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s/y Liward- Lili and Steve... As we venture across the Pacific we'll use this site to provide position updates via our satellite phone. We'll still update our main website when we get internet access which may be sporadic
March 4 postion
03/04/2013, 04 27.40'N:80 39.46'W,

All is good on board. We had 4 big dolphins visit. Flew the spinaker most of the day.

Liward on the Move
03/03/2013, 06 54.39'N:79 38.84'W,

All good on board. Flew our spinaker today doing 9 knots!

Isla del Rey - Perlas Islands - Panama
03/01/2013, 08 18.08'N:79 54.16'W,

Dinner with a Toucan We are currently anchored off Isla Del Rey and getting the boat ready for the Galapagos package. Lots of work to be done. Yesterday we went to an island called Isla San Jose. It is in the middle of nowhere but there is a fishing lodge that offers dinner. So we went ashore and really had a wonderful meal. There were mackaws and toucans flying around. This one would eat out of your hand but only like marichino cherries and french fries! We hope to start our passge to the Galapagos on Sunday.

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