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Madcap Sailing
Haul Out
Beth / 90's
28/05/2010/7:01 am, Tiger Point Marine, Fernandina Beach FL

The cruise of 2009/2010 is officially over.

We had Madcap hauled out at Tiger Point Marine yesterday afternoon. It all went well with very professional work by the yard folks. Bill (the owner) adjusted the sling so we wouldn't have to take down the radar pole and wind generator. My heart was in my mouth just in case the balance was thrown off but that man knew what he was doing and she came up level. Mike powerwashed off all the crud from the last 7 months in the water and she is now safely settled in a good sturdy cradle.

We spent the last several days unloading excess - clothing, parts, books, food, "stuff" that we had carried around "just in case", and disinfecting every surface and locker so there should be no growing things over the summer. The exterior wood has more coats of cetol, the stainless is shiny and we left pots of damp-rid and jars of mothballs all over the place.

We didn't have time to find the netting cover that some boats use, and our northern cover is much too heavy for this climate so we'll take our chances with the sun and see what happens.

We hit the road at 4:30 and will make our way in fits and starts northward to NS. We are currently driving a rental car (Maryland plates) that we're taking from Jacksonville to Boston for the princely sum of $12 per day. From there we have another rental from Boston to Halifax that will cost $18 if we can do it in one day. We hope all goes well getting across the border, because if we hit a snag in our plans we'll be like refugees waiting on the US side of the border for someone to cross over and pick us up (along with our whole mountain of assorted bags and boxes)!

I'll put up another post with statistics from the voyage. Once again, it has been a wonderful year!

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02/06/2010/7:35 am | Linda
I had a call from the NB / NS border last night alerting me to the fact that the MapCap crew had just blown into Nova Scotia. Seems like the driving bit went smoothly at least.
too busy to write!
Beth / hothothot
20/05/2010/5:22 pm, Fernandina Beach, FL

Once again - I am soooo far behind in the writing.

We are on the dock in Fernandina Beach - washing, cleaning, applying cetol, sorting, and doing all the other things that must be done before we haul out next Thursday at Tiger Point Marina.

We had a pile of fun in St. Augustine, gadding about with Zingara Bruce and a good run up here on Sunday. The weather is hot with a touch of a breeze at night - vastly different from when we were here in Jan!

We're off to Charlotte SC by car for a weekend visit with Sue and Terry, then back here and into the last mad rush.

More interesting stuff soon - relatively speaking!

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Makin' Tracks
Beth / 80's with a bit of a breeze
14/05/2010/9:00 am, St Augustine, FL

We made it to St Augustine! A total of 30 hours (from Vero Beach down to Ft Pierce in the ICW and back up the coast), 6 of them under sail alone, and the rest motor sailing with varying levels of the "motor" part. 168.4 nautical miles.

As I seem to be saying more and more often, I'll write details later. We had a good trip, in company with Bruce on Zingara, got in here about 1:30 on Friday, and are anchored on the north side of the Bridge of Lions. We'll explore around here for a day and probably leave on Sunday to go up to Fernandina Beach.

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15/05/2010/11:45 am | Nancy and Jim
Glad you made it safely to St. Augustine, but still happy that you stopped in Vero for awhile first.
16/05/2010/5:21 am | Rob Wells
Hope you have a safe passage today assuming you ship out as planned. Remember it is not over until the lines are passed off to the marina. It is funny how as a lurker I am sorry to see this journey come to a close. Could be that I enjoy a closer connection now than I will have when we are drifting back and forth into each otherís community on a regular basis. Say nothing that you are living my dream.
I hope you realize my infrequent comments were in respect of your spotty Wi-Fi connections not disinterest.
Come see us when you can, you canít miss the joint now with our bright red barn.
Hope you have an easy passage into Canada with their host of questions from Apples to zoological items.
18/05/2010/3:44 pm | Glen Gray
Sorry we missed you folks in the Abacos, maybe next year? We are sailing the west coast from Juneau to Victoria this summer, which should be different than the Bahamas...
safe journey home!
glen & louise

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