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Voyage of s/v Living Well
Saturday 4-8-06
04/08/2006, We are Still in the Everglades

I haven't taken the time to work on the blogs lately so here goes. Last weekend I flew to Salem-Winston, NC to visit my long time and best friend Kathy Nelson. She was in NC for business and we had a blast getting caught up and shopping (of course). We had not had a chance to have some friendship time since her husband Randy passed away in Oct. We both enjoyed talking and remembering the great times we all had in our youth. I also had very bad news when I found out my friend Joy Cook from work had passed away after a valiant fight with brain cancer. I miss her every day and hope her family is doing OK.
As for Steve and I, we are still plugging away at Richards house trailer. Steve went shark fishing with Joe, Richards neighbor, and wrenced his back so bad on Sunday 4-2-06 that he couldn't work the next day. Not that he had caught a shark, just sitting in the boat all day. Anyway, he is doing better and we hope to be done with Richards house by mid April. We are both getting anxious to start up our trip again. Plus, I miss the girls and need to get to Charleston. We hope to be there by June. Then a trip home to see Mom and everyone.
We also got exciting news that Erin, Steves daughter is going to have a baby boy towards the later part of Oct. So I guess I know where we will be then. Also the grandkids are coming down and spending a week with us on the boat at the end of July. All four of them. Austen and Savahanna who are nine and belong to Erin. Joel, who is 7 and Mia\
who is 5 and this is Mia's first trip. We are very excited that they will be staying with us. We should be in Wash D.C. by then and staying in the Solomons Island, which is in the Chesepeke Bay. Well I need to get to work, hope everyone is doing well. See you soon.

Wednesday 3-15-06
03/15/2006, Still Everglades City

Just an update, we're still in Everglades City. We have been working on Richard's trailer and we are making progess. Finally got all the windows in and the framing is done and painted. I am also babysitting with a cute little boy who is one year and his name is Chase. We (Chase and I) are having a blast. In between babysitting and working on Richards trailer there just isn't enough time. Steve is still working on the boat, trying to get it bug proof. He is still having terrible reactions to the no see'um insect. He breaks out and itches terrible. He gets seasick and is allergic to insects and we live in Florida, BUT still having a great time. We went to Naples last week to buy supplies, and Steve added alligator to his hit list. We were cruising along in Richards Dodge Ram Dooley going along at a pretty good clip and in the middle of the road is an alligator. He zigged and we zigged and ran right over him. Steve got out of the truck to make sure he was dead and wanted me to get out and touch him. No thanks!! So Steve pulled to the side of the road so no one else would hit him. He was about 8 FT. long and very thick. Made a big thump when we went over him. The next day everyone asked why we didn't bring him back in the back of the truck. Probably should have, it would have made a better story. Everything else is going pretty good. I had another birthday and Steve suprised me with 3 new orchaids. Beautiful with many flowers and chocolate strawberries. You have to love this man of mine and I will keep him.
Hope everything is going well for everyone, call, we still have the same phone number. I must get to work. Have a good one and I'll update again. See you soon. We always have room for vistors if you want to come down.

Friday 3-3-06
03/03/2006, Still in Everglades City

Well, we have been busy. Everday we get up, the stone crab boat goes out and we have turkey vulgers and pelicans flying around the boat all the time. I got the toe rail sanded and got Armada put on the wood. Richard, who owns City Seafood, and lets us stay at his dock, turns out to be one of the nicest, sweetest guys we have known. We have to thank Lee for introducing us. Since we got here, Steve and I finished the deck around Richards trailer that is on stilts. Enclosed the deck with a screened in porch. We are now in the process of putting in all new windows, trim and finishing the roof. After Richard saw how nice the windows looked, we are now going to replace his carpet with bamboo flooring and then we are going to put cypress siding around the trailer. We think we maybe done by mid April.
Jan and Dean, friends from the Dave Humes days came down and spent the night with us in January. Went for dingy rides and had a blast seeing them. We want all friends to come down and see us.

Tom and Denise, friends from the Quad Cities also came down the last week in January and spent 10 days with us. What a great time we had. Tom and Steve fished every day and we had fresh fish every night for dinner. Sail catfish, sheephead, sea trout, flounder, jack caravell, schoolmaster snapper. What a treat. We then went out to gulf and anchored out in the Mangrooves. It is so beautiful here. We took dingy rides and Denise and I had time to really get to know each other. We had a blast with them while they were here. They had rented a car, which is a treat for us since we have no wheels here, except our bikes and moped. So, we went to Turner Rd. and got to see all the allagators that we wanted. There is a bridge that goes over the river and it is so clear you can see the fish swimming, water plants, and water birds. Great Herons, Blue Herons, Egerts, Ibis. Rosette Spoonbills. The wild life around here is fantastic. While Tom & Denise were here we also got to explore Naples. More fishing and dingy rides. The 10 days went way to fast. We also got to go to the Everglades City Seafood Festivle. What a blast. It poured rain on Friday night and Saturday of the feast, but Sunday dawned bright and sunny and hot!! Tom and Denise got to go to the festivle before they had to leave and catch their plane. We had alot of fun seeing all the different booths and artists that were here. Steve and I went back after Tom & Denise had to leave and we finally found the art for the salon wall that we have been looking for. Of course, it was more that we wanted to spend, but it is beautiful. And please take notice when you come and visit. Tome and Denise also bought us a pottery fish that we placed in the bathroom. Of course we had to go back to the booth and also buy another fish to go with it. Also got a Staghorn fern and another orchid for the boat. What Fun!!
Roger, Annie and Laura also caught back up with us and spent 4 days rafted up to our sailboat. What a treat to see them again. They treated us to dinner and we borrowed a car and took them to Naples to reprovision. We had a good time seeing them again. We actually got a E-mail from them and they are in the Bahamas now. We will look forward to seeing them again.
Our friends from D.C. Peter and Rosemary came down and spent a long weekend with us. We actually were suppose to be in Miami for the boat show, but that didn't happen. Richard let us borrow his truck and we picked them up in Miami at 11:00pm Thursday night. Didn't get to bed none to early, so we didn't get a very early start the next day to go see the boat show. On the way to Miami we stopped by Turner Rd. and again was wowed by the sights. Birds, allagators and fish, it is just fantastic. Got to Miami in time for lunch, and we finally made it to the boat show. We were'nt impressed. Too big, too many bus rides to get to the different parts of the show. Oh well, we did decide that we wanted Cuban food, since we were in Miami, Coconut Grove no less and we found this restaurant called "Berries" not too cuban sounding, but what great food and great fun. Steve, bless his heart, drove us all home, while we slept. The next day we took the sailboat out and anchored out at the same place we took Tom & Denise. What a great anchorage. Steve and Rosemary went fishing and we got to feast on sea trout that Steve made on the grill. How good. We also put the air chair on the boom and Rosemary rode in the chair all the way to the anchorage. We got some great pictures of everyone in the chair. Went on a dingy ride into the Mangrooves and got to see fish swimming and found conch shell with conch still in them, but very small. Oyster shells everywhere and barnicles growing in the mangroves. We had a great time and before we knew it they were going back to D.C.
I'm babysitting Candaces little baby Chase. She works for Richard in the Cafe. When they get really busy, which is all the time, best place to eat in town, they bring Chase over and I watch him and help Steve remodel Richards house. We are always busy, but we always have time for our friends.
Jerry and Ruby from Wind Dreams were here the last 2 days. They are on their way to Key West. They took us out to dinner and we made Steves favorite Grouper Vera Cruz for dinner last night. We had a blast seeing them again.
They got up and left at 8:30am this morn.
Just to let you know, because I know you are all wondering. I have lost 12 lbs. and working on the next 10. Hope to see you all soon. I'll try harder to keep to all updated. Love, Gloria

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