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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
The sea, she is not sterile!
07/14/2014, Haystack Island, BC

The coordinates for this stretch of sandy beach were given to us by a local in Prince Rupert last year.
We stopped there on our way up to Alaska and had an incredible time.
We couldn't pass by on such a perfect day, and so we stopped again.
We sat together on one of the huge pieces of drift wood and enjoyed our Sunday morning ritual of Bloody Mary and Greyhound, marveling at the day, the calmness of the ocean, the hummingbirds hovering busily about the wild flowers.
And then Nev went back to BLUE to fish leaving me on the beach to read and soak up the sun....
soooooooooo good!
He honked the horn an hour later signaling it was time to go and when I stepped back onto BLUE my disappointment at having to leave was gone the minute I saw the three halibut lying in "halibut alley"....
Nev's time fishing had been soooooooooooo good too!
The sea is coming alive as we move further south...
the commercial fishing boats are out and busy...
the sea, she is not sterile!
Our freezer is full as we look forward to welcoming Jeff and Jessica onto BLUE on the 15th...
Wish Jackie was coming too.

Alaska 2014
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No fog in the bay :)
07/12/2014, Foggy Bay, AK

We declared Foggy Bay ours for two nights, our last two nights in Alaska.
Great call!
We slept in till 9am!
We read our books for hours on end.
Nev's reading Bill Bryson's "One Summer, America 1927" and I've just finished Donald Millers "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years".
Nev fished...
and grinned from ear to ear when he caught two 30 lb halibut on his small rod with a jig...
I kayaked to my hearts content...
and all of this in glorious sunshine!
We sat out on BLUE's bow watching incredible sunsets that he allowed me to photograph and even took a few shots himself, and went to bed once the full moon had taken up her spot suspended in the pitch black sky above us.
What a way to say goodbye to this gorgeous place, Alaska, one which has spoiled us rotten with the best experiences and challenged us some too!
We will be back in Dazi.
We reckon we're not quite done up here yet!

Alaska 2014
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Forget You Not.
07/11/2014, Ketchikan, AK

As we left Ketchikan four whales put on a fabulous show for us right there in the channel, a "forget-me-not" type show that was brief and exciting and magical.
Wish I'd thought to grab the video camera so that we could show you what we saw and promised not to forget.

Alaska 2014
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Quite the catch in Ketchikan!
07/10/2014, Ketchikan, AK

We spent the night in Shrimp Bay en route back to Ketchikan and left in the morning with lots of big shrimp from this gorgeous bay with two waterfalls and lots of eagles.
We have become very familiar with Ketchikan's layout and have taken advantage of the bus service that is efficient and cheap...
and always interesting!
We enjoyed chatting to this gentleman thrilled with his catch for dinner...
He gave me a couple of suggestions for cooking salmon, like olive oil, salt and pepper, topped with crushed graham crackers and baked. He was cute!
It was a mad 24 hours of laundry, cleaning and my honey still desperately trying to figure out our generator, anchor and autopilot problems.
As we came into Ketchikan the winds were blowing hard and we had a rough time getting into our slip, actually touching (gently) the boat sharing the slip with us. Thankfully some young guys from the fishing boat next door, Sydney Ann, came to our rescue, catching our lines and pulling us safely back to the dock.
Nev fixed our anchor that evening.
I finished my chores.
Nev suggested we start the next job and I called "time out" - we were both exhausted!!
The fishermen brought us some freshly smoked salmon, so we gave them some dried sausage.
They told us stories and we happily traded drinks and cigars to hear more...
We figured we'd made a pretty fine catch in Ketchikan with these new friends who wiped away our tiredness with their energy and kindness!

Alaska 2014
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A Tearful Tip!
07/09/2014, Yes Bay, Behm Canal

Funny how tears come when you least expect them!
It was exciting watching the float plane swoop down into Yes Bay, land and taxi right up to the back of BLUE, literally tying up to our stern while pilot and really nice guy, Jeff, loaded all the luggage into the little Beaver before Steph, Linda and John.
Our goodbye hugs were warm and sweet and happy and sad....
But when they took off, turned around and tipped their wings side to side to say goodbye before buzzing BLUE my tears tipped out and buzzed down my cheeks before I could stop them: memories of Stephen's flight in Bakersfield when he ducked out of legal airspace for just a minute to buzz mum, Christopher and I in the garden of our house came flooding back, and I was there again for a moment...
There are times we really do miss our kids...
The strangest things remind us of that.

Alaska 2014
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Happy Alaskan Birthday, Linda :)
07/08/2014, Yes Bay, Behm Canal

Happy birthday Linda!
After an early wake up call to go fishing (at her request!) in Fitzgibbons Cove, we enjoyed yummy crab cakes and poached eggs and vodka with sparkling grapefruit juice (because I'd forgotten the champagne) for breakfast before heading to Yes Bay in the pouring rain.
The smell of brownies cooking in the oven along the way made the rain smell sweeter :)
The rain poured as we dropped anchor,
and as we dinghied over to the Lodge,
and while we hiked along the slushy trail to the lake behind the lodge!
Our birthday girl was a trooper and didn't complain once, in fact she didn't complain about anything the entire trip and soaked in every small detail of every day.. I was so proud of her!
She loved the Lodge and the big fire place and the generous pour of wine that warmed us up and gave us the oomph to get back into Skellum in that same pouring rain for dinner on BLUE.
At the lodge we enjoyed meeting Mark off "LaRouse", a charming Frenchman who is widely travelled and loves Cape Town... He is the retired Director of Operations for Amazon who promised to bring me a doggy bag from dinner at the lodge but never did... said it was too good and he ate it all :) Just never know who you might bump into up here!
Our dinner was spectacular as our Kapitan cooked up his Thai curry using the haul of shrimp we'd gathered along the way, and we poured the Petite Syrah from Hidden Oak Winery that John and Linda had so generously brought from Templeton, CA.
Linda beat us in cards...
but could we really trust her since she keeps turning 39???
Great having you share your day with us sweet lady.

Alaska 2014
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