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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
Blowing in the wind.
08/23/2014, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island

Ucluelet, pronounced Yoo-clue-let, is a smaller town than Tofino and primarily a commercial fishing community. I remembered the name by thinking we were clueless as to where to go and what to do in the fog!
We discovered the town was hosting a music festival, The Otalith Music Festival, and so we went.... our first music festival ever together :)
We bought ourselves red camper chairs and sat ourselves down among the young people and felt instantly young again!
And we liked the music too: Freedom Pony, All in All, and Carmanah. (Nev didn't tell one of the groups to go home!!)
We loved watching the little kids running around, playing on the hay bales and dancing to the music when they stopped to rest.
And we did what everyone else was doing: had a hot dog, bought a TShirt, drank a Blonde Ale from Tofino Brewing Company, and danced...
and the chilly wind blowing through the concert and the crowd just made us cuddle closer...
ending the night with a cup of delicious, locally brewed coconut rooibos tea!

Alaska 2014
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Graveyard of the Pacific!
08/23/2014, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island

The fog moved in and out all day and we kept moving too.
We hiked the Pacific Rim Trail, this section taking us around the peninsula of Ucluelet and the lighthouse. Information boards along the way told us the history of the coast line we were looking at.
By the end, we were thankful that we had abandoned our plans to bring BLUE down the west coast. August is known as Fogust by the locals, a month shrouded in this cloud that moves in and out constantly and has resulted in navigational errors over the years with many shipwrecks and loss of lives!
What we loved was the sound of the foghorn alternating with the sound of the male seals echoing it...
the undeniable beauty of the rugged coast line...
and our feet securely on the ground!

Alaska 2014
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Funky and fun.
08/23/2014, Tofino, Vancouver Island

We woke up in that same blanket of fog and went for a walk through it and inside it anyway, wrapped up in warm jackets and happy to find two pieces of sea glass along the way :)
By 11am the mists evaporated and the sun made her appearance, and we went into town to see the Saturday Artisan Market, local artists displaying their wares, all so interesting and unique.
The town was packed and we didn't stay long...
just long enough to buy a pottery bee house that entices bees to lay their eggs... (for our organic garden someday),
and to walk across this funky, fun pedestrian crossing!

Alaska 2014
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A chance at Chesterman.
08/22/2014, Chesterman B&B, Tofino

We should've known better and booked ahead of time but we didn't!
The hotels were full, but we were lucky...
Able to book two separate hotels in Ucluelet for Saturday and Sunday...
and then, quite by chance, a vacancy appeared on the books at the Chesterman Beach Bed and Breakfast and we took it.
We had the garden cottage only 80 feet from the beach, beautifully decorated with leaves from the gardens on our towels, home made soap in our tub, and walls covered in photographs taken by the owner who used to work as a photographer in San Francisco until he arrived here for a day ten years ago and never left.
We felt spoiled rotten...
In fact, we knew were!
Tofino was tucked up in a chilly blanket of fog when we unloaded the car, and we could hear the ocean that surfers come all over the country and world to surf in, but this picture shows all we could see...
and so we poured a glass of wine and sat close to the bonfire on the beach, enjoying the company of the people sharing this comfy spot with us.
Couldn't wait to wake up and see what else was out there!

Alaska 2014
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Goats do roam!
08/22/2014, Coombs, Vancouver Island

Nev and I said our goodbyes to BLUE and headed out of Nanaimo really excited about our road trip to the west coast of the island.
We stopped and hiked through Englishmans River Provincial Park just because I loved the name... and it was beautiful as we followed the river bed for 2 miles on rustic trails through the forest.
And then we stopped at the farm stand in Coombs where goats do roam on the rooftop while people shop in the store below, a store so packed with goodies from all over the world we really could've spent hours there! We came away with French blueberry nougat, crackers rom Seattle, Mexican vanilla essence and a goaty sticker for DAZIBLU!
Lunch was at the bottom of the Little Qualicum Falls... quite a hike down steep steps with DANGER signs warning of strong currents and lives lost in the river. Our picnic was packed in our Bakersfield Albertsons shopping bag and the singns about the dangerous river reminded me of the Kern River - we were home! The picnic was delish and the waters crisp and clear and refreshing to be near.
The 60 km drive over the mountain range to the west coast along a narrow, winding road that left no room for cyclists, wound through and around more lakes than I can remember - WOW! the trip was worth it just for this.
We were thankful and enjoying the roaming we were doing.

Alaska 2014
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Nice in Nanaimo.
08/21/2014, Nanaimo, BC

It's nice in Nanaimo.
We have a great slip at the marina,
the girls helped catch our lines when we came in,
the people at the coffee shop are tolerant of my hours spent here catching up on the computer,
and Bill and Dianne have been more than nice... nicest nice :)
We had a yummy dinner at their gorgeous home last night, sitting out in their Japanese garden for cocktails first.
They have generously given us the keys to their truck for a few days so that we can explore the island.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We loved meeting you Dianne, and look forward to another evening together before we leave.
Newcastle Island across the bay is as beautiful as it was last year. We've enjoyed stretching our legs there in the gentle sunshine.
Tomorrow we venture out...
Tofino is the only destination we know of...
we did pick up a map and guide book today.!

Alaska 2014
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