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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
Which way north??
03/03/2013, Cherry Cove, Catalina Island

Wow! Just over two years since our last entry on this blog, and we couldn't be happier than to be able to say we're on our way again!!
We sailed out of Oxnard on March 1st around noon-time with a lot less hoopla than our last departure but a lot more gratitude and appreciation tucked in our hearts. We had a wonderful evening of goodbyes the night before with Trev, Star and our precious grandbaby, Dax, who seems to love being on BLUE! Donna and Steve, our live-aboard buddies of two years, joined us too, and I felt quite tearful when Steve said there would be a hole in the soul of A dock when Blue left :(
God is good as ever, and the weather was perfect as we made our way to Smugglers Cove for our first night and then on to Cherry Cove yesterday. The seals and dolphins were plentiful, the salty air smelled so familiarly good as it splashed around our bow... we couldn't stop grinning.
Our plans are confusing to most but we think we have it figured out: for now we are gunk-holing our way down to San Diego and Ensenada, Mexico, over the next two weeks. BLUE will be loaded onto YachtPath in Ensenada and shipped to Victoria, Canada, where our friend from Nordic V, Blake, will meet and help Nev take her over to Annacortes, WA. After celebrating Dax's first birthday on April 16th we'll be on the road to Washington driving our Daziblu... we hope to set sail for Alaska May 1st from Annacortes.
The first chapter of our new adventure has finally begun... we welcome you to come along with us for the ride!

A second chance
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03/07/2013 | Neville and Maggie
Hi Hello World! So happy to hear from you on face book - think we've sorted out the comment problem on the blog - really hope we'll see you along the way - that would be a treat!
03/08/2013 | Jane Elix
Hi Maggie & Nev, how wonderful that you have 'hit the road' again - we are jealous! Say G'day to Blake & Kathy from Nordic V when you see them - we lost touch with them a while ago.

Elixir sits in the backyard of our marina house now - she has not been getting out much lately as we welcomed our third son into our world a couple of months ago! We are planning a one-month getaway to the Kimberleys in Western Australia mid-year though.

I sometimes think of your stunning whale vertebrae and hope that Simon and I will get back to that bay in Mexico one day to find our own!

Wishing you both all the very best on your journey!

Jane & Simon Elix xxx
A taste of the good old days!
02/19/2011, Golfito, CR

Tasting the good old days down here in Golfito has been refreshing.
I've spent about 20 hours on the buses of Costa Rica this week traveling between Golfito and San Isidro: they're inexpensive, air-conditioning happens when someone opens the windows and no-one reaches to fuss with their hair, passengers stand up and offer their seats to the elderly or to women carrying babies, school kids are picked up and dropped off with no exchange of money, just "gracias" all around, many stops include being bordered by ticans selling their wares: green mango and chili, fried plantains, sodas and iced water, the heat is amazing but no-one complains as the bus driver stops for yet another random passenger along the road, which, of course, makes the journey that much longer, ... and, once I'd settled into my designated seat, I found it all so refreshing for my soul!
He doesn't look a day over 25 years, has a sutured eyebrow from a recent soccer injury, went to Johannesburg and Pretoria for the World Cup Soccer with some buddies and loved it, and will be participating in a two day 75km/day bicycle race around Laguna Atitlan early March: that sums up Dr Roger Araya, my dentist in San Isidro, recommended by a fellow crusier. He speaks enough english to communicate what he's planning to do, his offices are basic and clean, he does all his own prep work and clean up, and his prices are a fifth of what we were quoted in the States! The water splashes on my face and sometimes trickles down my neck as he drills, but he wipes it away gently... and I smile, thinking that I'd rather have this any day than some of the fancy dental suites I've been into with their equally fancy prices! In two weeks my Christmas wish will come true: two new front teeth and a bigger grin than ever!!
Between dentist appointments I had a free afternoon, and the girls at the hotel arranged for me to visit a ranch where I could go for a good walk. The family couldn't have been sweeter, especially when I arrived back from my hike drenched after having been caught in an incredible thunder storm with torrential rain! I loved it... I had taken my jacket, the ranch is in the rainforest after all, and they were relieved and fed me Costa Rican beef stew!
Marlene, from "Damiana", and I took the ferry to Puerto Jiminez on Friday, leaving Roy behind to keep an eye on the boats. It's a small, dusty little town, the gateway to the Corcovado National Park. We were had a delicious dorado lunch followed by the biggest, most interesting selection of fresh home-made icecream!! The ferry times varied to those posted, but no-one seemed bothered ... in the end it's all about "pura vida" here in Costa Rica... pure life at it's own wonderful, slow pace.
I think some of it has to do with the heat!! It mellows you out to where you'll do anything for anyone as long as you don't have to move too much!! On Monday night, as I climbed into bed, the thought crossed my mind that this truly would be the night that I would simply melt away... they'd find my bones on my bed a couple of days later, but there'd be no mystery to solve... the ticans in Golfito would just do some communal head nodding as they agree'd I'd finally succumbed to the heat! JUST WISH I'D SEEN THAT ICECREAM STORE SOONER!

Costa Rica
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02/23/2011 | Star Hansen
Yum, those ice cream flavors look amazing! Can't wait to see you in a few days!!!
02/27/2011 | Kellie
What a delight reading about your adventures. Thank you!
06/14/2011 | jeniffer yak
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10/12/2011 | Heather
Happy Birthday xxxxx so glad youre home with us this year...
What the storm blew in?!
02/11/2011, Golfito, CR

I've been woken up in interesting ways since we've been in Costa Rica:
coconuts landed on the tin roof of my cabina in Zancudo my first visit there and gave me a heck of a fright! This week when I was back in Zancudo I woke up to hear some serious scratching on my cabina tin roof, followed by a rustle in the bushes right next to my head (there are no window panes in these cabinas!) and then a loud thud!! I stuck my head out to see a large iguana had landed on the ground... I'm not sure who was more surprised to see who, but I was definitely wide awake!
Late yesterday afternoon we had a fabulous storm in the bay: thunder, lightning and torrents of rain that washed BLUE and cooled the air, and I sat outside getting wet and enjoying every drop of it!
Sometime during the night I felt something hard creep over my back! I flicked it off, kept half an eye open just in case this "thing" came back... and fell back to sleep. I woke up this morning to the sounds of scratching on the floor next to my bed, and then I remembered the creepy experience in the night... and I was ready, but definitely not expecting to see a crab staring back at me with pincers ready for a fight!! I called for Nev and then remembered he wasn't here!:( So I bravely threw my t-shirt over the big little guy and tossed him overboard! I can only think he must've climbed up one of our anchor lines!!
So, tonight......???

Costa Rica
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02/13/2011 | Leslie
So glad you aren't crossing the Pacific now. We will be in Carpenteria & Santa Barbara Feb 18-20th. Let me know if you will be back so we might be able to see you. Those creepy things that go bump in the night unnerve me...
Breezes and beaches in Zancudo
02/06/2011, Zancudo, CR

BLUE is safely tied up to a floating dock in front of "Land Sea" and Tim keeps a close eye out for her and me, so left her in his care for 2 nights to explore some of the area surrounding this hot little town of Golfito.
A water taxi whizzed me out of the heat of Golfito to a stunning beach called Playa Zancudo, and I couldn't believe my luck when I stepped onto land and walked the mile down to my cabina at Sol Y Mar carrying my backpack and picnic bag! This little place is a well kept secret. There is only one road, a grocery and hard ware store, a number of bars and restaurants, a fishing lodge, and three cabs that may or may not be running depending on the mood! There is a gentle breeze blowing almost constantly in Zancudo, and the wide beach at low tide stretches for miles just begging to be walked on - of course I did! This would be the best place to have a bonfire every night - there are piles and piles of gorgeous driftwood washed up with the tide and I seriously tried to figure out how to get one back to BLUE so that I might try my hand at carving something for the garden (maybe I have been alone too long!!).
My cabin was comfy, the howler monkeys or falling coconuts on the roof woke me each morning ensuring I got an early start, I spent a lot of time reading my new Bryce Courtenay book, I walked miles, the wine I took along with me tasted better than expected each evening as I sat on the beach and watched the sun set... and I met a sweet young Italian lady, Nadia.
Thanks to her I may have my job lined up for me when I get back! I got up at
5 am and spent the morning learning how to make fresh Italian bread... she also gave me her pizza recipe. I reckon maybe I could sell bread and pizza to the yates in our marina once BLUE is home in her slip! I guess I should make a couple of loaves first!!
I loved the gentle breeze and this stunning beach so much that I booked to go back next week for 2 more nights... or maybe I'll be brave and catch the ferry over to Puerto Jiminez... the thought has also crossed my mind to catch the bus to Panama... we are sooooooooo close to the border! Not sure if I'm quite brave enough to do that alone...

Costa Rica
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02/08/2011 | Star Hansen
Yum! Fresh Italian bread... can't wait to try it : )
We are looking forward to seeing you soon.
Better together!
02/06/2011, Golfito, CR

I am tearful as I write this, but it's a mix of happy and sad, and that's not all bad!
We have decided to return to the States for a while so that Nev can be more involved in the daily business of Volutone. He's been home a week already, attended lots of meetings, and is excited about the company and the plans they have for the next year.
We looked at all our options for continued travel and BLUE, but came to the conclusion we're all just better together! So we're going to ship BLUE home to Oxnard, Ca, and continue to live aboard, hoping to keep some semblance of this simple life that we have grown to love so.
YachtPath has a scheduled pick-up from Golfito in the first week of March and we are booked to have BLUE loaded up then... we're not sure if I'll continue to stay down here until then or go home... we miss each other lots... we've been together 24/7 for a long time, and it has been fabulous! Sometimes we'd say "Well, if this is as far as we get, it would still have been worth every minute", and it has been glorious.
We want to continue this gypsy life to some extent, so we're looking to buy an old VW van that we can convert for weekend travels. With BLUE we'll continue to explore the California coastline... and, of course, we'll be close to our kids and our family and friends, and that is good!
We think we're pretty lucky fish!
(PS We're going to continue the blog... there is still so much ahead of us!!)

Costa Rica
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Sweet nature!
02/02/2011, Golfito, CR

In the past few days I have been blessed to taste the sweetness of nature, both human and earthy! People here have been amazing since Nev left, and I am being watched and cared for more than I imagined possible! Thanks to all of you on the boats that have moved in and out of Golfito since we arrived, and for those who are sharing their own personal life changes in the bay with me at the moment... "Rumb Line", "Calypso", "Damiana", "Santorini", "The Royal Exchange", and Dawn and Randy who are guests of the marina... you are in our hearts forever!
Today I went out with "Rumb Line" and "Calypso" to a 50 acre ranch north of Golfito renowned for their orchids and vast collection of plants, some I've never heard of, others I've heard of and never seen.
We saw Chocolate trees, Pickle trees, Cannon Ball trees, orchids that reminded me of my dad and others that I know he would've loved to see, crabs crawling over the sweet nectar of wild shampoo ginger flowers, macaws... or were those parrots?? We weren't sure but we were thrilled to see their bright colors as 5 of them flew overhead.... an unusual place to visit, great if you're wanting to practice your photography skills!
I wished we'd packed a picnic lunch so that we could linger longer...

Costa Rica
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