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Lil' Kahuna
Sunday Sailing
Imas/ Sunny 85
08/16/2010, Everett, WA

Had a great time day sailing Lil' Kahuna in the Sound this past weekend. Got a pretty consistant 8 to 10 mph out of the WNW for most of the day. Flew the jib and got about 7 knots on a close haul and scared the crap out of my brother once she heeled 20 degrees. Man what a perfect a day it was. Hope to go out again before this high pressure system leaves the northwest.

Trying to convince my better half
Imas Sakin/ Sunny 85.
08/13/2010, Everett, Washington

It's good to have some good backup from friends who have similar dreams and more experience than you. Especially when you're trying to share your dreams with your spouse who would probably have never thought of owning a sail boat much less imagined a whole world of people who live on them and sail them around the world. My friend Bob has a Cal 31 Jollygood moored at Shilshoe Bay marina in Seattle. His wife Diane is much more of the adventurous type than my Dayna. They annually take Jollygood up to the San Juan Islands and Canada for 2 weeks. We recently spent the weekend with them off Camano Island in the Puget Sound. I had the whole family on board for our first overnight adventure. We had a great time but I was worried about the anchorage being too exposed to the incoming tide. Bob had dropped his anchor and we tided off to Jollygood. The rocking of the incoming tide lasted all night and it felt amplified on my tiny 22 footer. I barely slept going over all of my knots in my mind wondering if I forgot something. Every noise I heard I tried to indentify and even got up several times to secure whatever it was that was banging. The family slept like babies and everyone woke up the next morning in good spirits so I guess I just was over reacting. We had breakfast on Jollygood and bid Bob and Diane farewell as I motored back to Everett. I figured I had one chance to convince my wife that this was a great way to live and spend our summer weekends. I spent my weekend making sure everyone had a great time. Judging by the smiles everyone had upon our return I think I succeeded.

Imas / Sunny 75
08/12/2010, Everett, Wa

Sail bloggers I'm new to this site and to the sailing world in general. Sailing has been a dream of mine for many years and I've read many cruising books. I enjoy and have followed sail blogs such as this one for years. I finally took the plunge last year to some objections from my better half and purchased a 22 foot daysailer/weekender sloop (Tanzer). I'd figure I get my feet wet first to see if I can hack the real thing before making a major investment on a real cruiser. Not that I can afford one now anyway raising small children and juggling work life, but one can dream. I'm about a year into my first boat and my confidence grows everytime I leave the marina and hoist the sails. I'm self taught but plan to take sailing courses before I venture pass the relatively safe waters of the Puget Sound. I'm happy with my first choice of boat given my novice skill level and she gets many compliments from experienced sailors I meet. Many have started their sailing lives on a Tanzer and I've heard heralding stories. Hope to tell some of my own someday.

08/12/2010 | greg dettmer
You sound like your off to a great start, Congradulations and good luck!

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s/v Lil' Kahuna
Who: Captain Imas & First Mate Dayna Sakin
Port: Everett, Washington
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