Lil' Kahuna

01 February 2012 | Everett,WA
03 November 2011 | everett,WA
01 September 2010 | Everett, Wa
23 August 2010 | Everett, Wa
17 August 2010 | Everett, WA
16 August 2010 | Everett, WA
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12 August 2010 | Everett, Wa

Sunday Sailing

16 August 2010 | Everett, WA
Imas/ Sunny 85
Had a great time day sailing Lil' Kahuna in the Sound this past weekend. Got a pretty consistant 8 to 10 mph out of the WNW for most of the day. Flew the jib and got about 7 knots on a close haul and scared the crap out of my brother once she heeled 20 degrees. Man what a perfect a day it was. Hope to go out again before this high pressure system leaves the northwest.
Vessel Name: Lil' Kahuna
Vessel Make/Model: Tanzer 22
Hailing Port: Everett, Washington
Crew: Captain Imas & First Mate Dayna Sakin
About: Imas 33 sails a 1977 Tanzer 22, is a first time sail boat owner and long time dreamer. He is sailing the Puget Sound with wife and 2 young boys and holding on to a dream to sail the world with his wife.
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Who: Captain Imas & First Mate Dayna Sakin
Port: Everett, Washington