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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
Under the rainbow.
07/24/2014, Prince Rupert, BC

Rainbows are mostly associated with new beginnings.
It seemed appropriate to use this picture of our BLUE as we officially listed her for sale this morning on a Nordhavn website.
The sun has shone brightly down on us over the past five years.
Our hearts have taken a while to catch up with the decision of our heads.
It's time...
until she sells we shall continue to love being with her and on her...
and keep making our way under the rainbow...
because we are excited about the new beginnings that lie ahead for us.
Deep breath...
big prayers too!

Alaska 2014
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Just the two of us!
07/23/2014, Prince Rupert, BC

It's just the two of us now.
We said goodbye to Jeff and Jessie on Tuesday morning, loaded up with halibut, crab, salmon and happy memories.
We have had a happy, busy time together cleaning BLUE and getting her ready for Dillon's 10 day stay with us - he arrives tomorrow night and we can't wait to see his smiling face again :)
We face timed with Dax and are thrilled that he seems to still remember us! He's as cute as ever with his head covered in curls and all sorts of words being spoken! Congrats on your wedding anniversary Trev and Star, and you look fabulous with your belly full of Heid Love, Star... sorry I won't be there for the baby shower :(
Stephen faces a challenging week of flying - they are taken up in real jets this week and tested for their reaction to G-force - I am praying he is able to get through it without the anticipated "vomiting" reaction.
And Christopher faces a challenging week as he awaits the results of the Pharmacy Board exam he took last week which left him feeling despondent and exhausted and me with a sore heart as I heard his voice...
I am keeping the hope for him...
he has worked so hard.
My hair is colored (Kenny would die if he had seen me doing it myself in our little bathroom) and my mani-pedi has also been done by myself since its $95 here in Prince Rupert!
Tomorrow is Nev's turn - he trusts me to trim his hair and his beard and to give him a pedi too! Sure wish Maureen was here!
We climbed into bed tired together last night...
a happy, excited tired...
two lucky old fish!
PS Thanks for the sweet email Zona :)

Alaska 2014
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Just for the halibut!
07/20/2014, Haystack Island, BC

Big: 3 nice sized crabs in our traps this morning.
Bigger: a dozen big prawns in our prawn trap this morning too.
Biggest: Jeff caught two of the three halibut off Haystack Island and he was one happy guy!
While the men fished Jessie and I hung out on my favorite little white sandy beach and were happy to have our feet on land as we watched BLUE bobbing about in the channel.
Jessie took some fabulous pictures of our "getaway", she has quite the eye. I will post one when she sends them to me.
But this one is for Jeff, just for the halibut!

Alaska 2014
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The two of them.
07/19/2014, Wales Harbor, Wales Island

The winds died down and the seas settled.
Wales Harbor was an adventure:
Jeff and Jessie took the dinghy out, just the two of them, and set crab traps and fished and explored... it was lovely hearing them laughing together out on the bay.
I kayaked around some of the islets while my honey tried to figure out our lack of water, which posed a huge threat to our plans.
Turns out we had a huge air lock we couldn't clear until we got back to port.
So we boiled water collected from a small waterfall nearby as well as some ice from our ice maker to get us through the night.
In the morning Nev and Jess went off in the dinghy and begged water from the nearby fishing lodge.
They happily filled two 5 gallon containers for us which meant we could stay out at sea for one more night, albeit on tight water rations :)
Jeff and Jess were great, and happy to be part of the adventure!

Alaska 2014
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Cooking up a storm.
07/18/2014, Somerville Bay, Somerville Island

The weather was miserable for two days, and so Jessica and I cooked up a storm together :)
Jeff caught the halibut and we prepared it.
I've been following recipes from the Daniel Plan Cook Book and they have been yummy... this picture is the "before it went in the oven" halibut topped with pesto sauce, thinly sliced tomato, parmesan cheese and cracked black pepper, baked for exactly 8 minutes...
sooooooooo good.
Jessica also made us chicken noodle soup - always good for the tummy when the seas are bumpy.
We had fun.
Unfortunately no sightings of bears where Nev and I had previously seen them in this area - maybe the weather kept them tucked up cozy and warm somewhere too.

Alaska 2014
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Strange creatures of the deep.
07/16/2014, Union Inlet, BC

With Jeff and Jessica unpacked and settled on BLUE, we headed out to Union Inlet for our first night on the water together... this after Nev was able to fix our generator!! YAY! He's so clever!
The winds picked up in the bay once we'd dropped anchor which meant no kayaking or fishing from the dinghy.
Jeff took up residence on the back of BLUE and caught all kinds of fishies including this strange looking one...
quite fascinating...
makes me wonder what else is down there...
well, maybe not!

Alaska 2014
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