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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
Only two goals!
04/29/2013, Cannon Beach, Oregon.

The update came through again the next morning: Nev, Matt and BLUE were doing well despite a bumpy night, both of them so tired at this point that they actually got some good sleep, and they were going to keep moving... and so I needed to as well. I set two goals for myself that day and was lucky enough to achieve both!
#1 Lunch at the Pelican Pub in Pacific City which Nev and I had visited last time we drove this coastline, but only after hiking the massive sand dune nearby. I hiked up in 10 minutes and down in 2... the views were stunning and I could see a boat way out at sea that I decided was BLUE and took comfort! Lunch of steamed clams loaded with garlic and parsley was scrumptious!
#2 To walk Cannon Beach. Matt had recommended this stop and he was right. My campsite at Sea Venture Campground was the best so far along the way, just far enough from the 101 to be quiet and close enough to the beach to walk. The tide, once again, was way out, at least a quarter of a mile I would say (probably due to the full moon), and the chilly air kept me moving along quickly. The Tillamook Bay Lighthouse is clearly visible and, again, I felt comfy knowing that Nev and Matt were going to be safely passing by guided by its light. The fog early morning has been dense all along the way, burning off around 2 in the afternoon... the lighthouses were more valuable to me now than ever before.
I planned to stay for two nights... thought it would be good to settle for a day or so before packing up again. But that was not to be as the men checked in and said they were keeping on track and expected to round Cape Flattery and into the Straits of Juan de Fuca early Sunday morning!! They were moving faster than I was!
I planned my trip for the next morning, it was going to be a 5 and a half hour drive to Neah Bay, and climbed into bed early after a delicious meal of mushrooms cooked in coconut butter which I enjoyed around my campfire built out of Colgate toothpaste boxes, the only kindling I could find!!

A second chance
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A close second!
04/29/2013, Honeyman Campground, Oregon

The call from the men came in to say they were going to keep going - sea conditions were uncomfortable but not bad, and the weather was holding for now.
And so I began my trip up the coastline and decided I would keep going until I felt led to stop. Had a great hour visiting with Rosie and Mark in Klamath before crossing into Oregon.
Aaah, Oregon! I'm sorry California, but my vote for "most gorgeous coastline in America" has to go to Oregon... just mile after mile off rugged, stunning beauty, and I wanted to walk every one of them! On a whim I picked Pistol Beach for my walk that day, and I'm so glad I did... the tide was way out and the beach stretched forever. Found the most perfect heart shaped rock, a gorgeous piece of abalone shell, and lots of kindling for my fire that night.
My travels took me past Bandon Dunes, Coos Bay, and Winchester Bay... was starting to get late so I needed to find a campground; next one that came up: Honeyman campground, 10 minutes south of Florence. No radio or cell contact with BLUE at this point so I decided since I couldn't be with my honey this would suffice! It was a great pick, and an interesting evening as I was joined by my neighbor, Sean, who educated me about all kinds of things including Ecstasy, the lifestyle of a DJ, the history of supermarkets in America, to name a few!
The people we meet along the way make the journey so interesting.
I cooked Turkey meatballs over the fire that night on a wooden stick... except the stick kept catching fire before the meatballs were ready... tomorrow I'll have to buy some skewers!
The amazing thing is when Nev and I were able to connect the next morning BLUE was passing by Florence as I was driving through! So close....

A second chance
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It is well with my soul.
04/24/2013, Trinidad, CA

I waved the men off from the bridge in Fort Bragg and watched them quickly disappear into the morning fog... the seas were calm and there wasn't a breath of wind. It was going to be a perfect day for an overnighter to Brookings, Oregon.
Last night we celebrated their late, safe arrival from Bodego Bay into Fort Bragg and Matt's birthday, which is today! Happy birthday again Matt :)
I had a fabulous time collecting sea glass on Sea Glass Beach in FB before winding my way along the gorgeous coastline and through the surrounding redwoods - God's country for sure! When I got to Eureka I was concerned - my first glimpse of the ocean in a couple of hours revealed many, many whitecaps on the wind whipped waves.
In Trinidad, one of my favorite towns along this coastline, I met crabber Jim on the dock and we chatted about the weather, the sea conditions and the coastline. He reassured me the men would be fine, and I believed him. He also told me that in the first 6 weeks of this crabbing season they had brought in a million pounds of crab amongst all the crabbers in the bay!!! Can you imagine that! Shortly afterwards I got a message from Nev on the Sat phone to say they were fine :)
So tonight I am settled in a safe campsite in Emerald Forest amongst the redwoods, happy to know that all is well with the world: Stephen and Candace had a fantastic time in Panama, he has his military interview scheduled for May 3rd in Vacaville which he is excited about, Christopher is down to the last month of school at USC and the wedding invitations went out on Monday, Dlllon was in New York with his Sarah this past weekend, Daxton is recovering from a cold, Trev is doing an awesome job at Volutone... in fact, every one at Volutone is doing an awesome job! Thank you all so very much... we look forward to seeing you in July.
Plus I am pretty proud of myself: I was able to pop DAZI's top by myself, hook up the inverter so I could write this blog, and start a great fire!!
It is well with my soul.

A second chance
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04/28/2013 | Maria Neveling
WOW ! Sounds like all is going great. Very happy for you guys. ;)
PS: The sunset really was stunning!!
04/23/2013, Ocean Cove

Thanks for the sunsets!

A second chance
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What? Where? When? How?
04/23/2013, Bodego Bay

Maggie cant find her phone. She cant find her keys or her camera either. We can't find a good weather window... how are we going to get to the next anchorage?? Just kidding!
We've had an awesome couple of days exploring the area around Bodego Bay while waiting for the wind to settle... looks as though we'll be able to take off again tomorrow morning headed for Fort Bragg. All is good.
We spent Saturday night camped around Lake Sonoma - gorgeous country, and last night we camped on the cliffs of Ocean Cove - the sunset was incredible and I allowed Maggie to take more than one photo!
I've got blisters on my heels from walking... I hate it, but I love it!
I just hope that Maggie is safe driving while we're out fishing!!

A second chance
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What the wind blew in!
04/20/2013, Bodego Bay

It was a fabulous moment as I stood photographing BLUE going under the Golden Gate Bridge headed north. The morning was glorious with not a breath of wind and the guys were on their way by 6:45 am. I jumped into DAZI and made my way to the Sausalito side of the bridge for the best vantage point with the least amount of traffic to negotiate!
And then I headed off along the CA-1 to Bonito Point Light House, on through and around Tomales Bay, with Punta Reyes as my goal for a long hike. I was lucky to meet a guide there who recommended a trail and off I went... she forgot to mention that the first 3 miles were straight up to 1200 feet and I huffed and puffed my way up accompanied only by a pesky horsefly and my own beads of sweat!! The day was gorgeous and I was thrilled that the guys were having such a great first day out.
Back to DAZI and an icy cold beer I went after completing my 61/2 mile hike, headed for Dillon Beach. It was only then that I realized just how hard the wind had been blowing out at sea and I was worried.
Finally got a call from Nev around 4pm to say they were coming in to Bodego Bay... I was so happy to see BLUE coming down the channel but no more so than the boys themselves... it had been pretty rough out there, winds up to 30 knots, waves on the bow, etc. BLUE held her course... little else in BLUE did!!
Checking the weather, it looks as though this will be home for a couple of days as we wait for the winds to die down. Matt has opted to hang out on BLUE while Nev and I head out to explore the area along the Russian River.
We're safe... and we're on our way :)

A second chance
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04/22/2013 | Brad Ramer
The photo of Blue under the bridge is absolutely beautiful. I love it. Excited about following your journey North. May it be a grand adventure. We wish you a bon voyage!
Brad and Lisa, formerly of Tenacious Grace
04/22/2013 | maggie
thanks Brad and Lisa - so good to hear from you!

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