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SV Bauble
Saint Clair River

We motored up the Saint Clair river to the Chenal Ecarte and sailed back down the next day when the wind picked up.

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Another learning day
08/03/2011, Lake St. Clair

We crossed Lake St. Clair today in just 2 1/2 hours! With reefed main and half the jib out, we were still cruising at 8.5 knots. Overcast sky and rain here and there, but no storms.

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Rascal sailing
08/02/2011, Lake St. Clair

Looks cute and calm right now, but Rascal jumped in the water thinking he could catch a fish!

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steaks and sun

maybe not the best cut of meat BUT what a great day lots of sunshine a good wind and family.
we BBQ'd while sailing

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15knt's, gusting to 20knt's perfect

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Great Day

sunny and a lot of fun

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06/06/2011, Lake St. Clair

Beautiful weather for sailing. Wind was around 10 miles per hour and we sailed on a beam reach between two sailing regattas, watching their colorful spinnakers.

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Weekend sailing
06/06/2011, Lake St. Clair

We had a great weekend of sailing on Lake St. Clair! Two days of perfect sunshine, and enough wind to move! There were a few sailing regatta's that we sailed past and had great fun watching. We ended up staying overnight at Belle River marina - no plans; just sailed where the wind took us!

We seem to be having an easier time with maneuvering Bauble this season (so far!) especially when docking. Not sure if it's the new, larger rudder or if it's the captains increase in experience, but we like the change!

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