a couple of meters of us, they were not at all bothered by our presence.
The same Sea lions moments later.
Plants on the lava.
Blue footed booby, nice bright feet.
The coast line path.
Andy takes a break making sure he is not sitting on any wild life first.
£ different types of lichen on this rock.
A swallow tailed gull.
A sea Iguana heating up after a swim.
This large Iguana did not move a muscle !
Scales on the iguana tail.
Sage of some sort, the smell was quite strong
A lava lizard
Sue posing.
Passion flower
A Galapagos warbler, this one kept flying closer to have a look at us.
A kiddies water-world play area, taken over by sleeping beauties.
Sea Iguana relaxing ashore,soaking up the rays before the next plunge
Volunteers please ladies! Who is going to pucker their lips and check out whether this is Prince Charming?
See how many sleeping sea-lions you can spot?
Wildlife in the market, these may not make it past the weekend roast.
Sally-Lightfoot Crabs cling to the rocks.
Sally-Lightfoot Crabs
Sea Iguana
A tough day on the beach...or life
Yes alive! Feed all night and sleep all day.
Big, smelly and not as cuddly as they look
Sally-Lightfoot Crabs
Sally-Lightfoot Crabs
Noddies clamour for fishy eats
Golden Cow Nosed Rays pirouetting alongside Spruce
Golden Cow Nosed Rays pirouetting alongside Spruce
Golden Cow Nosed Rays
Looking towards Frigate Bird Hill at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno... it seems the birds have been displaced by encroaching human habitation
Sunset at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno - San Cristobal.
Let sleeping sea-lions lie
North Coast of San Cristobal
North Coast of San Cristobal
North Coast of San Cristobal
Leon Dormida (Sleeping Lion) in the distance
Leon Dormida (Sleeping Lion)
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno - San Cristobal.
Swallow Tailed Gull
Neptune comes lookimng for the intruders who Crossed His Line
A scared crew
Shooting the sun at noon (taking a sextant angle of the sun
Sue, all at sea. Dawn and time for her watch, Andy
Just past the Equator, the first time our GPS showed a "South" latitude
Celebrating crossing the line in the middle of the night
Sue, happy to be back at sea...waiting for more wind...we got F8 a few hours later, thankfully from astern so fast and furious.
Showing our route away from Las Perlas Islands and Panama.