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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
On the move!
06/06/2015, Oxnard, CA

We're on the move again - this time into our house in Oxnard where we plan to stay a while, get used to being off the water, think and talk and dream and pray about our next move.
Our first night in the house felt strange... but it's becoming more wonderful each day as we unpack our odd treasures gathered up from our travels into our cupboards and drawers, a reminder to us of places we've been, whispering sweet memories into the mess of moving 😊
I'm also on the move in a beautiful 2012 Audi S4 my honey picked me up in at the airport!! Have taken her to 105mph just once!
Les is with us this week painting "mocha light" on our walls and keeping us grounded!
My mum arrives on Monday and we'll get stuck into the garden as we loved to do together before and I'm excited about that.
We've seen and loved on Trev, Star, Dax and Heidi...
We're serving cheese and wine dinners every evening at Volutone for a SONY launch...
BLUE sits outside our window, patiently waiting for us.
I visit whenever I need to...

Europe 2015
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Celebrations in San Antonio.
05/30/2015, San Antonio, Texas

My stopover in San Antonio with my kids, Stephen and Candace, could not have been better timed!
I woke up homesick for Portugal but excited to see my kids...
and to celebrate Stephen for passing his Air Force T1 navigation check ride - a big deal!
We ate wonderful food at "Dough", talked wonderful talk as it poured with rain outside, and listened to fabulous music along the riverwalk well into the night.
Suddenly it was good to celebrate being back home.
Thanks for such a happy time you two xxx

Europe 2015
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Sweet Caroline.
05/29/2015, San Antonio, Texas

That's her, bottom left, waving.
Sweet Caroline 😘
Thank you for an amazing week.
For your gracious hosting.
For the daily yoghurt, fruit, cheese, veggies...
For making sure all of us had just what we neede in every sense.
For the day trips here and there and everywhere, and the memories we made along the way.
For the space to be ourselves.
For the laughs and chats.
For Chef Heather.
For Linda and Maria, and Gomez too!
For the hours of time that went into this fabulous gathering.
For your sweetness!
As they say here in the USA: " You did good! Very good!"
Have fun with your honey this next week...
I'm homesick for you girls and Portugal already!!!

Europe 2015
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06/03/2015 | DIDI Barros
thank you Maggie.. it's been a pleasure to read your blog.. I luv it..
06/04/2015 | Caroline Price
Thank you to our very own our sweet and beautiful Road Runner ... this was definitely one of the most rewarding weeks of my life ... truly blessed to have amazing girlfriends who have grown into such even more amazing women
Bye bye Europe, hello USA.
05/28/2015, San Antonio, Texas

With lump in throat, I slipped quietly out of the house at 5am, my cabbie ready to drop me off at the airport in Lisbon for my flight to Madrid.
Lucky for me the AA flight had been delayed and many travelers rerouted which meant I got business class across the Atlantic to Dallas! Kudos to the American Airlines staff - I was treated like a queen!!
Watched three fabulous movies that made me cry those lumps out of my throat: "McFarland", "Big Eyes" and "Still Alice" - recommend them all.
Connected to San Antonio at 9pm, tired and at the point of having no idea how long I'd been awake, whether I should be eating or sleeping??
By the time I climbed into my bed I was happily exhausted...
Thanks for helping me with my flights Ste 😘

Europe 2015
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A dramatic end.
05/27/2015, Praia dad Marcas

More tearful goodbyes this afternoon had me packing and repacking, washing my hair and preparing to return to my sweet honey, with a stop in San Antonio to see Stephen and Candace along the way 😊
But for now all I wanted was one last session on the beach in my favorite cove.
Linda, Granny and Gennie were witness to this dramatic display of power and beauty as the waves danced and then crashed onto the rocks in their path.
I enjoyed a glass of wine as I sat and breathed it all in for one last time...
and said my thank you's for the awesomeness of the moment and this entire 6 week journey.

Europe 2015
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And He walks with me...
05/27/2015, Magoito, Portugal

My last day in Portugal!
We'd said tearful goodbyes to Leslie and Mariella, DiDi and Ivonne would be leaving in the afternoon and it would be my turn at the crack of dawn tomorrow.
I wanted to walk and explore more of this gorgeous coastline and so I did...
8 miles of gorgeousness along a path that sometimes got a little too close to the edge...
and He walked with me...
and I was at peace!

Europe 2015
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