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Voyage of s/v Living Well
Washington, D.C.
08/05/2008, Washington D.C.

.Well, we finally made it to D.C. We spent a week with our daughters Leah and Emily in Charleston while Steve went back to Everglades City to get the truck. We caught up to our friend Bill Johnson on Puddlejumper at Morehead City. We got caught in a tropical storm and spent 2 days there. Now we are further behind to be in Norfolk to pick up the grandkids. Now we are behind and in the middle of Albermarle Sound we encounter a sever thunderstrom with 10 ft. seas and 60 mile an hour winds. NO FUN!!
But Steve did an excellent job and got us across to anchor behind Buck Island. Now we need to really push to pick up the grandkids in Baltimore on 7-24.
Finally get to Chesapeake, VA on 7-23 and need to rent a car. We have to give kudos to Enterprise Rent a Car. We tried to get to Norfolk and another storm was coming up and we contacted Enterprise to see it they could deliver the car to Chesapeake where we found a free dock. They told up they had another location there but no mini van. They went and got the van and picked us up by 5:00pm. They were awsome. We drove to Baltimore the nextg morning and get the 4 grandkids, the 12 yr. old twins Austen and Savannah, the 10 yr old Joel ahd Mia who is 7. We then leave the next morning and do and all nighter so the kids can swim and intertube. The kids are so impressed with our blasing speed of 5 miles an hour. But they all enjoyed steering the boat. We stopped in Coltons Pint for a day of fun. Next day was shark tooth hunting and of course another storm. The kids had some sucess, but we had to hunker dwon again because of another thunderstrom. Lots of thunder and lightning and winds again. Lasts about an hour, so everyone got to go swimming again. Got up early the next morning for another day of travel and found some cliffs that looked promising and went shark tooth hunting again. We really hit the bonanza on this beach as all the kids found many teeth and Mia found the biggest tooth. really a fun day. Went on to Mattawoman and caught up to Puddlejumper again. The kids had a great time jumping off the catamaran, swimming and tubing. Up the next morning and go ashore to broken glass beach. Found all kinds of treasures of sea glass and pottery. Now we're in D.C., the kids are with Grandma Laura, Steve is back to work and I'm leaving today to get the truck. We'll keep in touch.

Fernandina Beach

After a little bit of a late start checking out the plantation we took off for our stop at Fernandina Beach where we will try and make sure Gloria does not do a face plant this year. Check out the old blog to read about that. Well the thunderstorm came early (about 1:30) and was the worst one this year. Again we had to do an emergency stop, droping the Rocna and about 90 feet of chain on the edge of the channel. The wind about 50+, there were reports of 75, but we are just guessing, with wind driven waves about 4 foot high for about 1/2 and hour then just rain. Then up anchor and move 1/4 mile to the morring, yea we got that close before it hit. Oh yea and we went agound, twice, in the middle of the channel today. There is a new moon and the tides are very low. Tomarrow we will go to the dock and fill up with fuel and water, dont want to think about what that is going to cost!.
A side note: our friend Demi who was tring to catch up with us tonight was waiting for the bridge to open at the north side of the St. Johns River, when a semi truck and trailer went off the bridge into the water. It would have landed on his boat if he was 3 mins. earlier. That is not something we worry much about, I guess I will have to add that to the list.

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