Living Well Sailing

11 March 2016 | Sisters Creek, Marathon, FL
26 February 2016 | Rodriguez Key
23 February 2016 | Dinner Key, Miami, FL
08 February 2016 | Stocking Island, Exumas, Bahamas
04 February 2016 | Volleyball Beach, Stocking Island, Exumas, Bahamas
29 January 2016 | Little Farmers Cay
24 January 2016 | Pipe Creek, still
23 January 2016 | Pipe Creek near Rat Cay and the Mice
18 January 2016 | Pipe Creek by Over Yonder
12 January 2016
02 January 2016 | Bimini Bahamas
31 December 2015
25 December 2015 | Sisters Creek
17 February 2014
20 January 2014
11 January 2014 | Marathon, Fl
24 October 2013 | CHBS
22 September 2013 | Bloomington, In
07 April 2013 | Charlotte Harbor, Florida
31 March 2013 | Marathon and Ft Myers

Georgetown Cruisers Regatta

02 March 2013 | Elizabeth Harbor
It is hard to believe a week has passed already. The Regatta started on Monday with registration. I worked in the t-shirt booth all morning selling shirts, hats bags etc. then the dinghy parade was in the afternoon. the winning dinghy was from a boat called "POPEYE" and they dressed like Popeye and Olive oil (those readers under30 ask you parents). They won a bottle of wine, which over the next few hours was all consumed by Olive Oil. Popeye, being a gentleman, said she was resting on the boat because something she consumed didn't agree with her...she later said it was " the 24 ounce flu."
Tuesday was the set up and practice for the "No Talent show " for that evening. Steve helped with set up and I practiced a song to sing about a pig.
Then in the afternoon there was the pet parade, where the owners dressed their pets in costumes, walked them across the stage while a cute description was read about each animal and its talents. It is always interesting.
The talent show was pretty good, with some good skits , live music, and a game show called "cruisers Match Game". Lots of fun! and yes I did sing my song to much laughter and applause...just what I hoped for...check it out on my Facebook page (U-tube video). There was a dance after the show with lots of prizes, we won a bottle of wine in the door prize drawing and then skipped out to go over to the St. Frances to watch the IU game...ugh!
Wednesday was the poker run, in the 17 mph wind, in our dinghys. We started out at Big D's on the North end of the harbor (4 of clubs) , then crossed the harbor to the Palm Bay Resort, (8 of spades and free food), then south to Peace and Plenty Resort, (8 of hearts and more free food), then the Yacht Club (3 of spades) and back across the harbor to the St. Frances Resort ( 6 of hearts). So we ended with a pair of 8's and rum drinks on the patio. But it was a fun day
Thursday was a catch up day for us. Others were playing golf on the beach, but we had work to do. The dinghy was full before we even got into it. I had laundry to do and Steve needed to refresh the computer and haul fresh water and fuel (Not in the same containers} Then we needed to get food. That took most of the day.
Today is Friday and the 2nd best event of the regatta (volleyball is week). Today was the "coconut challenge". Our team was called "3 roosters and a hen" " 3 roosters and a chick". In the first of three challenges we had to gather the coconuts from the ocean hole behind the beach in our dinghy. We collected 69 coconuts to be in 4th place. The next part was throwing 2 coconuts over the volleyball net into a bullseye target, we tied for 2nd in this event, and the last event was the person (Steve) hands the coconuts to the thrower (Me) who throws the "Bombs" backwards over her head in the air and the other two team-mates (Tom and Al) catch it in a Black trash bag. What a BLAST. I'm not bragging, well, yes I am really, because I nailed it!!! Almost every "bomb" was right on baggers said they didn't even have to move... so we placed 3rd in this event. Had to do a repeat of the second event because of the tie (which we lost), But we won 2nd over all and earned 2nd place flags and bottles of wine for each team member. A really great day. The wine count is now one white Zinfandel and 2 merlot.
Tomorrow is the Regatta race around Stocking Island. We will enjoy watching but are not racing, but after church on Sunday we will be in a Scavenger hunt. The fun never ends!
Vessel Name: Living Well
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 42' CC Sloop
Hailing Port: Bloomington, IN USA
Crew: Cpt. Steve & Admiral Mary Ann
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Who: Cpt. Steve & Admiral Mary Ann
Port: Bloomington, IN USA