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Little Green Boat
Spruce left New Zealand at the end of May 2014. We had a memorable time in NZ, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia and arrived in Australia at the end 2014. Next comes Tasmania and then north to SE Asia in 2015.
Spruce's Photos - Bermuda - The Passage
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St Georges Town - Bermuda from Spruce at anchor
Andy catches a line floated astern from Rapau to supply some extra diesel in containers across the watery chasm.
Bermuda from 7-miles to seaward
Sunset backdrop to Rapau under sail.
Another great sunset - you get thjose  with lots of weather and clouds in the air:-)
Andy reefing as a squall approaches us on the frontal boundary
Andy reefing as a squall hits us on the frontal boundary
Looking aft with lotsa wind and rain
The afternoon following a night hove-to. Making fast progress towards Bermuda in big seas.
The Hydrovane self-steering wind vane broke off and was lost overboard. Here is a photo of the adapted wind-generator directional vane pressed into service to take over. Amazing what a hack-saw, drill and patience can achieve when we don
Sue desperate not to retire her sarong, but notice she is staying below in the warm with the stove running:-)
Portuiguese Man-Of-War jellyfish blowing past.
Rapau sailing close by
Downloading a weather-fax showing the synoptic forecast for our troublesome low pressure come Tropical Depression forming
Island Drifter comes sailing by. Heading away from the strong winds northwards
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