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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
There's room on the beach for Heidi!
04/10/2014, Thousand Oaks, California

On Thursday, March 27th, 2014, while sitting on the beach in Blouberg Strand, we heard the wonderful news that Heidi Love, our second grand baby (and a girl, of course!) from Trevor and Star, is on her way, expected to arrive sometime early October!
We are to be grandparents to another beachie cutie pie!!!
We are tickled pink and it spurred us into a small shopping spree in South Africa that resulted in pink elephants and ellie related lullabies :)
Congrats Trev and Star, and big brother Daxie...
we love you all and can't wait to meet her!

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It's good to be home.
04/09/2014, Tranquility, Oxnard, CA

It's a long way home from Cape Town.
It sure feels good to be back in our little red house on the sand :)
Good byes are always hard.
Of course the "welcome home" weather we've experienced in the past 5 days in Oxnard has helped make the transition a whole lot easier, as has the fun of having the house full of people we love since we arrived.
We've had the chance to catch up with our Stephen's Candace and her family, Kim, John, Holly and David, our Trevor and precious Daxie (:)), friends Gren, Candace and cutie pie BG, my sister, Heather, and Nev's brother, Les, who is here through the weekend.
We'll be hosting a beach party for our Volutone employees on Saturday and Dax's second birthday party on Sunday.
Our feet are back on the ground and running...

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Playing on the Peninsula
04/09/2014, Cape Town, South Africa

Arnie and Brenda kindly lent us their car for the day, and while Buzz and Sharon took care of business that needed attending, Nev, Maureen and I went off to play on the Peninsula.
Our route took us to the beautiful beaches of Muizenberg, on to the refuge and breeding grounds of the African Penguin at Borders Beach in Fish Hoek, through the historical Simonstown still an active naval base and home to the fancy False Bay Yacht Club and into Table Mountain National Park.
Cape Point is the most south western point of the African Continent.
It had been 20 years since Nev was here with Toni and the boys, and we laughed as he told the story of Dill being chased by gorillas! It had been 30 years since Joe and I had visited... and this was Maureen's first visit! We all loved exploring the area, and the weather was perfect for us. We walked as far out to the point as we could and soaked in the sounds and smells of the waves crashing onto the rocks beneath us as the Light House above continued its 24/7 warning to passing vessels. This is where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean collide and exchange waters. The current lines were fascinating and so clear to the naked eye.
Our lunch at the Two Oceans Restaurant was yummy.
So were the fish cakes fresh out of the fryer in Hout Bay where we stopped later for cocktails before heading back to Dolphin Beach and dinner with Buzz and Sharon at the BLOWFISH Restaurant.
Our day of play went by way too fast, as all of them seemed to be doing now that our time in South Africa was quickly drawing to a close...
Nev always teases me about never wanting any of our trips to end... can't help it!

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St Joseph's a shark?
04/09/2014, Namibia

The men arrived home safely on Saturday night, exhausted!
I loved seeing my honey's blue eyes, even more blue as they contrasted with his brown, sun tanned skin, and I loved listening to their fishing stories so very different to any I've heard Nev tell before.
I was especially fascinated with this St Joseph sand shark the men caught... never seen anything quite so oddly beautiful...
so I thought I'd put it up for you to enjoy too.

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Atop a Lions Head?
04/09/2014, Cape Town, South Africa

Fool that I am after my experience up Platteklip Gorge 10 days before, I talked Maureen into hiking up Lions Head, the mountain to the east of Table Mountain if your'e looking directly at the front of the mountains.
There are many signs posted along the way reminding one that this is being done at your own risk! The locals added their stories about lives lost on the mountain over the years... we were psyched for this challenge by the time we got to the trailhead. Piece of cake at first as the trail gently circles the mountain with gradual elevation changes... we were feeling good!
Right about then is when we got to the section where we had to climb up a sheer rock face holding onto steel rings and chains embedded in the rock, and holding onto our breath! No looking down or anywhere around for a while, just straight ahead or a little upwards to find the next life saving rung!
It took us an hour and a half to get to the top and worth the shaking knees we experienced at the top as we looked around at the magnificent city at our feet and the ocean stretching to eternity it seemed. Maureen about had a heart attack when two young girls did handstands after they'd made it - people do crazy stuff!!
The descent took almost as long as the ascent and Maureen made me reward her with good food after I "encouraged" her to walk to Camps Bay... the gorgeous beach where we were told single girls go to look at the hunky guys, single guys go to check out the gorgeous girls, and married couples go to get away from the South Easterlies that blow through Cape Town but not on this protected side!!
That evening as we sat on Sharon's patio enjoying our cocktails looking at Lions Head we had a different appreciation for its beauty!
We couldn't believe just hours earlier we'd been sitting atop it.
I thought if I lived in Cape Town it would be a hike to be done once a month along with a good book and a picnic packed in my back pack and plenty of time to sit and breathe it all in...

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Groot fun in the city!
04/09/2014, Cape Town, South Africa

Maureen and I had groot (great) fun in the city on Friday.
We caught the "hop on hop off" open, double decker red bus.
It took us all around the city of Cape Town, the points of historical interest being explained via a set of headphones handed to us when we climbed on board. I felt sorry Nev wasn't there to share it with us, though I know he would rather die than be seen on a bus of such touristy magnitude!
We visited Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens for an hour and concluded one needs at least a day and a picnic basket to do this location any justice.
Next stop: wine tasting!
This picture is of the tasting room at Groot Constantia, the oldest vineyard in South Africa. It is here on the 2nd of February, 1659, Jan Van Riebeek (a founding father), raised the first glass of Muskat to his lips and said: "Today, praise the Lord, wine was pressed for the first time in the Cape." I know it wasn't right in front of this picture but my mind thought it wouldn't have been a bad spot for him to have sat and enjoyed his tasting!
We sure did!
We loved their wines, loved the wines at Eagles Nest even more!
We had ambitiously chosen 9 of the potential 14 stops along the way for our day of exploration, but traffic delays due to the Jazz Festival being hosted in the City that weekend resulted in us having to skip a lot of them as the bus finally arrived and wound its way behind Table Mountain, dropping us off at our last stop of the day, The Milnerton Hotel on Seal Beach.
We were there just in time to watch the sun set and enjoy a glass of wine with Sharon who had kindly come to collect us weary travelers and take us home, but not before she took us to the Grand, a restaurant right on the beach where we were able to sit a little longer with our feet in the sand and one last glass of good South African wine in our hands while we shared our stories of the day.
Groot fun... thanks ladies :)

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