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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
Manarola 💒 Riomaggiore
04/26/2015, En route from Corneglia to Manarola

As I sit in our hotel room tonight overlooking the bay of Portovenere and the island of Palmaria, it's really hard to imagine how much we've packed into this incredible week!!
Night before last we were in Riomaggiore, the village I have had the hardest time hiking to and pronouncing!
En route to Riomaggiore I met Gayle and Danny (a cute Brit we hooked up with in Corneglia who traveled there with her while I hiked) in Manarola, the most photographed of the 5 villages, and we exchanged stories over drinks and pizza before saying our "arrivederci's", catching the train to our resting place high on the hill in Riomaggiore.
I was exhausted - it had been a stunning 11 miles tho the locals made it clear we were not welcome in their vineyards!!!!

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Value-added in Volastra.
04/25/2015, Volastra, Italy

The tiny surprise village of Volastra definitely added value to my hike especially the art work in the beautiful church where I sat quietly catching my breath before descending 1280 feet again in "rapido fashion", I hoped!
This gorgeous picture (hint hint Heavs!) was on a small wall inside the church...
Such beauty all around.

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04/25/2015, En route from Corneglia to Manarola, Italy

My solo hike from Corneglia to Manarola was pure prego!
Delightfully difficult prego!
Prego = pleasure in Italian.
The climb was steep and seemingly unending but everyone coming down encouraged me to keep going up and they were right - the views from the top, my first glimpse of Manarola from 1280 feet above sea level, and the surprise of another village on top of the hill, were all worth the buckets of sweat that poured out of me!!
Such a lucky fish I was, the experience marred only by the sadness I felt that Gayle wasn't able to enjoy it too.

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Home delivery!
04/24/2015, Vernazza,Italy

So this is how the locals do their shopping in and out and around about these steep villages and narrow "streets" - immediately put Gayle to work!
She may not be going home after all...

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Breakfast in Vernazza.
04/24/2015, Vernazza, Italy

Never been served such a beautiful cuppacino as we were this morning in our little Pensione. Breakfast was almost not necessary except that we had a long day of hiking ahead...
and so we drank it...
and another!

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Vibrant Vernazza
04/24/2015, Vernazza, Italy

This quaint place in the world, with its population of 300, was vibrant and alive from the moment we walked into the village to the sound of "somewhere over the rainbow" being played by a local on his accordion until we hiked out this morning to the sounds of the church bells announcing it was 10:30!
On our budget since Roma days we bought a bottle of wine and watched the sun set from the rocks of the marina, but only after I climbed the tower rebuilt after the second world war and a glass of wine at a restaurant under the famous, colorful umbrellas of Vernazza 😊
Pizza on the street, fresh out of the clay oven with heaps of arugula (rocket) on top, and the rest of the wine made for one more perfect day.

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