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Living Well Sailing
03/17/2013, Sampson Cay

We left George Town on Monday and sailed to our favorite little spot to anchor near Sampson Key. And of course our timing was perfect, as usual, we always seem to be there when the island owner is in residence. Not that he minds, but we try to stay out of his way...He could privatize the island if he wanted too, but he is nice enough to share with us peons. It really is a beautiful place. So we did laundry and took real showers when he was out fishing. Now on Wednesday it got quite interesting. A seaplane arrived early mid-morning and a nice looking man and woman were met by a dinghy and taken to shore. We didn't think too much about it because we knew the owner was leaving some time that day to go back to the States. Later we found out that the guest was Sir Richard Branson...who knew??? He was only there about an hour and then the sea plane left. Steve did get a picture of the plane...whoopie!
So we stayed at Sampson until Friday morning and then pulled anchor and moved North to Emerald Rock in Wardrick Wells at the Land and Sea Park. We were able to catch up with MIDORI and Brian and Lynn. We Talked with them on their boat then went for a walk on shore with their friends they are traveling with (4 couples, Mostly Canadian), then had happy hour on the beach. Later Brian and Lynn came to LIVING WELL for dinner of Brats on the grill and good 'ol Hoosier green bean casserole. They are heading south for another week and we will be heading toward Nassau in the morning. The next 5 days are supposed to be really good with a 5-10 wind from the south...good for us to get back to the States. We are ready to head home!

The last of Georgetown
03/10/2013, George Town Exuma Bahamas

Well, another week has passed. We had a good time doing the scavenger hunt on a very unseasonable, cold dreary miserable day. There were 6 of us on the team, Al and Arleen and Pat and Tom and Steve and me. Some of the things were easy to find /make such as a headdress made of palm fronds, but others took some real effort such as the wording on the proposal at the top of the hill on monument hill, and others were just plain out of the range of possibilities...a feather boa! Right, we all carry these on our boats. But we had fun anyway.
The two sailboat races went off without any problems. Where we were anchored just happened to be right on the start/finish line for the races, so we enjoyed a great day listening to and watching the races in the comfort of home
Next came the event Steve has waited for all year...the volleyball games..what a disappointment! His team lost every game. Seven games in all. Steve played very well, but his team was not very good. Some "one shot wonders.' Once they hit the ball they thought they were done. So it was a long and painful day. OH! Well! Maybe next year.
Thursday night was the closing dance with a D.J. and good dance music. Steve even got into the swing of things, and we had a very good time. For part of the evening we had a big table and everyone came to sit with us. Van and Loran arrived yesterday, so they joined us as did Rose and Frank and Ray and Bonnie. Later we were joined by Arleen and Al, and many others we had met . It was a great evening.
Steve helped with tear-down on Friday and on Saturday we made our last visit to George Town for lunch at Peace and Plenty and to do our last shopping. We purchased some nice lobsters to have for dinner. Sunday was the last Beach Church for the year. I really enjoy singing in the choir. It is fun!

Georgetown Cruisers Regatta
03/02/2013, Elizabeth Harbor

It is hard to believe a week has passed already. The Regatta started on Monday with registration. I worked in the t-shirt booth all morning selling shirts, hats bags etc. then the dinghy parade was in the afternoon. the winning dinghy was from a boat called "POPEYE" and they dressed like Popeye and Olive oil (those readers under30 ask you parents). They won a bottle of wine, which over the next few hours was all consumed by Olive Oil. Popeye, being a gentleman, said she was resting on the boat because something she consumed didn't agree with her...she later said it was " the 24 ounce flu."
Tuesday was the set up and practice for the "No Talent show " for that evening. Steve helped with set up and I practiced a song to sing about a pig.
Then in the afternoon there was the pet parade, where the owners dressed their pets in costumes, walked them across the stage while a cute description was read about each animal and its talents. It is always interesting.
The talent show was pretty good, with some good skits , live music, and a game show called "cruisers Match Game". Lots of fun! and yes I did sing my song to much laughter and applause...just what I hoped for...check it out on my Facebook page (U-tube video). There was a dance after the show with lots of prizes, we won a bottle of wine in the door prize drawing and then skipped out to go over to the St. Frances to watch the IU game...ugh!
Wednesday was the poker run, in the 17 mph wind, in our dinghys. We started out at Big D's on the North end of the harbor (4 of clubs) , then crossed the harbor to the Palm Bay Resort, (8 of spades and free food), then south to Peace and Plenty Resort, (8 of hearts and more free food), then the Yacht Club (3 of spades) and back across the harbor to the St. Frances Resort ( 6 of hearts). So we ended with a pair of 8's and rum drinks on the patio. But it was a fun day
Thursday was a catch up day for us. Others were playing golf on the beach, but we had work to do. The dinghy was full before we even got into it. I had laundry to do and Steve needed to refresh the computer and haul fresh water and fuel (Not in the same containers} Then we needed to get food. That took most of the day.
Today is Friday and the 2nd best event of the regatta (volleyball is week). Today was the "coconut challenge". Our team was called "3 roosters and a hen" " 3 roosters and a chick". In the first of three challenges we had to gather the coconuts from the ocean hole behind the beach in our dinghy. We collected 69 coconuts to be in 4th place. The next part was throwing 2 coconuts over the volleyball net into a bullseye target, we tied for 2nd in this event, and the last event was the person (Steve) hands the coconuts to the thrower (Me) who throws the "Bombs" backwards over her head in the air and the other two team-mates (Tom and Al) catch it in a Black trash bag. What a BLAST. I'm not bragging, well, yes I am really, because I nailed it!!! Almost every "bomb" was right on baggers said they didn't even have to move... so we placed 3rd in this event. Had to do a repeat of the second event because of the tie (which we lost), But we won 2nd over all and earned 2nd place flags and bottles of wine for each team member. A really great day. The wine count is now one white Zinfandel and 2 merlot.
Tomorrow is the Regatta race around Stocking Island. We will enjoy watching but are not racing, but after church on Sunday we will be in a Scavenger hunt. The fun never ends!

George Town week 1
02/22/2013, Exumas, Bahamas

LIVING WELL has now been in George Town for one week. We "hunkered down" Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, but ventured out Monday-- morning to go to town to recharge our phone and afternoon for beach volleyball. Steve has been able to play every afternoon this week. We took the dinghy to the St.Frances Resort on Tuesday for the I. U. game. TOO BAD THE OFFICIALS WERE SO CRUMMY! But at least it came out right.
The one big change from last year is that we have T. V. reception here on the boat. It is the 3 major stations, so if the games are televised we have it covered! (except ESPN or BTN, then we go to St. Frances.)

Wed. evening we dinghyed down to Hamburger beach for grilled barbecued chicken, slaw, macaroni w/cheese, Texas toast and beverages. There was very good live music provided by the boaters, we had a big bon fire on the beach and just had a really good evening. A crowd of about 200.

Thursday I went in for "art on the beach". It is just a group of ladies who meet every week to dabble in paints. I enjoy trying, and always learn something new from the others. Some of them are really good artists. Not me! I just play.

There are about 286 boats in the harbor now and the regatta starts Monday.

George Town
02/17/2013, Great Exuma

Steve and I had walked to the Hermitage early in the morning on Valentines day to avoid the heat. Then back to the boat for drinks and showers before pulling anchor and heading over to Hawks Nest on the tip of Cat Island. This was about 1 hour and 30 minutes cut off the trip for the next day. We want to keep moving toward George Town on Great Exuma Island because there is a strong windy front headed our way and we need to get tucked in before it arrives late Saturday/early Sunday.
We had an uneventful day on the water, wind right on our nose all the way. so it was very good to reach Elizabeth Harbour along with 12 other boats about the same time. Everyone was headed in to get ready for the blow. We anchored in front of "Chat 'n Chill" which is the chike bar on Volleyball Beach. This is the very center of activity for the cruisers. We had a nice calm night Friday night...really the calm before the storm. It was still nice and calm on Saturday morning so we took the dinghy across the bay to George Town to refill the pantry and get fresh (RO) water for the tanks, and some of Julians Jerked chicken and ribs for dinner. Then back to the boat for the duration. The winds started about 4:00 and reached 27.5 before dark then subsided for a few hours only to return about midnight and blow the rest of the night and most of Sunday. The winds peaked at 29.9 knts. We didn't even venture out for Beach Church today. It is now 5:00 and we are settled in for the night. I have a pot of stew on the stove and we will finish our last episode of Boston Legal re-runs on CD tonight and hope for better weather tomorrow although the winds are supposed to blow on through until Tuesday. Dawn pointed out that our Blog needed to be tied in to face book for easier access, so we have done that and I hope it makes it easier to follow the adventures of LIVING WELL.

Father Jerome's Hermitage
02/17/2013, New Bight, Cat Island, Bahama

Cat Island

Cat Island is probably the most depressed area we have visited and it probably has more to offer than most of the other islands.
John Cecil Hawes was born in England in 1876. He became an architect and then an Anglican Priest, known in the islands as FATHER JEROME. At various times during his life he was a wagon train driver, a muleskinner, a monk, a missionary, and a horse breeder. He was sent to the Bahamas after the devastating Hurricane of 1908 to help rebuild churches. He did buil
d churches all over the many islands. In 1937 he visited the highest hill in the Bahamas, Comer Hill, at New Bight on Cat Island. He chose this as the site for his retirement home, and a sight in town for a new church. His retirement home is called the Hermitage. THis diminutive monument is a masterpiece of architecture and craftsmanship, and reflects the sincere devotion this man had for his work and his religion. The trail up the mountain is steep and dangerous but it is worth the trip. the visiter travels through all 14 stations of the cross, with small shrines as reminders including a replica of Jesus' tomb with a roll-a-way stone..
At the top is this beautiful small church like building that was FatherJeromes's home. Very simple. Very spartan. A small chapel, a very small sleeping room, a kitchen, etc. Very impressive. People come from all parts of the world to make the trip to the top and sign the guest book...and there is no fee.

Little San Salvador
02/17/2013, Bahamas, mon!

Little San Salvador
Our next stop was the island of Little San Salvador. It is a very pretty island with a beautiful white sand beach . This island is owned by the Holland Cruise lines and this is where their ships anchor to let the guests have beach time. We were visiting at a time when there weren't any ships at anchor, so we were free to walk the beach and enjoy the site. Lots of beach cabanas and water toys. It was a very beautiful night so I chose to sleep in the cockpit. The weather was wonderful...the bed was not! In the morning we left for Cat Island.

THE END OF ELEUTHERA (South end that is)

Eleuthera; Rock Sound

Our next stop was Rock Sound. It is a fairly depressed area, but there was one very good restaurant, and a grocery store. We spent a lot of time on the deck of the restaurant...good inexpensive food too`. The big claim to fame here is the Ocean hole. It is a large black hole, salt water lake, on the island that is very deep and eventually meets the sea. We stayed in Rock sound three days. Our trip from Current Cut on down to Rock Sound have all been on the island of Eleuthera. Next on to Little San Salvador.

Eleuthera and South

Eleuthera: Governors Harbor
Left Glass Window for Gregory Town to pick up a mooring since there is no good holding in Pitman Bay or nearby. When we arrived about 10:30 we could not find any indication of moorings and there was very little activity (no one) around. We went on to HatchetBay and Alicetown and found all the moorings occupied. Opted to proceed to Governors Harbour and spend a couple days and do laundry.

Arrived Governors Harbour to find only one mooring ball with a different version of Kon Tiki attached to it. Anchored in the Harbour with 3 others. Going ashore to explore the town, the shops, and the restuarants.

We found Governor's Harbour to be very pleasant. Nice people, good places to eat, shop, and do laundry. This town has the largest Library outside of Nassau. We had a visit from SANITY II while we were away from the boat, so we missed them. They are good friends of Van and Loren's. We stayed here two nights.

We are sailing alone now. Brian and Lynn are stuck at Bimini because of winds, and Van and Loren have had company for a week so they are still in Spanish Wells. Both MIDORI and GRATITUDE will be along when they can. In the mean while, we are just taking our time, watching the weather, and "gunk holing" from one island to the next.

Glass Window Photo
02/05/2013, Glass Window, Eleuthera

Here is a photo from the boat of the Glass Window

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