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I want to sail from Sydney
Steve Buhler
10/02/2009, Sydney NSW

Hi everyone,
I have spent the last few months away from work traveling the world experiencing different cultures and people. It has been quite the adventure so far! In recent weeks I have found myself in Sydney and I love it. With any luck I will call Sydney home for the next year. I don't have much sailing skills, in fact, I have only been out on a sailboat a few times in the San Francisco bay where I am originally from. However, this doesn't mean that I wont work hard and learn fast. I just want to get out on the water, I am sure most of you understand this feeling. I am willing to go anywhere, anytime, with anyone that is willing to teach me the ropes. If anyone has the desire to share and teach their love for riding across the water powered by nothing but mother nature and a small crew please contact me. If this all works out hopefully one of you can make a sailor out of me.

Aussie cell: 0424996580


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