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Madcap Sailing
Makin' Tracks
Beth / 80's with a bit of a breeze
14/05/2010/9:00 am, St Augustine, FL

We made it to St Augustine! A total of 30 hours (from Vero Beach down to Ft Pierce in the ICW and back up the coast), 6 of them under sail alone, and the rest motor sailing with varying levels of the "motor" part. 168.4 nautical miles.

As I seem to be saying more and more often, I'll write details later. We had a good trip, in company with Bruce on Zingara, got in here about 1:30 on Friday, and are anchored on the north side of the Bridge of Lions. We'll explore around here for a day and probably leave on Sunday to go up to Fernandina Beach.

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15/05/2010/11:45 am | Nancy and Jim
Glad you made it safely to St. Augustine, but still happy that you stopped in Vero for awhile first.
16/05/2010/5:21 am | Rob Wells
Hope you have a safe passage today assuming you ship out as planned. Remember it is not over until the lines are passed off to the marina. It is funny how as a lurker I am sorry to see this journey come to a close. Could be that I enjoy a closer connection now than I will have when we are drifting back and forth into each otherís community on a regular basis. Say nothing that you are living my dream.
I hope you realize my infrequent comments were in respect of your spotty Wi-Fi connections not disinterest.
Come see us when you can, you canít miss the joint now with our bright red barn.
Hope you have an easy passage into Canada with their host of questions from Apples to zoological items.
18/05/2010/3:44 pm | Glen Gray
Sorry we missed you folks in the Abacos, maybe next year? We are sailing the west coast from Juneau to Victoria this summer, which should be different than the Bahamas...
safe journey home!
glen & louise
Finally Leaving - and New "Stuff"
Beth / overcast with a nice breeze
13/05/2010/5:43 am, Vero Beach, FL

It's early morning, and we are heading out of Vero Beach. The birds are chirping and dolphins fishing and all is well.

We had a fabulous last meal at the Dockside Grill last evening (thanks Pat and Wayne for introducing us to it) Have I mentioned before how much I love to dinghy to dinner, dine well, then get back in my little boat to come home to the big boat? There is still something so exotic about it.

I added details to the Stomping Grounds post and the Whooda Thunkit Post and stuck in another one on Guana Cay so there's more reading material there if you're interested! See you soon!!

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Slow and Steady? or Just Slow!
Beth / 80's cooler in evenings - mostly
12/05/2010/4:14 pm, Vero Beach, FL

The "S" word can be applied to both our sailing and my blogging lately ... not that we've been in much of a hurry this winter at all.

We came in to Vero Beach on Friday morning, thinking it would be for a day or two and we're still here.

Just as it has happened every other time, our leisurely pace has proven to be comfortable and enlightening. Yes, we are in the USA with all its busyness and opportunities, with its automobile-based patterns of movement, with stores and TV and Coast Guard and Sea Tow and other chatter on the VHF. But we are still on a boat, and still living a cruiser's life. We still read books rather than newspapers. We listen to birds and waves rather than TV or radio (admittedly, the no radio part is because ours doesn't work). We still meet people on the dock or in the boaters' lounge or when our dinghies cross paths rather than through planning or formal invitations. We watch dolphins play by the side of the boat as we sip our morning coffee and admire parrots in the trees. We are remembering again to relax and shrug off bureaucratic blundering.

I'll tell you first about the "bb". We thought we were being so smart last fall, by arranging our cruising permit (given by US Customs and Border Protection) so it would expire while we were out of the country. We had asked for a 6 month one that would expire automatically, but the very nice officer in Baltimore said she preferred to give us a 1 year one, and told us send it to her when we left the country and she would cancel it. Well, that sounded fine to us. When we left in January, we mailed it in. The trouble is that she didn't cancel it.

The permit runs until November 2, 2010 so we are fine to move about on it until then. The difficulty comes 15 days after that time when, as happened last trip, an officer might say, "Oh no, I can't give you a new permit because you are not just coming in from foreign." On the other hand, we may find an officer who has no problem with disregarding that requirement and we'll be fine. The nice but non-sailing officer at Ft. Pierce told us off-handedly, "It's no problem, just go over to the Bahamas one day and back the next and you'll be eligible for a permit." Right.

One would think they would be interested in a system that is clear, standard across the country, and requires a minimum of effort to enforce. They have so many complications and variations from region to region that it makes it very difficult for a cruiser to comply. At least this time all the folks we dealt with were pleasant and attempting to be helpful, and rather than informing us sternly that we were misinformed, this officer told us that we should be aware that not all offices interpret the "rules" in the same way. Right again.

One nice thing about USCBP is that checking in personally is very straightforward. Jim called them and gave our vessel number, passport numbers, address, date of departure etc. and got our confirmation number very quickly. No questions about how many bottles of alcohol or cartons of cigarettes or fruit or vegetables we had on board, or any of the minutiae that consume Canadian Customs and Immigration.

We dropped the anchor just off the Pelican Yacht Club in the first little bight off the south side of Ft. Pierce Inlet on Friday night. We came in the inlet at 10pm and didn't want to go searching around for deep water any further along. Since we planned to be in the area for a couple of days until the winds were better for a trip north, we headed up the ICW for the 15 miles to Vero Beach on Saturday morning.

Jim and Nancy (Solitaire) came in soon after us, and we were able to celebrate the safe arrival of both boats over champagne and pizza (a winning combination!) at their lovely condo that evening.

In the days since then, we've enjoyed lunch at Riverside Cafe near the marina in Vero (blackened scallops on caesar salad), a stellar lunch at Cobb's Landing in Fort Pierce (juicy grilled shrimp on spinach and goat cheese salad), Mother's Day happy hour chez Aadland with Nancy and Jim - also including Jay and Di (Far Niente) and Judy and Greg (My Destiny). We picked up a bagful of quality books at the Friends of the Library store ($1 apiece for hard cover and $.50 for paperback.) We bought and savoured strawberries and asparagus and plump shrimp and Ghirardelli chocolate and robust coffee at the Fresh Market. We've powerwalked the boardwalk and the beach, strolled the tree lined residential streets, and dinghied around the mooring field to see who's here.

We enjoyed meeting Ruth and Mark (Witchcraft) - a boat we'd seen in several Bahamian anchorages but never got to meet, and John and Jan (Solitude) and we chatted again with Chris and Frank (Melodeon). It was a joy to see Bruce (Zingara) again. In fact I had a blast one afternoon shopping for boats on the internet with him - boats for Bruce, not for us!! That guy is a real sailor - he used 5 gallons of fuel on his trip from Staniel Cay to Vero Beach - that's at least a couple of hundred miles!!

Oh - and how could I forget the showers? We've showered every single day - with lots of water! My shower on Saturday was the first one using more than a litre of water since Fresh Creek, Andros on Feb 14th!! Oh what luxury!

We'll be off in the morning - I think. The plan is to go down the ICW to Ft Pierce, out the inlet and then set our course for St Augustine. We think it will take 35 hours or so. We'll visit there for a day or two and move on to Fernandina Beach, where we are hauling out at Tiger Point Marine. Till then... Thanks for your comments, support and good wishes!

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13/05/2010/12:31 am | Jonathan
Hello! A friend suggested I troll sailing blogs and forums to find a summer adventure/possible job. I apologize for the unexpected message, but, well, here goes: I'm a 4th year jr. high teacher/tutor living in Walnut Creek, CA (all core subjects, esp. English, and also Bible, photography, volleyball), 29 years old, very fit, with sailing experience (including some racing in Marina Del Rey) and EMT trained. Jack of several trades (including cooking, guitar, etc). Are you willing/able to point me towards any wholesome people needing crew for a voyage this summer? Priority would go to a boat where I could earn some supplemental income or at least have expenses paid (especially a family with kids that I can tutor/teach onboard while also crewing). Crewfile and other sites haven't really turned up anything like this, so I hope word of mouth might! Again, sorry for any inconvenience, but I do hope to hear from you. Thank you!

-Jonathan Vince
14/05/2010/1:59 pm | Monica and Tony
We have enjoyed reading about your sailing exploits once again. wegather that this year's trip is almost at an end so we wish you all the best for haulout and the summer.Our boat is now at Trident.Tony did the "big" trip from Iroquois last week. It's still cool but might be better for the Victoria w/end. Enjoy the last few days of sailing.
Monica and Tony

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