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We made it!
Vivien. 95
04/15/2012, Huatulco

We had a 5 day passage down to the most southern part of Mexico before crossing the Gulf of Tehuantepec. We are in Huatulco and I have never seen water this clean or warm. We are at a marina after being underway for 3 weeks. It feels really good to be still and make coffee without holding some part of the boat. The showers here are outdoors which we found surprising but confirms the warm climate year round. More later after catching up with errands.

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04/25/2012 | Bill Lofgren
Glad you made it. Had to Wiki that location, let me know how the coffee is there. Sounds like a good place. Latest news from ALU-Petaluma is that Kim Brand is quitting and taking a VW micro-bus tour of the US for the next year. I have another Blog to follow now!
05/01/2012 | Joel
We got some great coffee at the mercado in Zihuatinejo. Can't wait to try some that I bought here. I'm used to dark roasting but they don't seem to do that down here. Vivien is all about Peet's in CA. But this is better! Wow someone quoting and not being laid off. Things must be going well for ALU now! ;)
05/20/2012 | Tom Wordell
Viv & Joel - get some pics up from Huatulco! Sounds like a paradise with the clear water, great snorkling, and wonderful people. Would love to see it through your eyes (or camera).
Best - Tom
Happy Easter
04/08/2012, Playa de la Ropa/ Zihuatenjo

We wish you all a Happy Easter and a joyous spring

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04/08/2012, Ixtapa

We went to Ixtapa, five miles from Zihuatenjo to refuel and get water. Shortly upon our arrival, a neighbor gave us a kilo of freshly caught tuna so we had Sushi for dinner. The full moon came up over the horizon and we saw a bonfire in the distance and heard some lovely music. Following our senses, we were serenaded by a 15 piece mariachi band who were just jamming spontaneously on the beach. We took a photo with the "band" and they really hammed it up. There was some excitement this morning as we watched a para sailor slowly fall from the sky into the water. The boat pulling it apparently lost power and the two people in the sky with a parachute descended into the water. Instead of the resurrection on Easter Day they had the opposite experience. We haven't seen any more tourists going up today. I might be pessimistic, but I think that would be bad for "business". Easter is a big deal here so there are thousands of people on the beaches with tents and umbrellas swimming in their clothes with huge smiles on their faces.

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Jungle Ride
04/08/2012, Mantanchen

We took a jungle ride through the backwaters of Mantanchen where we saw crocodiles, turtles, a variety of birds and had a lovely lunch. We passed by these huts built on the water which have recently been used in a Hollywood film.

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flying the spinnaker
Vivien 80's
03/28/2012, Bahia Santiago

We've had a great few months of sailing the mainland of Mexico. We tried out some new sail combinations which include our spinnaker. It is so beautiful so see the front of the boat lit up with color. Juliette was very amused by this as well as the blue footed boobies. They kept flying by our bow and checking out the huge sail.
Here's video footage of the passage:

Then we had very light winds so Joel set up the sails wing on wing. We looked like a giant butterfly sailing down the coast. We were going 6 knots which is lightning speed for our Winnebago Lady Ann.
If you have time here's footage of that:

Now we are heading farther south to Zihuatenejo and then to Huatulco which is the last stop before Guatemala. We're loving it out here as the sea is so rejuvenating.

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President Calderon
Vivien 80's
03/28/2012, La Cruz

President Calderon showed up at our Marina in La Cruz for the international sailing race. I've never seen anything like the security. A week before he arrived there were military at every corner. Then a few days before they had dogs sniffing about and about 100 navy, army personnel carrying rifles with stern faces. The day of his arrival I went for my early morning walk. I saw divers in the water presumably looking for bombs and men dressed in white shirts and tan pants. I lost count of these men after about 150. They had the CIA look about them. Then an hour before he showed up a helicopter started flying all over the area. I looked up and noticed men with machine rifles on the rooftops. Then out of nowhere 4 helicopters came and, of course, we had no idea which one he was in. He stepped off with a white shirt and tan pants so he looked just like his staff but was also wearing a hat. He stepped aboard a yacht with all his television crew, press etc. It was fascinating to watch all the fuss. It caused me to wonder what it would feel like to have your life in danger all the time. I have never been that close to a president of a country before and found it all very interesting.

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