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Lucky Fish
the adventure has begun
Happy Mother's Day!
05/16/2013, Grace Harbor, Desolation Sound

To all the mom's out there whom I know and love... happy belated Mother's Day :)
Most especially to my own mum who I owe my life and deepest thanks to for the love she has always so selflessly lavished on my sister and I, no matter what. I love you Mum!
Thanks for the calls precious children x eight of mine, and for the extra calls and texts from my sis, Mike, Donna, Gayle and Linda... it sure helped to fill the miles between us.
Trev and Star gave me their bottle of BLUE's red (the last I know of in existence!) when we left after Dax's birthday, with instructions to drink it whenever I thought the moment was right, and this was it!
We barbecued pork ribs and drank our wine and thanked God for all we love and call our own family and friends xx

A second chance
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05/17/2013 | Heather
smiles..glad you had a good day!! Miss you xx
05/17/2013 | Tom
Well it sounds like a great adventure. Glad you have really good friends along the way.
Amazing Grace.
05/11/2013, Grace Harbor, Desolation Sound

We woke up this morning to light rain and 5 prawns in our three traps - not enough for a meal yet, but they're accumulating in the freezer.
We passed by Neville Island, a rocky outcrop, at 2:30 this afternoon in the pouring rain before dropping anchor in gorgeous Grace Harbor. We are amazed that we have internet reception... we feel so far away from the rest of the world.
The traps are down for tonight, 2 prawn traps and 2 crab traps... I think that's why we're not sleeping so well lately: cant wait to see what's in our traps in the morning!!

A second chance
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05/12/2013 | Heather
I have linked your blog to dont be surprised if strangers start dropping in :)
05/12/2013 | Heather
oops here is the link to Muze
A whole lot of firsts!
05/11/2013, Walsh Cove, Desolation Sound

Had a whole lot of "firsts" today:
- Entered Desolation Sound around 10:30am
- Saw my first waterfall tumbling from thousands of feet into the ocean at my feet
- Saw my first bald eagle as he sat on a tree nearby giving BLUE a once over
- Got my first mozzie bite under my chin
- Harvested my first bucket of oysters
- Set two prawn traps at 300 feet
- Cooked and ate my first bbq'd oyster after reading all my recipe books, and we
survived the night.
What an incredible day! Nev is loving introducing me to this world that he loves so much, and I'm loving it... it's not as cold as I had thought it would be!

A second chance
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05/17/2013 | Larry Hofstad
We're sitting here in Petersburg, can't wait to see you, it has been so long. We should be here most of the summer. Give me a call the # is (907)518-1436.
The seagulls entangled!
05/11/2013, Miltenatch Isalnd, Straits of Georgia

Our friend Blake recommended this stop... he knows our "seagulls entangled" story and thought we would enjoy it here. We did. We absolutey loved this tiny island known for little rainfall and cacti, both rareaties in this part of the world.
It is a bird sanctuary for Glaucous-winged gulls amongst other birds, and we sat and watched the seagulls entangle all around us with huge grins on our faces!! Neither one of us had ever seen it happen before. The trails wound through thick grass and bush and opened to tremendous views of the ocean, wild flowers and thousands of gulls calling at the tops of their voices as we threatened their boundaries without meaning to.
The sunset was stunning at 8:45pm and Nev and I are adjusting to going to bed so much later than we ever used to! Cocktail hour begins at 7pm up here!

A second chance
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05/12/2013 | Barbara G
How cool that we still have a connection with you all the way up there! The fishing sounds great, and I'm sorry that I can't be there to! Keep in touch and continue sharing the pictures.
Jedediah, Stephen and Don!
05/11/2013, Long Bay, Jedediah Island

We celebrated being in the Straits of Georgia, in Long Bay on Jedediah Island, seemingly in a world of our own as the silence of the water in our anchorage and the snow capped mountain peaks around us was deafening.
We celebrated news today of Stephen's acceptance into the Air Force Reserve and said loud prayers for his safety. We are thrilled and excited about this new chapter in his and Candace's life together... such adventure!
Simultaneously, 19 hours ahead of us, Don was celebrating his 70th birthday in New Zealand. It was wonderful to hear his familiar voice and smile as he admonished "The Thief" (Nev) once more for stealing his dinghy in Mexico!
Deep Bay was Nev's first stop after Nanaimo when he and the boys went to Alaska on BLUE in 2007. It was filled with 4 boats when we got there which was disappointing. We moved on to Long Bay, an undocumented anchorage that had us on our toes as we anchored in a really narrow spot and did our first dual stern tie and anchor successfully!
We hiked together over the island and then Nev went fishing while I made curry - I should've known he'd come back with scrummy dinner - a lingcod!!

A second chance
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08/10/2013 | Dudley Do-right
How nice to catch a Ling Cod, count yourself lucky. But please, no fishing as Long Bay & Bull Passage is within a Rockfish Conservation area. Please visit the BC Sport Fishing Guide for more information.
Smiles in Nanaimo
05/08/2013, Nanaimo, BC

Nanaimo is a beautiful harbour city in British Columbia, our first time together on Canadian soil this trip, and we have loved our two days here.
The old downtown area is quaint and filled with interesting stores that I enjoyed exploring yesterday while Nev was out with Bill, a friend last seen 40 odd years ago when Nev, Mike and Denis drove to Alaska, and with whom we reconnected the first night we arrived - lots of memories were relived that evening! The harbour has a couple of docks specifically for float planes to draw up to - I loved watching them come in and take off... never seen that before.
I found a cute store "Cowabunga" filled with hippy memorabilia and lots of quotes... the one that's had me smiling off and on since said: "Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth" I bought it and it sits next to our toothbrushes in our bathroom now!
Opposite our marina is Newcastle Island which I hiked around yesterday afternoon - saw my first totem pole, fields of white daisies, Canadian geese by the hundreds, and stunning views of the waters outside of the harbour that we will be crossing when we leave today... it was a fabulous two hours!
In the meanwhile Bill was introducing Nev to a friend with a history of fishing these waters for four generations! He arrived back on BLUE with a new shrimp trap, tuna cat food to lure the crabs (?) and some smelly stuff to attract the shrimp! We are so ready for our first meal out of this part of the ocean!
Our sadness came with a call from Dill whose dog and best buddy, Rooster, died yesterday, run over by a car... these are the times when being away from home are hardest! We love you Dill... praying for you xx

A second chance
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