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SV Bauble
At anchor
09/29/2014, Peche Island, Ontario

We spend the weekend at Peche Island (mouth of the Detroit River west end of Lake St. Clair).
We had a wonderful barbeque with friends and then spent the night anchored off the islands southwest edge. It was a calm peaceful night with a perfect light breeze. We went to sleep looking at the stars - wonderful!

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Tall Ships in Algonac

We saw a beautiful tall ship docked at Algonac on our way down the St. Clair river.

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Heading home down the St. Clair

Pulled out of Sarnia Bay marina at 7:30am. The St. Clair river was scheduled to close on the following day due to the International powerboat races beginning. So we motored out of the bay with no wind, and headed south to Lake St. Clair.

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Sarnia, ON

While most of our party were wishing we were heading further north, we reluctantly had to head home and left Lexington at 7:45 am on a fresh breeze.

Finally we had found the wind! With a forecast of 5-10knots of wind, it was a pleasant sail to the St. Clair River averaging 6.5mph.

We reached the Blue Water bridge at 11:30am. Under the bridge, the GPS read 12.5mph which is faster than we've ever travelled in Bauble!

We Pulled in to Sarnia Bay marina at 11:45am.

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Lexington Harbor

Temps in the upper 70's - it could be warmer, but we can't complain. We could do worse than shopping, eating and relaxing in Lexington, MI.

The ladies relaxed in the cockpit tonight while the men grilled a feast of lamp chops, steak, roasted baby red potatoes and grilled fresh beans and zucchini with dill olive oil and peach vinaigrette. it was a wonderful meal!

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Lexington, MI

We had a very relaxing stay in Lexington, enjoying the restaurants and the swans that visited our boat.

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Sailing on Lake Huron

The winds were light as we motored into Lake Huron, but enough to fill our sails. We were extremely happy to shut off the iron genny!

Our excitement didn't last though because the wind was light and diminishing. We ended up motor sailing to Lexington, MI averaging 5mph.

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Cruise ships of Lake Huron

As we headed into Lake Huron we were surprised to see a cruise ship headed towards us. The Pearl Mist runs from Chicago to Montreal and back.

And one of the passengers was equally surprised to see us. As we passed port to port, a gentleman opened his state room door to take in the view dressed only in his underwear! Once he noticed us he quickly shut the door!

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