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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
Beautiful in BLUE.
02/06/2015, Ensenada, Mexico

It feels so good to be back on our BLUE!
Nev and I caught the train down from Oxnard to the border, walked over into Mexico where a taxi whisked us off to the central bus depot... just in time to catch the 5pm bus to Ensenada. We were able to watch the sunset and even have a sip of wine together from our box of Hidden Oak Merlot we'd carried along with us!
BLUE has been out of the water and in the boat yard for three weeks now. This is a "before" pic... I will post the "after" as soon as the workers complete the final touches and detailing today. She has a fresh coat of bottom paint, the white waterline stripe has been sanded and repainted, all her wood stripped and revarnished, the interior wood in the wheel house dollied up...
and on and on.
She's looking beautiful!
And, in the midst of all the busyness, we have found time to enjoy yummy lunches and dinners, fresh seafood and lots of guacamole, and I shall miss it much when we head home :)
We hope to gently splash her back into the water maƱana (after stocking our freezer with fresh jumbo shrimp) and start making our way back home, looking beautiful in BLUE.

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The faces of Yahweh Yoga.
02/03/2015, Chandler, AZ

These gorgeous gals are the face of Yahweh Yoga: mum, DeAnna Smothers, and daughter, Courtney Chalfant, who also happens to be an Ambassador for LuluLemon and so much more.
Thank you to you for being such amazing teachers,
for providing such an incredible experience for us.
Ten Thumbs up for this school without hesitation, the only Christian Style Yoga School in the world registered with Yoga Alliance!!
The calling on your lives is obvious.
May we do you proud as we venture out representing all you have taught us.
Hugs and prayers of gratitude are being sent your way,
every day.

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The seat of the teacher.
01/29/2015, Tempe, AZ

No more "just" and that"
as we take to our backs on our teachers mat!!
When an instructor takes to her mat to guide a yoga class it's called "taking the seat of the teacher"...
an honor and a privilege...
and today was our day.
We'd all put in endless hours of preparation for such a time as this, and now it was here...
and terrifying, despite every effort by DeAnna and Courtney to reassure us otherwise!
We started at 10am.
The line up was Christy first, followed by Jan, Ali, me and, final class, Margarita.
It was an incredible 4 hours of practice, with challenging sequences and lots of surprises as each persons uniqueness shone through...
and when it was all done, we sat in Hero's pose on our mats and humbly received our feedback, both positive and constructive,
and then our certificates!!!!!!!!
We have earned our seat on our teachers mat...
what a moment in our lives!!!!!

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02/04/2015 | karen warren
Congrats my friend... how wonderful and what an so deserve all the wonderful times that are coming your way!! so so proud of you xx
Tres Mujeres :)
01/27/2015, Tempe, AZ

We had such fun in our class today as we worked our way through advanced postures and adjustments, no hint of yesterday's wall lingering :)
Christy did an amazing handstand and then worked towards a one handed stand...
Margarita moved her body into a great Eka pads Koundinyasana ll that is as complicated and difficult as the word is to pronounce!
Ali got into Lotus in her headstand...
Jan mastered the toe roll into chataranga before any of us got the hang of it...
and I wrapped myself into a version of Birds of Paradise that tickled me pink like a flamingo!!
We anointed each other with essential oils as we learned more about their healing properties...
and we laughed at silly things...
like putting our feet on each others pelvis's, and more fun poses Courtney cued us into with such ease and trust!!
It was a good day :)
Final teach is on Thursday...
the mood is getting quieter as we take time to prepare our Bible readings, our sequences, our music and our closing prayers.
And we are ever so grateful for the three women (tres mujeres) so important in our journey to this point: DeAnna, Courtney and Lindsay...
you are angels.
PS The pic is of Margarita (L), me (center) and Courtney (R) :)

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The essence of endurance.
01/26/2015, Tempe, AZ

Today, DAY 11, I hit my wall.
My groin hurt from an injury...
my head ached...
and my soul searched!
I questioned everything about everything other than my faith and my family...
Nev, my patient honey, my dear mum and my sweet Margarita (room mate) listened to me so graciously as I sorted things out in my mind, all the while attached to the powered muscle stimulator my friend Debbie had loaned me, and breathing in the wonderful essence of "Panaway", an essential oil Trev and Star had gifted me for Christmas!
And then came my quiet time of connection and meditation...
the true essence...
the peace of God that passes all understanding...
my groin softened,
my mind stilled,
and my soul opened to receive it all.
Thanks to all my sweet yoga soul sisters for your love and prayers too... couldn't be doing this without you.
Together, and in Him, we shall endure!

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The final five
01/26/2015, Chandler, AZ

Cornerstone Church is where we started our teaching today, listening to a sermon on honoring those in authority over us. That role can be filled by so many different people in so many different ways: husbands, Presidents, parents, bosses, teachers! We learned about good leadership based on the role model of David in the Bible who was on the run from King Saul. Saul wanted to kill him so that he would not become the next King. David was presented with an opportunity to kill Saul but chose, instead, to humble himself and honor the authority of his King! And he was rewarded 10 fold.
The sermon was so appropriate as we prepare ourselves to head back home and into the world in whichever way God has planned for each us!
"We're down to the final five contestants", we laughed, as we placed our mats back on the floor for another day of learning. We started with 12 of us 10 days ago, and we feel as though this could be a "Survivor" series except that the others didn't get voted off (they're just following a different program) and we are feeling more convinced that our "final teach" will flow smoothly!
Our focus this afternoon, under the gracious guidance of DeAnna, was on business and marketing and all the steps we should take to establish a safe and happy practice... we learned about LLC's, insurance, ethics of practice, social media, the laws governing practice and a whole lot more from the experiences of Yahweh Yoga over the years they have been both an accredited teacher training school and a place of daily practice...
and for once I didn't cry when she called us teachers!!!!
We are down to the final five yoginis testing this week and the final five days of our training!
Please pray for us: Jan, Christy, Ali, Margarita and me.
We each have our unique God-given styles and dreams...
and they are equally wonderful.
PS. The big breaths and butterflies have reappeared in me ever so gently today:)

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