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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
03/31/2016, Oxnard, Ca

This is JURNEE.
She's a 2006 Toyota Tundra 4WD Access Cab V8 with 59,000 miles on the clock and we have great dreams for her.
Nev found her in Dayton, OH, and I was lucky enough to fly out to pick her up and bring her home.
We drove about 2800 miles together via Chattanooga, TN, Nashville, Memphis and Flagstaff and I loved every minute of our first journey together.
Since she arrived in California we have removed her bed and replaced it with an aluminum custom built flat bed.
And we have ordered a pop - up camper to be built which will sit on top of the flatbed, equipped with queen bed, "kitchen" and dinette, which we hope will carry us from Alaska to Chile sometime next year 😊
Our camper will be ready in 4 months...not sure yet where her first trip will be!

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An unexpected detour.
03/15/2016, Oxnard, Ca

A life insurance screening blood test revealed an elevated PSA and suddenly we were thrown into a world of Doctors and scans and lab tests and X-rays - a detour in our lives that was so unexpected!
Nev and I really enjoyed the weekend in Vegas at Rugby 7's before his scheduled surgery the following week.
He had a robotic prostatectomy at USC and then the brilliant news came back that no metastases were found anywhere!!
We are so thankful!
The detour has reminded us of the plans we make.. and then life happens!
And we get to plan and dream again 😊

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A secret to be told.
03/04/2016, Oxnard, ca

At Christmas time Nev and I were given a glorious gift which was a secret.
The bearers of the gift were Stephen and Candace.
The gift: an ultrasound picture of our newest grandbaby to be born 😀
We were soooooo excited but, for a number of reasons too long to explain here, it was to be kept quiet...
Until now!!
This granny- to-be is shouting it from the rooftops now that I'm home...
The baby (we'll know boy or girl in few weeks)is due July 31st and Candace is looking and feeling great now that she's through the first trimester.
Baby Clark is on the way and we are waiting with arms and hearts wide open.

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POSH Delhi
03/03/2016, New Delhi, India

Our last day in India turned into the perfect transition from countryside back to city, from India prices for food and drinks back to prices similar to the States.
Dico and I hired a car and driver for 6 hours and buzzed around to some of the more upscale joints of Delhi which we hadn't realized existed and which transported us back to Colonial times for a while.
The United Coffee House on Connaught Square dates back to the early 1900's, the decor perfectly preserved along with the service and elegance of that time.
I had my first mint julep at the Radisson Blu and said goodbye to Ian and David.
And, while I sipped on a pretty good Sangiovese wine grown and bottled in India, Dico told me the history of the word POSH, which was the word I'd chosen to describe the gorgeous Imperial Hotel.
And then we split a last warm Kingfisher Beer on the rooftop of our funky hotel with Helen, Gay and Lorraine and felt way more at home!!

India 2016
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My dapper Dico.
03/03/2016, New Delhi, India

We are back in Delhi, our trip behind us dave for today's adventure and our long ride home tomorrow.
Dico has been a wonderful companion.
We have done everything together for the past two weeks without one cross moment even when each of us were feeling under the weather, Dico with bronchitis and me with Delhi belly!
(More pics to follow)
He has been loved and admired by all of the group too and been told he is an inspiration to all who look to retirement and wonder how to fill those years.
He has shopped till he dropped and enjoyed his treasures to take home, loved his beers and his naps equally, and was especially tickled with the bottle of wine I snuck onto the train last night which we sipped out of paper tea cups that fell apart as we finished the last drop!
Thanks for the precious memories Dic - I love you dearly!

India 2016
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Penniless in Pushkar.
03/02/2016, Pushkar, India

One could become penniless in Pushkar I reckon.
Siobhan and I did our best to anyway!
The shopping was wonderful...
downtown was one large market filled with every imaginable thing for sale, both to eat and treasures to carry home.
Push means flower
Kar means open hands.
The area is steeped in mythology and tradition and Brahman temples.
It is alcohol free but marijuana flows freely and we were warned not to order anything off the menu that said "special" as it meant marijuana special!!
It's pretty and clean and full of young tourists from all over the world and HOT as it sits in a valley on a lake.
We ate humus and falafel and fruit salad and curds with honey...
and sipped on mint and lemon tea while secretly longing for an ice cold beer!!
It was a perfect last stop where we counted our pennies (rupees) before our long train ride back to Delhi.
(More pics to follow)

India 2016
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