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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
Bye Bye BC.
08/30/2014, Victoria, Vancouver Island

Bye Bye BC.
Thanks for having us...
I think we'll be back...
so much we haven't seen yet!
Today we leave Victoria and head up Haro Strait to Roche Harbor in the San Juan Islands, United States of America!
We are almost at the end of our adventure together up north...
the time has flown.
we have five days to explore the islands before arriving in Anacortes and we're ready to enjoy every last minute!
What a gorgeous morning to be leaving...
we've left some of our heart here for sure.

Alaska 2014
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Singing in the rain!
08/29/2014, Butchart Gardens

Thought this would give you a good laugh too...
my honey singing in the rain!!
Couldn't resist posting this!
(Note the beard and the hair are gone!
we're back in civilization.)

Alaska 2014
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The look of laughter.
08/29/2014, Butchart Gardens

"The earth laughs in flowers"...
I loved that posted at the gardens...
Isn't this a gorgeous giggle?!

Alaska 2014
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08/29/2014, The Butchart Gardens

"Colorific" is the name of one of the 2500 roses in the Rose garden at Butchart Gardens just north of Victoria.
And colorific is the best adjective I could think of to describe our visit there.
The story behind the gardens is delightful, them having been dreamed up and creatd by Jennie Butchart,the wife of a cement magnate, who desperately wanted to give back to the earth where her husband dug out their own wealth. She planted the gardens to cover the gaping holes created by the quarries of limestone... and they've remained in the family and been open to the public for over a hundred years.
I was in heaven...
the beauty and splendor and color and smells of the gardens are impossible to capture in a few words...
or in photos...
this is a place to pack a picnic and a book and stay a lovely long while.
I'm so glad we did.

Alaska 2014
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Just for me!
08/28/2014, Victoria, Vancouver Island

He did it just for me!
We enjoyed a glass of wine in the Bengal Bar at the Empress Hotel...
we walked to Beacon Hill Park and the Parliament Buildings...
and then we caught the double decker city bus and were driven about the city and its outskirts listening to such interesting info and seeing places and things we wouldnt have been able to on our own in such a short time!
Nev did all of that for me!
We learned that Victoria has 1800 hanging baskets of flowers about the city with a desgnated water truck and driver who goes around watering each one every night!
We saw the start of Canada Highway 1, the longest highway in the northern hemisphere stretching all the way to the east coast, the ferry ride to Vancouver being considered a part of it since it falls under the government and thus part of the highway system!
We saw the oldest golf course in the Northern Hemispher where Bob Hope and Bing Crosby played back in the day, after a morning of salmon fishing.
and the list goes on...
my mind was boggling...
Victoria is a beautiful city...
and my honey admitted he had enjoyed it when we disembarked a couple of hours later, though he didn't really want anyone to know he'd done it!!!

Alaska 2014
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Simply marvelous!
08/27/2014, Victoria, Vancouver Island

I've heard about Victoria from Nev for 7 years...
today I saw it with my own eyes...
and it did not disappoint!
The Empress Hotel, built in the early 1900's and recently bought by a Vancouver couple for between 80 - 100 million dollars (nobody's saying exactly how much!), is grand and Victorian and we were lucky enough to get a slip in front of the hotel! We felt grand docking there and thought BLUE looked mighty fine too :)
History was made on BLUE too this day since we had the first people come on board to look at her with the potential of buying her!
Instead of feeling sad we felt proud.
And when they left we sat up front and toasted this milestone!
Very English Victoria at last...
simply marvelous!

Alaska 2014
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