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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
Dillon's back in town :)
10/20/2014, Tranquility, Silverstrand

Dillon's home from Nicaragua!
Had a fabulous time there: surfed to his hearts content, broke two surfboards in the pounding waves but not any part of himself, thank goodness! He met amazing people from all over the world, loved the coffee and cigar plantations and volcano bording down the side of a live volcano ($29.00), the island on the lake outside of Granada and living on $25.00 a day :)
And now we get to enjoy him for about a month as he plays uncle to Dax and Heidi, watches a couple of Chargers games with Trevor and sunsets with me every evening (when possible), reads, surfs, naps in the sun, enjoys long chats, golf and laughs with Nev, yoga and hunting for seaglass with me,
and peeps into options and opportunities for the future...
the world is at his feet and he's enjoying taking his time finding the path he wants to walk.
We love having you with us Dill...
stay as long as you need to.

Home again 2014
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It's our birthday :)
10/12/2014, Tranquility, Silverstrand

As we happily settled back into our little red rental house back on the beach in Silverstrand, CA, it called for a beach party to be held quickly!
October 12th, Stephen's and my birthday, fell on a Sunday this year and the weather was perfect, so we invited a small group of those we love so dearly and had a fabulous day.
Thank you to all of you for coming from near and far... you know who you are!
I missed Stephen and Candace in Texas, and Christopher and Allison in Indiana, and Dillon in Nicaragua, and my sister in Folsom, CA, like crazy, of course, but the surprise live music that Trevor and Star had arranged did a lot to fill the void!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Happy birthday my boy - I love you so so so much xxx
Stephen is 28, I am 54, and if his grandpa Louis was still alive he would've been 87 today - cheers Dad x
And on a "proud mom" note: Ste is learning Formation flying in the T6 on the Airforce base at the moment - scares the willies out of me as I think of these young men flying 10 feet apart from each other while doing arobatics!! Here is a link to a video that accuratley depicts what he's up to for those of you who may be interested!

There are some things a mom shouldn't know... but I want to know every detail, and so I pray consistently, every day!

PS The picture of Ste was taken by Candace... I love it!

Home again 2014
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On being a big brother...
09/30/2014, Thousand Oaks, CA

Isn't he adorable???
Daxton has settled into his role of big brother to Heidi without much fuss, and we can only attribute it to Star's patient preparation of him for the change.
He loves Heidi and kisses her gently whenever she's offered up to him for loves and kisses...
he does his best to keep quiet when she's sleeping or feeding...
he knows his mama can't pick him up too much because of her sore belly and so he takes his hugs from her any way he can...
plus he's thriving on all the attention being doted on him by all of us!
We've taken him to school and watched him interact with 15 other 2 and 1/2 year olds, we've had him at the beachhouse and loved watching him swim with his daddy in the big waves and dig happily in the sand as the aqua pours over him with no problem, we've tumbled together at Gymboree and in their backyard... and that's just the first three weeks!
We're settling in to being home with grandchildren and its a wonderful thing!

Home again 2014
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Hello Heidi Love xx
09/25/2014, Thousand Oaks, CA

Our new grandbaby, Heidi Love Hansen, made her arrival in the early hours of Thursday morning September 25th by C-Section because she was breach.
God is good!
She is perfect...
plus Nev had arrived home safely in Oxnard on BLUE on the 23rd so he was ready to jump right in and help.
I skipped plans for Bryce and Zion Canyons and puttered on all the way home just in time to meet her before the day was done. She is beautiful and tiny and delicate and has a mouth like a rosebud just as a baby girl should!
We had a happy evening feeding, bathing and putting big brother Dax to bed, all the while celebrating Heidi's safe arrival with Laurie, our sister-in-law and the best great auntie these babies will ever have!
Congratulations Trevor and Star...
we are beyond thrilled for you and for us and your beautiful family whom we have a chance to share and love too!
To Heidi...
to the gift of a new life....

Home again 2014
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Beautiful Crested Butte
09/23/2014, Crested Butte, CO

DAZI and I were so happy to see each other again in Denver!
We left early Tuesday morning headed for Crsted Butte, a town whose beauty Nev has talked about for years and one I wanted to see with my own eyes.
The 5 hour drive from Denver to Crested Butte stretched into 7 partly because DAZI puttered her way up most of the steep inclines that took us to the continental divied at 11, 300 feet, and partly becasue I stopped every five minutes to take pictures of the turning leaves and incredible scenery I just could not whizz by when we were going downhill!!
What a stunning drive it was.
To top it off I was welcomed into the town of Crested Butte by Doug and Joyce, old friends of Matt and Lou's, who are lucky enough to live there and who spoiled me to a yummy Thai dinner at The Ginger Cafe before allowing DAZI and I to camp out at the bottom of their property before our scheduled early morning departure headed for Bryce Canyon, Utah, the next day.
Thank you so much!!
I hope we meet again... maybe in Greece?
I took this pic as I was heading out of town...
spectacularly beautiful and well worth the long haul!

Home again 2014
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Nev made the call to get out of San Francisco yesterday and head on down to Oxnard before the weather from the Baja reaches up the coastline...
he and the boys are on the water as I write this and hope to be back in Oxnard by Wednesday, weather permitting.
I had a chilly walk in Indy this morning before boarding my flight to Denver....
I'll be picking DAZI up there and driving her back to Oxnard over the next few days, hoping to stop in Crested Butte, Bryce and Zion Canyons and Bakersfield along the way...
Heidi Love's pending arrival permitting :)

Home again 2014
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