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Little Green Boat
Spruce left Australia in July 2015. We cruised through Indonesia and arrived in Malaysia at the end of October 2015. Until February 2016 we cruised Malaysia and Thailand. Now we are doing some land/air touring to see a little more of Asia.
Spruce's Photos - Canada - Ontario
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An anchorage amonst the Thousand Islands region
A Cottager
An exclusive hotel sitting on an island in the St Lawrence River just east of the Thousand Islands.
So many buoys to be maintained. The seaway closes in the winter due to ice...maybe the navigation marks are all lifted?? The mind boggles at the workload.
Cottages near Brockville.
A crusier from Quebec.
Another sunset sky
Traditional way of life for some.
We think a renovated Martello Tower of some sort.
A skein of Cormorants - Double Crested we think, they fly in great flocks and behave a bit like geese.
Close up of the skein of Cormorants
Sailing amongst the Thousand Islands
One of the islands in close up, lovely colours.
Lots of these lighthouses marking the channel through the islands
Prove you are Canadian by carrying the ultimate tender for going up remote rivers.
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