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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
Sweet Caroline.
05/29/2015, San Antonio, Texas

That's her, bottom left, waving.
Sweet Caroline 😘
Thank you for an amazing week.
For your gracious hosting.
For the daily yoghurt, fruit, cheese, veggies...
For making sure all of us had just what we neede in every sense.
For the day trips here and there and everywhere, and the memories we made along the way.
For the space to be ourselves.
For the laughs and chats.
For Chef Heather.
For Linda and Maria, and Gomez too!
For the hours of time that went into this fabulous gathering.
For your sweetness!
As they say here in the USA: " You did good! Very good!"
Have fun with your honey this next week...
I'm homesick for you girls and Portugal already!!!

Europe 2015
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A dramatic end.
05/27/2015, Praia dad Marcas

More tearful goodbyes this afternoon had me packing and repacking, washing my hair and preparing to return to my sweet honey, with a stop in San Antonio to see Stephen and Candace along the way 😊
But for now all I wanted was one last session on the beach in my favorite cove.
Linda, Granny and Gennie were witness to this dramatic display of power and beauty as the waves danced and then crashed onto the rocks in their path.
I enjoyed a glass of wine as I sat and breathed it all in for one last time...
and said my thank you's for the awesomeness of the moment and this entire 6 week journey.

Europe 2015
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And He walks with me...
05/27/2015, Magoito, Portugal

My last day in Portugal!
We'd said tearful goodbyes to Leslie and Mariella, DiDi and Ivonne would be leaving in the afternoon and it would be my turn at the crack of dawn tomorrow.
I wanted to walk and explore more of this gorgeous coastline and so I did...
8 miles of gorgeousness along a path that sometimes got a little too close to the edge...
and He walked with me...
and I was at peace!

Europe 2015
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A quotable day!
05/26/2015, Sintra, Portugal

In my quiet time this morning there were two quotes I read and jotted down in my journal:
"There are people in the world who would love to have your bad days"...
"Go where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated!"
Today we said goodbye to Leslie amid tears and promises to see each other again.
We did a final few hours of shopping in Sintra.
We met our sisterhood of girls again for dinner, a smaller group at Fernando's place in Sintra where we experienced a whole new flavor of Portugal, were serenaded on guitar and laughed at fabulous stories of our lives lived...
Us girls from Ermelo Convent are the mighty mighty ones we used to sing about on school buses to and from sporting events...
which we sang most of our way home..
Sat up chatting way too late!
And, climbing into bed in the wee hours of this morning, I gave thanks for the bad days that have turned so good, and for the women I have been blessed to spend time with who have celebrated my "differentness" with delightful titles like "roadrunner" and "the one no one remembers" and "the one who loves church bells ringing"...
And I celebrate each of them too!
Amen xxx

Europe 2015
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Yummy moments.
05/25/2015, Lisbon, Portugal

Dinner tonight at Casa de Alentejo in Lisbon was quite overwhelming!
The building is historical and gorgeous, the food so yummy I ate too much octopus and chickpea salad and had no room for a main course, and the gathering of 22 of us ranging in age from 70 to 54 (me) was happily loud!!
A new sisterhood has been born, shared experiences at Ermelo Convent bridging the gap of age and heritage.
And before dinner my dream of live music and a sunset over the city came true! Such a wonderful hour we spent there...
Lisbon is a beautiful city begging for more time to be explored. There is a magic to it that is hard to describe...

Europe 2015
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Following footprints.
05/25/2015, Sintra, Portugal

I was up early again this morning..
I think it's the white curtains in my cozy cottage.
And so I went for an amazing 9 mile walk and lived every step, especially since the wind wasn't blowing.
I found this ridiculously steep set of 380 steps which I climbed. They took me up the sides of limestone cliffs and there, just as the official sign at the bottom of the steps had said, were deep dinosaur steps!!
I was so happy I'd decided to see what was at the top.
Just as I am so happy I decided to come to this reunion and walk alongside the girls who are here, to share their memories and mine, to laugh, to talk for hours about a past we uniquely share, to heal!
A giant step back into the past in order to run freely into the future!
Thank You xx

Europe 2015
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