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Living Well Sailing
Bimini and Away
01/20/2012, Bimini, Bahamas

We got away from Dinner Key Marina and made the 1 hour trip to No Nome Harbor where we anchored and prepared for the crossing. Wednesday morning we arose at 4:00 a.m. and started out of Biscayne Bay, into the Gulf Stream, and with fair winds and some great sailing at 7+ knots we made Bimini at 3 p.m.

We followed Midori in through the narrow cut and took a slip at Bimini Blue Water Marina. We toured the city of Alice Town, the berg of Bailey Town, had a nice meal out with the wives at Bimini Restaurant, rented a golf cart and went through the new fancy development. We bought a dozen lobster for $30 and had a great meal Friday night. Tomorrow we will rise and leave for Nassau, a 28-30 hour trip and then on to the Exumas.

Weather is cooler than desired so we are working our way South to find the Sun.

More from Nassau

How to escape Coconut Grove
Sunny, warm, calm.
01/10/2012, Coconut Grove, FL

We have escaped the dreaded grasp of Marathon and Boot Key Florida, made an uneventful trip to Rodriguez Key, spent a calm night at anchor, and enjoyed an almost full day of sailing 50 deg. off the wind at 5-7.7 knots, only to find ourselves attached to yet another mooring ball at Dinner Key and Coconut Grove. While I sit and stew, Mary Ann is ecstatic in her good fortune to be so close to such good shopping. We are waiting on, among other things, a good weather window to cross the stream to the Bahamas.

Brian and Lynn on Midori took the inside route from Marathon and are moored close to us. They are currently waiting on a set of higher pitch props to improve their boat performance.

Van and Loren on Gratitude came up with us and then found a broken chain plate which is being replaced today.

Baxter and Molly, Stella Blue,waited a day to start up and were greeted at Rodriguez with 20-25 knot winds overnight with no protection in sight so they fired up and beat their way on up to No Name Harbor.

All in all, we have a couple of small windows coming for a crossing, and finishing boat repairs will determine which one we catch.

See you in the Bahamas, I hope.

New Years Eve
Skp/great weather
12/31/2011, Key West

We made the trip away from the boatyard, through the locks and to Cayo Costa. We spent a "wrong wind" day there and then moved to Ft Myers Beach for a night. Left there and overnighted to Marathon. Grabbed a bus this morning and went to Key West so Brian and Lynn could check in with Customs and Border Patrol.

Next, back to Marathon to catch the next weather window to cross to the Bahamas.

Life is still good.

On the way
12/26/2011, Charlotte Harbort Boat Storage

Christmas was as good as it could be without the family, so we had cruisers gathering for Christmas Eve breakfast at Shirley and Smitty's and then pitch in Christmas dinner in the hut. Nearly 20 people.

Well, we finally have all the i's dotted and t's crossed and are leaving the security of the storage yard for the comfort of relaxed sailing. We plan to head out at high tide and make our way through Charlotte Harbor to Cayo Costa, down to Ft. Myers, across Florida Bay to Marathon, and wait there for weather window to cross to the Bahamas. We will probably cross to Bimini, but may go directly to S. riding Rocks and uo the banks to Megan's Bay or Nassau. The weather will dictate that. I will attempt to update as wifi becomes available, but in the meantime, we will send SPOT messages via satellite.

Back to the Boat
12/19/2011, Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage

Well, November came and went and we were still in Bloomington. But December came and we left the 7th and found the boat to be in good shape. We re-installed the repaired generator, added a few small goodies, cleaned and painted and launched on Dec. 16. Midori got here before us and had a lot of work to do to her before launch, but she went in the water today. We will spend a couple days getting provisioned and then work the weather to start to the East coast and then the Bahama's. I will try to keep you posted a little more frequently now.

Preparing to head South
10/02/2011, Indiana

Another short summer. We returned to Bloomington in April and were treated to one nice day of weather and then 20 days of cold and rain. The lake flooded to record height and the Marina was unable to open until early July. We did get the Cruiser launched, but not much time to spend on it this year. Rebuilt the generator for Living Well and have it ready to go. It is now October and time to haul the Bayliner and head for the salt water. Should be on the road by early November. Stay tuned, Bahama is on the horizon.

Leaving Ft Myers

A great stay at Ft Myers Beach and met up with several cruisers from CHBS and Marathon. Making the run to Caya Costa and then on to CHBS.

Ft Myers Beach

A great day traveling and arrived Ft Myers Beach just after noon. We picked up the last two mooring balls at Matanzas and registered for 5 nights. We will move to Cayo Costa Tuesday and start preparing for haul out at CHBS.

The sailing season is nearly over for us for this year and we are anxious to return to family, friends, and weekdays ashore.


We arrived Naples having passed Marco Island and moved inside to City Dock where we took a mooring ball for two nights. Enjoyed walking about Naples, watching Mary Ann and Lynn shop, had an enjoyable meal ashore and a pleasant rest. More shopping tomorrow and the off to Ft Myers Beach. It is spring break you know.

Outside Everglades City
03/14/2011, West Coast of Florida

A pleasant sail from Luttle Shark to Everglades where we anchored out. We dropped the dinghy in the water, ran over to Midori, picked up Brian and Lynn, and moved to the sandbar for a stroll and 5:00 o'clock libations. We then returned to our vessels and prepared to move to Naples.

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