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Madcap Sailing
Country Mice Visit the City
Beth / 80F !!
21/01/2010/9:14 am, Fort Lauderdale, FL

As we came through the inlet at Fort Lauderdale we spied three cruise ships tied up at the terminals and it felt a wee bit like Halifax! The similarity ended pretty soon though as we turned the corner north and headed up the ICW toward the New River. There were huge motor yachts and mansions on all sides.

We had been playing games with speed during the last part of the trip down the outside from Lake Worth, first thinking we didn't want to make the inlet too early and then thinking maybe an early arrival would be good. The reasoning behind all this is fourfold.

The New River, flowing down into Port Everglades is swift moving, winding and busy. There are three lift bridges (four if you count the railroad bridge which is usually up) that we would have to get through. They all open on request - except from 4:30 to 6 p.m. (NOT 4:30 to 5:30 as it says in our guidebooks). It gets dark around 6 p.m. (although there is still quite a lot of ambient light). Because of the swift current, it is important to arrive at the marina at slack tide. Complicating this last bit is the fact that slack tide at Sailors Bend - where Cooley's Landing is located - is not easily apparent without local knowledge.

You know already that this all turned out happily, so perhaps you can just recreate the tension as I tell you the rest of the story.

We had been on the phone with both a fellow from the marina and with our friend, Steve (Princess). We had read the books and charts so we knew what markers in what order. We came through Port Everglades Inlet at 3:50, cleared the 55 foot bridge and were making our way north on the ICW as I got on the radio to call the first opening bridge (3rd Ave.) When I asked the bridgemaster if he thought we could make all the bridges before they closed, he said, "Maybe." Fortunately, Matt - the New River Dockmaster broke in to say he didn't think we could. (Just like the old telephone days when party lines were open and anyone with more information could interject!)

Matt suggested that we hold off, explaining that even if we did get up there, the tide wouldn't be slack at the Marina and we couldn't get in anyway. He gave specific instructions for where we could stop along the wall just before the 3rd Ave bridge and agreed to be there to catch our lines. Steve and Sandra called to say they'd be there too so then all we had to do was get there!

The mansions and yachts lining the river were enormous and as Jim navigated and I readied lines and fenders, we tried to take peeks at them. As we rounded Tarpon Bend - marker G 11 - we met a 40 ft motor yacht but both Jim and the other helmsman skillfully passed each other. Soon enough, we came to the bend in the river where we could see Matt, Steve, and Sandra on the bank where we were to tuck in between two boats (always a trick with this boat - full keel and no fancy bow thrusters). Jim did a masterful job and with much help from the shore crew, we got tied up and then looked around at upward at the breathtaking sight. Huge condo and apartment buildings on both sides of the river - giant motor and sail boats ahead and behind - people everywhere. It was just awesome.

After celebratory dark'n'stormies, Sandra, Steve, Jim and I walked up to Cooley's Landing to eyeball the trip we'd take the next morning. A delicious pasta dinner on Princess topped off the evening and we strolled back to Madcap in the heart of the evening action, had a surprisingly quiet night, and woke up to watch more boat movement and chat with the many folks out for morning strolls and dog walks.

Slack tide at Cooley's landing is one half hour before and after high tide at Andrews St bridge and between 2 and 3 hours after low tide at Andrews St bridge. This meant that the optimum time for us to depart in the morning would be around 11. About that time, the railroad bridge was frequently closed while people were working on it and the traffic on Channel 09 was constant as boats called the bridges. We managed to break in and requested an opening of the 3rd Ave bridge while the railroad bridge was up, dropped our lines and headed up river.

It all went very well, and even though Jim sprouted some more grey hairs as we held in place for the Andrews Bridge, we had no close calls. There were 3 vessels outbound there and when I asked if they would please let us come through first because we were being pushed by current, there was no hesitation and the first boat called back, "Sure, come on through, sweetheart!" (I don't always take kindly to being called sweetheart by complete strangers, but sometimes it is just fine!)

As we turned the corner by the Performing Arts Centre, I heard folks on the board walk call out, "Madcap! Madcap! We read your blog!" What a rush that was! I think they said they are friends of Carole and Richard's but that's all I caught (so I hope you'll send a message or come by Cooley's Landing!)

By the time we got to the marina just past the 7th Ave bridge, Steve and Sandra were ready to catch our lines. The tide was not quite slack but the current was not so strong that we couldn't make the turn into our slip. If you zoom in on Google Earth with the coordinates above, you'll be able to see in fine detail right where we are. (Not Madcap herself, of course, but the slip!)

We had no plans to come here until the combination of friends and weather made it a good option, but having done so, we wouldn't have missed this trip up the river for anything, and we're all set to enjoy a few days here. We're in the heart of the city - an easy riverside walk from the Performing Arts Centre, a lively Irish Pub, the historic district, and just a few blocks from Las Olas Blvd. It is a good place to be!

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02/02/2010/12:29 pm | Carole Noble
The four people standing beside the New River who yelled hello as you cruised by were Bob and I (Sea Change) and Bill and Mary (Southern Vectis). We all read your blog. From September 08 to June 09, Bob and I cruised from Lake Ontario to the Bahamas and back. I had printed out your entire blog from the year before as well as that of Strathspey and used them as guides for our trip. You write a wonderful and detailed blog that we found very useful - even using it to find our way to the Oven Rock Cave in the Exumas. We are now rooted in Markham but flew to Florida for 2 weeks and spent a night on Bill and Mary's boat - Southern Vectis. They are now in Miami waiting to cross to the Bahamas. We envy all of you and wish we could be there. I spoke to Carole (Kilissa) a few days ago. We really enjoyed our times with them while we were all anchored in Pipe Creek last winter.
Happy Sailing - from Bob and Carole (Sea Change)
The New River
Beth / sleeveless shirt, sun screen, sweating! Yeah!
20/01/2010/2:59 pm, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Oh My Goodness!!! We made it up the New River! What an awesome experience. White Knuckle for sure but wouldn't have missed it for the world. Spent Tuesday night on the wall just before the 3rd Ave bridge because we couldn't make the openings before the rush hour closure and then it would be dark. Safely got the rest of the way to Cooley's Landing on Wed. Will update lat and long and tell you more later!

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21/01/2010/9:23 am | Duane Gallagher
I enjoy reading your blog! I've been following you guys on my computer for a while. I just thought I'd let you know how much I enjoy reading about your travels. Enjoy your trip!
On the Outside
Beth / lovely days! cool on water but sunny. Warm once we stop
19/01/2010/2:53 pm, Lake Worth

Sails are up these days! We left Vero Beach about noon on Sunday and used the staysail to help us along down the ICW to Ft Pierce. It really helped too because when we rolled it in just before the bascule bridge, we dropped almost 2 knots. On Monday, we motorsailed (with the main and the yankee) on the outside to Lake Worth. I wished - as always - that we could dispense with the engine entirely but we'd have run the risk of not making our anchorage till dusk and we'd rather not take the chance.

There was a lot more wind than we had expected on Sunday afternoon and we took a look at the anchorage just past the bascule bridge because it would be more protected from the W wind, but after a short circle in, the depth was dropping rapidly and there wasn't a lot of room anyway. We continued to the Causeway Island anchorage where we stopped two years ago. It is important to stay close to the 2 reds leading through that channel after leaving the ICW at R 188. The shoals are encroaching, and the G shown on the chart is missing. There were only 3 other boats there so even though the wind was still strong, we were in 20 feet of water we could let out lots of chain. Fortunately, by about 6:30 the wind dropped from the 20 kn with gusts to 30 that we had been seeing and stayed down all night.

We spent Monday night at the anchorage just inside Lake Worth Inlet, left about 7:30 and sailed outside to Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday where we plan to stay a few days at Cooley's Landing Marina on the New River for a few days.

I heard someone say on the radio, "The water is BLUE!" and sure enough, it is now. There were 4 or 5 other boats out there on Tuesday, the sun was shining even though the wind was fairly cool and it was a beautiful day to be on the water. I looked at the ICW chart now and then and said to Jim, "If we were inside we'd be coming to this bridge now." or "The channel would be really narrow there." How lovely not to have to worry about those things any more.

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