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11 January 2018 | Casa Azul, Rancho Leonero, Los Barilles, BCS
23 November 2017 | Casa Azul, Rancho Leonero, Los Barilles, BCS
19 November 2017 | Los Barriles, BCS
18 November 2017 | Casa Azul, Rancho Leonero, Los Barilles, BCS
17 November 2017 | La Lupita's, San Jose Del Cabo, BCS
15 November 2017 | Casa Azul, Rancho Leonero, Los Barilles, BCS
13 November 2017 | Casa Azul, Rancho Leonero, Los Barilles, BCS
08 November 2017 | Travis Air Force Base, California
07 November 2017 | Casa Azul, Rancho Leonero, Los Barilles, BCS
03 November 2017 | Casa Azul, Rancho Leonero, Los Barilles, BCS
31 October 2017 | Casa Azul, Rancho Leonero, Los Barilles, BCS
21 September 2017 | Oxnard, CA
08 September 2017 | Vacaville, California
01 September 2017 | Silver Falls State Park, OR
31 August 2017 | Portland, OR
30 August 2017 | Penticton, BC
29 August 2017 | Liquidity Winery, Oliver, BC
28 August 2017 | Enderby, BC
28 August 2017 | Enderby, BC
25 August 2017 | Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

The flaps are back.

11 January 2018 | Casa Azul, Rancho Leonero, Los Barilles, BCS
The flapping sounds of the manta rays are back on the waters of the sea in front of Casa Azul...
and I'm lucky enough to be back here to hear them and smile!
The sunset the evening I arrived and poured myself a cocktail to enjoy on one of the loungers around the pool was stunning and I missed sharing it with my honey who is in Vegas at CES.
I have popped down quickly to check on the work being done at the house and on the farm while we have been back in the States for two months.
The retiled pool looks great and the new palo d'arco covering on our upstairs patio has given the place a different look...
I have spent the past few evenings scraping old sealer off the satillo tiles in my little sunroom - its time consuming and hard on the hands and knees but today I get to put on a fresh coat of sealer and, hopefully, see the rewards of my hard work!
I fly back to California tomorrow, leaving Juan and Fernando with long "honey do" lists...
I'm excited to see the results when we come back down in February...
and hopefully to catch a glimpse of whales on their way by.

Muchas Gracias!

23 November 2017 | Casa Azul, Rancho Leonero, Los Barilles, BCS
This is our first Thanksgiving at Casa Azul!
We never did make it in time last year after two flats on the trailer added and extra day to our journey down with Matt and Lou...
We toast and remember Lou, and send special hugs to Matt today, as well as to all our family and sweet friends... wish you were here celebrating with us.
It's not a holiday here so Casa Azul is busy as usual (hence the busy gird of pictures) with work continuing in our sun room and infiniti pool...
but we are giving thanks every minute for this home...
for our workers...
for avocado on toast...
for cold Greyhounds and Bloody Mary's...
for a turkey dinner being prepared at the Lodge for us tonight....
for new friends...
for grand babies whom we miss!
Muchas Gracias Senor Jesus!

Tickled by the turtles.

19 November 2017 | Los Barriles, BCS
We set our alarm for 6am this morning - the turtles have been hatching on the beach of Los Barriles and are now safely being released by the good folk here who make sure their legend lives on.
We had to be there by 7 and its a good half hour run from Casa Azul along the beach in our ATV, coffee in flask on hand.
The protected enclosure is not much bigger than 12'x18' but already, in the past 2 days, over 600 baby Olive Wrigley turtles have been released!
We watched as they gently lifted them out of their nests into a large plastic container and then carried them close to the waters edge where they tipped the container and the cute little guys came wobbling out onto the sand.
They follow the sunshine as they make their way down to the water and its hard work as they scramble over the sand and in and out of the footprints we have left.
And then the waves break and wash up onto shore and take the little ones back up the beach to start all over again...
it was so hard to watch...
so tempting to pick them up and help them...
kinda like when we watch someone we love struggling in life and want so desperately to rescue them but know that by not doing that they will be stronger and better prepared for the journey ahead!
Eventually all 250 of todays release were safely in the water ...
I wished I had brought my goggles and flippers so I could get into the water too and watch what happened next...
and then I thought perhaps better not to as we watched a heron fly over...
We took our leave.
We were tickled pink by the whole experience...
and happy to hear they will return to this same spot to lay their eggs in the future.
We now have a regular place to watch this miracle take place!

Just let me try...

18 November 2017 | Casa Azul, Rancho Leonero, Los Barilles, BCS
On BLUE I became creative just because I had the time to be.
I am now finding that I have more time on my hands here at Casa Azul since our major remodeling projects are coming to and end and the house is almost complete.
So I decided to try my hand at grouting.
We had a table under a palapa that was crying to be jazzed up a bit.
Nev taught me the basics of tiling and grouting a year ago when I attempted a small tray in our kitchen.
But I could throw that away if it was a disaster.
This would be a permanent fixure although I knew Alejandro, our tile expert, would rescue me if I needed him to!
So, what the heck!
I had two fun days putting this together and I'm thrilled with the outcome even tho Nev told me not to give up my day job!!
I'm glad I tried!

Mezcal, mayan and music.

17 November 2017 | La Lupita's, San Jose Del Cabo, BCS
We have discovered a delightful restaurant in old town San Jose Del Cabo called La Lupita's.
(Thanks for the heads up Nick)
The music is fabulous and not too loud.
The 85 choices of tacos are unique and delicious.
And it all comes served up with yummy mezcals (a form of tequila?) from the mainland.
We took Dill there for his last night here with us.
He wasn't all that keen to leave Casa Azul, quite sure he had tasted many excellent tacos and listened to lots of good music in his travels.
But he loved it all!
The Mayan fish tacos were ranked amongst his favorites (mine too!)...
the mezcals and their story, told to us by co-owner, David, so interesting and smiley and yummy.
The music a good mix of oldies and new.
We had a blast
Dill reckons this "last night out" should become tradition for his visits down here..
I agree.
We loved having you with us, Dill 😘

On losing Lou.

15 November 2017 | Casa Azul, Rancho Leonero, Los Barilles, BCS
Lou has been in Nev's life for about 40 years... in mine for 10.
She was a close friend of Toni's and a second mom to Trev and Dill.
She was very protective of them all and sure gave me a run for my money when Nev and I started dating...
and for quite a few years after that too!
She was sharp with her tongue and her wit, and sassy with her Aussie accent and "mixed" vocabulary!!
But then she let me into her world and I loved it...
we laughed and shared and talked and she taught me so much about so much...
like not judging a book by its cover...
you must read its pages to know its actual contents.
I grew to love her and she grew fond of me...
she told me that once...
that I'd grown on her!
I remember how I smiled that day :)
She was so happy for us to have Casa Azul...
she loved being here
she cleaned
she ironed
she walked
she drank Nev's gin and tonics at the end of the long hot days
we cooked together
we laughed
we talked deep stuff
we grew sweetly close.
I miss you already Lou...
you made me better because I knew you...
(And I can just hear you laughing at that last comment and saying "bull sh..." as you did when I told you that your attitude during your year of chemo, stem cell transplant and on,inspired me!)
It was lovely sharing life with you.

Vessel Name: Blue
Vessel Make/Model: Nordhavn 46
Hailing Port: Channel Islands
Crew: Neville & Maggie
Nev has dreamed about cruising around the world for years. He bought Blue from John McVie (Fleetwood Mac) 5 years ago and that brought his dream a little closer to reality. [...]
Neville Hansen: born in Durban, South Africa, moved to USA 1972, 2 sons , Trevor and daughter-in-law Star, and Dillon. Maggie Damron: born in South Africa, raised in Swaziland. Moved to the USA in 1992, 2 sons: Stephen and Christopher.
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The Lucky Fish

Who: Neville & Maggie
Port: Channel Islands
Set to depart Channel Islands November 8th, 2009 We plan to head down Baja taking our time fishing and exploring ,we hope to spend a few months in the Sea of Cortez before heading down to Panama . From there to the Galapagos Islands and our Pacific Ocean crossing in February of 2011 to the Marquesas and from there who knows with our final destination Cape Town South Africa