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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
A BLUE update.
09/17/2014, the deep blue Pacific

Neville, Matt and George are on the move in BLUE.
The weather looked great on Sunday and so they left Anacortes on schedule, spent the night in Friday Harbor, and have been on their way on the ocean since then. Our communications are limited as they are traveling about 40 miles off the coastline, but this is what I know:
Yesterday the seas were bumpy and they caught 5 salmon,
today the seas were calmer and they pulled 3 albacore on board!
Thrilled to hear they're safe and happy and that our freezer will be completely full by the time they get home! Good job guys!
Fish fry anyone???

Home again 2014
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A deluge in Del Rio
09/17/2014, Del Rio, Texas

The past 5 days have been filled with a deluge of emotions, starting with the sense of pride and excitement I felt when I saw my first "Laughlin Air Force base" sign and ending with tears as I drove away this morning leaving my sweet Stephen and Candace still tucked up in bed.
The base is huge and filled with a constant humming of airlanes taking off and landing... and me looking up wondering which one Stephen is controlling.. they go so fast... and its hot for these young men and women in their overalls, and I want to remind Stephen to drink more water but I remember he's a Second Lieutenant and not my kid anymore...
and that brings me to the next deluge: a constant river of sweat running over my body... did they name Del Rio for the river or the sweat, I wonder??
Candace and I were lucky enough to sit on the flight line and watch Ste take off..
and to mow the lawn together, take a yoga class together, cook up a storm for Ste when he got home each night, go to church, play "Pandemic" and laugh with their friends as we tried to reveal the spy amongst us, shop and hang out in their comfy military base house, her working on editing photographs, me working through my Christian Yoga Teacher Training modules.
And Stephen and I laughed madly on Friday night as the rain poured down around us while we cooked his famous hamburgers under the cover of the carport!
My five days have flown by and I am so happy I got to be right where I was... deluge of river, sweat and tears and all!
Thanks for having me you two... I loved every minute.
PS: Congrats on passing the check ride today my boy :) so proud!

Home again 2014
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Sky lights of Indy.
09/11/2014, Indianapolis, Indiana

I have seen and touched the faces of my children in Indy and it has been very good!
I have loved being in their comfy apartment and sharing space with Gracie, their cat.
It's been heavenly hearing about their lives face to face: Christopher settling into Eli-Lilly and Allison enrolled into the RN program.
I have walked the Canals and the Heritage Trail to my hearts content - this is a gorgeous city!
And last night I got my first pager on my cell phone issuing a Flood warning while the TV screen displayed Tornado warnings!!
We sat out on the balcony and watched as the storm moved over us, Christopher's face electrified as the lightning bolts got closer and louder...
And then the heavy warm rain poured and we went to sleep, lulled by the sound of the drops drumming on our windows...
Today I fly out to Texas to see Ste and Candace, while Nev continues his conference call in Denver...
Star holds tightly onto Heidi in her belly for us...
And Dill continues his journey south.
My heart is light and full :)

Home again 2014
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Let's change!
09/08/2014, Anacortes, WA

It's a long story, but last night found me back on my precious BLUE for the night and we had a fabulous time together.
Before making my way back to the airport this morning I had a walk through the neighborhood in a chilly breeze, the sun making it's milky appearance through the light morning fog, and the leaves on the pavement adding brilliant color, reminding me of the wonder that change can bring into our lives if we allow it to.
It's going to be a brilliant day!

Saying goodbye
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Looking ahead...
09/05/2014, Anacortes, Washington

Anacortes is one of our favorites...
the sun shines,
the breeze is gentle,
the people so friendly and helpful.
Yesterday we lifted our dinghy back into her slot on top of BLUE.
Today we sold our crab and prawn traps.
The freezer is filled with yummy meals for the men: Nev, Matt and George.
Our suitcases are packed...
we fly out early Sunday...
Nev to a CEDIA conference in Denver...
me to Indianapolis to see my Christopher and his Allison,
and then on to Texas to see my Stephen and his Candace.
Dillon is traveling down the Oregon coast headed to California. He had a great few months in DAZI, and admits he fell in love with her as predicted!
We hope Trevor's Star can keep Heidi Love tucked up in her tummy until we get home at the end of the month.
Dax can count to ten in Spanish!
And we don't talk about saying goodbye...
we're looking dreamily ahead...
convinced our journey will continue...
us pilgrims are not ready to rest just yet!
It's been a lovely, lovely time.
PS Do you read the sadness between the lines, I wonder??
My honey doesn't much like to talk about it,
but the reality is that it's there all the same...
as we look ahead.

Alaska 2014
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09/06/2014 | Candace
It is so sad! I have loved looking through your blog though, such wonderful memories, and I love that you have them all journaled and photographed :). You are such an amazing writer, keep it up even after Blue! We look forward to seeing you!
09/08/2014 | Debi
Hello my sweet Maggie. Look forward to seeing you had your lovely husband in California. We arrived home from Catalina Sept. 4th. Off to NY on the 13th to wait for the new Grand Baby. Have missed you, and can't wait to get together to tell our many stories. I have enjoyed your blog and look forward to new ones, with new adventures. xoxo When do you come home?
On this day in 1971...
09/04/2014, Durban, South Africa

The telephone lines were abuzz today as "the boys" called, emailed and whatsapp'd about their departure from Durban, South Africa, on this day 43 years ago!
We have all been regaled with their endless stories over the years about their adventures and could probably tell their stories for them now, but there is something amazing and really, really good about the friendship these men have grown over their years together and so I say, "keep telling us your stories, and thank you that we are now a part of them"
Buzz, Denis, Mike and my honey, we love you all!
This is Buzz and Nev boarding the ship on that memorable day when something extraordinary did happen...
Buzz is in the bottom left of the picture, and Nev is right on the rail alongside him!

Alaska 2014
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