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Living Well Sailing
Preparing to head South
10/02/2011, Indiana

Another short summer. We returned to Bloomington in April and were treated to one nice day of weather and then 20 days of cold and rain. The lake flooded to record height and the Marina was unable to open until early July. We did get the Cruiser launched, but not much time to spend on it this year. Rebuilt the generator for Living Well and have it ready to go. It is now October and time to haul the Bayliner and head for the salt water. Should be on the road by early November. Stay tuned, Bahama is on the horizon.

Leaving Ft Myers

A great stay at Ft Myers Beach and met up with several cruisers from CHBS and Marathon. Making the run to Caya Costa and then on to CHBS.

Ft Myers Beach

A great day traveling and arrived Ft Myers Beach just after noon. We picked up the last two mooring balls at Matanzas and registered for 5 nights. We will move to Cayo Costa Tuesday and start preparing for haul out at CHBS.

The sailing season is nearly over for us for this year and we are anxious to return to family, friends, and weekdays ashore.


We arrived Naples having passed Marco Island and moved inside to City Dock where we took a mooring ball for two nights. Enjoyed walking about Naples, watching Mary Ann and Lynn shop, had an enjoyable meal ashore and a pleasant rest. More shopping tomorrow and the off to Ft Myers Beach. It is spring break you know.

Outside Everglades City
03/14/2011, West Coast of Florida

A pleasant sail from Luttle Shark to Everglades where we anchored out. We dropped the dinghy in the water, ran over to Midori, picked up Brian and Lynn, and moved to the sandbar for a stroll and 5:00 o'clock libations. We then returned to our vessels and prepared to move to Naples.

Little Shark River

We left Marathon Sunday morning, stopped for a splash of fuel and had a pleasant day sail to Little Shark River where Living Well anchored outside and Midori went inside.

skp, windy, rainy, and sunny
03/10/2011, Boot Key

Well, we had a bit of a weather front move through just after noon today and it brought torrential rain, winds clocked at 43.1 on my anemometer, and then sun. Ahhhh, life on the "ball". Security at its best, almost.

Looks like we are heading out Sunday to make the slow trek to Charlotte Harbor.

Will update as we move.

Mary Ann
03/09/2011, Marathon City Marina

Here are the notes Mary Ann took at the Tiki Hut at Marathon City Marina in 2011:


Always remember to BREATH
and if it hurts, DON'T DO IT.


MOUNTAIN POSE​ start with arms extended at sides, palms up, moving upward until hands come together over head, moving down in front of body to prayer position.

HIP CIRCLES​ feet hip width apart, hands on hips w/ thumbs back, moving hips in circular motion left  (3x) then right

SIDE STRETCHES​ raise extended arms to above head, left hand holding right wrist, extended overhead, pull toward left side.    Repeat for right side.

KNEE CIRCLES ​left foot spread the toes, slowly shift the weight, raise the right knee and move in large circle to the side, (3x). Reverse direction and repeat for other side.

EXTENDED CHILD​ on hands and knees w/ knees spread, heels together, toes pointed back, bottom sitting on heels, reach forward with arms and fingers extended, forehead to the mat and then relax the elbows.  Hold.

CAT/COW ​hands and knees on mat in table pose, hands shoulder width apart, knees hip width apart, alternate raising back high/head low, with head high and back arched low.

EXTENDED CHILD​ (same as Ext Child above)

NECK EXERCISES ​sitting/legs folded, moving head to follow vertical line, then horizontal line. Then move ears towards shoulders and then head in circles. (3x)

EYE EXERCISES​ refold legs/other leg close to body.  Move eyes up and down in vertical line, then horizontal line (3X) Then follow compass rose,(N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW,and back to N). (3x) Reverse.  Rub hands together to create heat and cup eyes to form darkness, no pressure on the eyes. Gently massage eyelids, then face. 

EXTENDED CHILD ​(same as Ext Child above)

SUN SALUTATIONS ​(*start and end this exercise with the left leg extended to the back for intestinal comfort).  Stand @ 3" from front of mat, bring arms overhead in mountain pose, hands to prayer, looking at hands reach for the horizon, reach up and arch backward still looking at the hands.  Bending at hips follow hands  down and hang there, then place hands on mat outside feet, bending knees if needed.  Extend left leg far back and put knee to mat.  Raise arms to knee (or overhead), press hips forward, looking upward and stretch backward.  Move to downward facing dog and hold.  Both knees to mat, chest and chin to mat, look up into cobra. Repeat downward facing dog and hold.  Then place left knee to mat and right foot flat on mat (Knee bent) and raise arms to knee (or overhead), stretch.  Move left foot forward beside right foot, hands and head hanging down and then reach for the horizon with hands first then raise the chin, keep looking at the hands, then follow the hands with the eyes high overhead and down to sides and finish in prayer.  Repeat to right and again to left.

TREE POSE​ spread the toes, grip the floor with left foots, raise the right foot and place it against left leg either above or below the knee, (not at the knee).  Tree starts as seed (prayer position); the seed grows (move hands in prayer position up); tree branches (move arms apart and down); Tree sheds its leaves (turn palms down and lower shoulders); leaves fall, tree plants it own seed (palms up, raise extended arms above head and back to prayer).  Repeat on right foot.

PENCIL POSE ​(Warrior #3) spread the toes, grip the floor w/ the left foot, extend and rest the right leg behind, raise arms above head and grasp hands extending index fingers, folding at the hip extend both hands toward the horizon and at the same time raising and extending the right leg backward, with core muscles tightened looking high on the horizon.  Hold.  Repeat on right foot. OR... try KING DANCER POSE ... Same as above except the right hand holds the right foot behind back, and overhead.

WARRIOR 1 & 2 ​feet wide apart on length of mat, left foot pointed forward, right foot at 45* angle inward.   Align hips with the length of the mat. Arms out shoulder high, shift shoulders to the left and fold forward at the hip, head towards the knee, try to stay flat like glass, right arm high in back, turn head to look at the higher hand.  Come back up, bend front leg no further than the heel - look at it, swing right arm to front and start the out-board, then tilt into the reverse warrior with the left hand high in front and the right hand low in back and arch.  Turn hips to the front, look at the knee over the heel, stretch the arms forward and reach high, straighten the knee and then stretch to the ground and then walk fingers back.  First reach to the horizon, then raise the chin and stretch high and back, finish in mountain pose to prayer.  Repeat on right side. Then with feet wide apart and parallel, reach both hands to the horizon, then overhead and back, looking at the hands.  Follow the  hands forward and down to the ground and walk the fingers back between the feet as far as possible.  First reach to the horizon, then raise the chin and follow the hands overhead and back, then up, lower arms to sides ending in prayer.

CHILD'S POSE​ same as extended child's pose except arms rest backward by feet, palms up.  This is reported to give 8 hours of rest in 5 minutes.

LORD OF THE FISH ​put bottoms of feet together (butterfly) then leaving left foot in place, extend the right.  With arms overhead, stretch toward the right foot and hold the foot/leg/ankle.  Then relax the elbows.  Then draw in the belly button.  Leave the right leg extended and raise the left knee and hug it with the right arm, turning the hips/shoulders/head left with the left hand behind for support, then stretch and hold.  Next move left foot over top of right knee, with foot on the ground, stretch left arm up and place behind left hip, move right arm up and between left knee and chest and twist body to left.  Stretch and hold.  Remember to look over your shoulder and to counter twist when coming out of this position.  Repeat on other leg.

BODY STRETCH​ sit tall.  Bend knees to chest with arms locked around legs but under knees. * Inch toes forward and stretch and hold,* repeat, *repeat.

BOAT POSE​ sit on bottom with elbows out to sides and feet lifted, lower legs parallel to the ground.  Then extend legs and arms straight so they are parallel.  Row the boat going from first position to second and back.

REVERSE CORPSE ​prone on front, feet flopped, head to one side.  Then do any of the following:  
Cobra - Bring chin to mat, straightening spine.
TV pose - knees bent, feet in the air, chin supported on hands, relax.
Canoe - extend right arm, left leg and lift.  Then extend left arm, right leg, then lift. Next extend and stretch both arms, both legs, lift and lift the chin
​Bow - hold both ankles behind back, lift both knees and chin off of mat
Locust - arms straight and tucked under body, chin on mat stretch right leg & lift, relax; then left leg, then both legs. ​
Ending with feet flopped, head turned the other direction, relax.

CORPSE  Laying on back, feet flopped, arms down to side a bit away from body, palms up.

BRIDGE ​bridge on back.  With knees bent, feet flat on the mat (close to butt) Roll up high on shoulders, hips high in the air.  Come down slowly, in control.  Arms can rest at sides, palms down or help support body.

FISH POSE​ hands resting under buttocks, elbows a bit to the side, raise head and look at toes, arch head back and rest top of head on mat.  Look at toes again and lie back down.

SAVASANA ​RELAX ALL PARTS OF THE BODY.  Ebb and flow.  SAY THANK YOU TO YOUR BODY.  Feel relaxation from head to tips of fingers and toes.  Relax and hold.  To come out of this position start by moving your wrists in small circles, then lightly rub palms, then rub feet together and hug knees to body, rock side-to-side.  Place feet flat on mat near butt, and roll legs to left while turning head to the right, then reverse.  Roll onto RIGHT side and place hands in prayer under head.  Use left hand next to right shoulder to push to a sitting position.


*Notes collected by Mary Ann Patterson, s/v LIVING WELL, Boot Key Harbor, 2011

Where we are
03/08/2011, Marathon, Boot Key Harbor

We are still firmly attached to a mooring ball in the Marina Mooring Field at Boot Key Harbor, Marathon Florida. Have moved the gererator and have had some issues with it. Still, and always, working on it. The plans have changed. Due to the lateness of the date, we are no longer striving to go to the Dry Tortugas (*&%&$#@*&^%$) and are watching for a sedate window to go to Shark River, Marco Island, Naples, Charlotte Harbor, and the storage yard. The season is over at that point.

I am attaching a file of yoga instructions Mary Ann noted from the 3x/wk yoga led by one of the boaters.

See you all on the hard side.


Back on the Boat
skp/cooler than I want
01/29/2011, Marathon. FL

The untimely death of a dear friend called us back to Indiana for a less than enjoyable trip and stay. We did what we could and returned to the boat on Wednesday with heavy hearts. The weather here is improving slightly from the cooler temps that we experienced earlier. It is our hope that it will continue to improve and we will have the opportunity to get in some snorkeling and day trips. We intend to head to the Miami boat show in Feb and the Cruisers Saturday Night party hosted by Bob Bitchin and Lattitudes and Attitudes. More later.

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