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Madcap Sailing
Back Aboard
Beth / 59F
07/01/2012/8:25 am, Harbortown Marina, Ft Pierce, FL

It was great to be home in Nova Scotia and now it's great to be home on Madcap.

We had a smooth trip south and arrived at Fort Lauderdale about 0015 hrs Thursday morning - just in time to pick up our rental car before the office closed. Jim managed to stay awake as we drove north but we were both very happy to tumble into our berth when we reached the marina at 0300 hrs. It was a cold one too - the temperature was in the 30's F and we piled on the blankets and plugged in our little heater.

We put our socks and shoes, long pants and sweaters back on when we got up at 8 but managed to lose most of them over the course of the day (replacing them with sandals and t-shirts of course!!)

Rather than get straight into boat work, we decided to take advantage of the car, and make a run down to Stuart to visit Steve and Sandi (Yonder) and what a good decision it was. Along with their friends, Gail and Al, from Fort Pierce, Pete from Port St Lucie and Joe (Gemini) on his way to the Bahamas, we gathered on the lovely patio of Sunset Bay Marina as the sun went down in a gloriously vibrant show of colour. Gail wanted us to experience Planet Ozone ( so we piled into cars and drove down Highway 1 a couple of miles to this fascinating gas station/deli/café. It is a "green" building with a marvelous variety of tasty products on the grocery shelves and delicious, affordable items on the menu. Do pay it a visit if you are in the Stuart area - we dined on lamb, chicken, grilled shrimp with veggies, rice and lentil pilaf, wonderful fresh tasting baba ganouj and tabbouleh. It is easy to eat healthily with examples like this.

Friday brought a trip to Publix for reprovisioning, and because we are in healthy, simple food mode, it didn't even cost us as much as I had expected. I was comparing prices between this Publix and the one in Fernandina Beach though, and things are more expensive here. At this point in other years, we were packing the boat with every snack, specialty food and paper product we would need for 3 months in the Bahamas, but this year is different. We'll be in the US for several weeks yet, and have many more opportunities to top up the larder. I do believe we're done for now - the lockers are full and I have all sorts of possibilities for a varied menu.

Jim got to choose the protein for tonight's dinner and arrived back at the cart with salmon - so roasted potatoes, green beans and poached salmon followed by a couple (maybe more like a small handful) of Mireille's chocolate covered blueberries made our first onboard dinner of 2012. We're off to a good start!

The last of the boat jobs (for now) will get done on Saturday and we'll head out the inlet and down to Lake Worth on Sunday. Jim is fashioning a rail mount for our outboard motor and I am sprucing up the hand rails on the cabin roof. The weather warms every day, the winds are light, and we are set to get moving.

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07/01/2012/12:29 pm | David MacDonald
Glad you're back safe and sound... just out of curiosity ... as you travel and with your provisioning ... is there anything specific from Canada that you miss the most that you can't get ?
08/01/2012/8:24 am | Pat Aben
29/01/2012/8:07 pm | Beth and Jim
David and Alex - I can tell you specifically that we miss the Dutchman's cheese and the Tangled Garden's jellies! Both are Nova Scotian treats for those of you who are not lucky enough to know them. Other things we can get in the US too - real maple syrup, good cheese, strong coffee, nuts, nut butters. I use many more condiments and spices than I started out with the first year. Pat - uhhh - not snow!!!!
Happy New Year
Beth / 9 C (about 40 F)
01/01/2012/7:03 am, Halifax NS (crew) boat in Ft. Pierce, FL

Happy New Year everyone!

We've had a busy time of it in Nova Scotia this Christmas - with family celebrations, the passing of my 96 year old aunt and subsequent cleaning out of her apartment, and here and there, a few more gatherings with friends. It is all part of life - the good, the sad, the disappointing, and the joyful - and we were glad to be home, but boy, are we tired out!

We've felt chilled to our very bones on some days, and have happily gone walking with just vests and sweaters on others (typically Halifax). We fit in visits to the Seaport Farmer's Market and yummy dinners, nightcaps with neighbours, church on Christmas Eve where the minister talked of the mysteries of string theory and Higgs boson particles (yikes - along with listening to the familiar and comforting story, I had to think!)

Because of our responsibilities connected with my aunt's passing, we had to change our plans to be back onboard Madcap today and will return on Jan 4th - well, we'll actually get to her on the 5th. And then - I expect it will be hurry, hurry again to get provisioned and ready to finally set off on this year's grand adventure to the Keys, Isla Mujeres and onward to new southern shores.

So - today - we sit with feet up, coffee (and later other potent drinks) in hand, with a plan to watch our local Rainmen trounce Oshawa in a basketball game at the Metro Centre this afternoon. (They did!)

We hope this will be a harbinger of 2012; some times of relaxation and cosying into familiar patterns, some times of wild excitement with a just a tinge of fear at the unknown, experiencing the joy of family and friends and the pleasures of learning new skills and charting new paths ... and the opportunity to say at this time next year, "Ahhhh - What a Year!!"

May your year ahead be fascinating!

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01/01/2012/1:14 pm | Jim & Jeannie
Greetings from Whistler and Happy New Year.
Sorry to hear about your aunt. As you say, the good and the sad are all part of life.
I expect you are as anxious as we are to get back aboard. We head out to Panama City jan 6th and to the boat the next day... hopefully. In Panama plans are never too certain as we've learned. We'll be in the San Blas for at least 4-6 weeks, then turn our minds to travelling north. I'm sure our wakes will cross. Good sailing and enjoy Isla Mujeres... a really fun place, but not great holding. They call the outer harbor "The Drag Strip"
03/01/2012/4:53 pm | Mary Lou
So sorry about your Aunt. WE are still at home with my mother she has 32 more treatments. We might leave then. Happy New Year.
03/01/2012/7:26 pm | David MacDonald
As always we've enjoyed reading all your adventures... our condolences to you for your loss. It's funny - The Seaport Farmer's Market was on our list of things to do during the holidays and somehow we never got around to it - too bad, we might've crossed paths again !!
Home for Christmas
Beth / still above freezing in Hfx
15/12/2011/12:57 pm, Halifax NS (crew) boat in Ft. Pierce, FL

We're really glad we made the decision to leave Madcap at Harbortown Marina in Ft Pierce. She is safe and secure there and in good company - Nancy and Don on Maja (Bayfield 40) were on our dock when we left and we saw another Bayfield 36 in the yard. Ed and Karin (Passages) are also there, and Ed even drove us to the airport for our trip home. What a good guy!

We're loving our time with family and friends at home in Halifax and fortunately, Jim is feeling almost back to normal now so he can enjoy it all too.

We look forward to heading back to the boat and points south at the end of December, and until then, we send greetings and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas season to all our readers. See you in 2012!

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15/12/2011/4:05 pm | Rob Wells
So wonderful to actually see you between the time I say your post on FB and got back here to read it.

Not sure I sent our seasonal regareds to Jim and the rest of the familly but we surely do.
Drop in if you end up in our area.
Not sure but you may have looks more uncomfortable in the winter coat than in the locker.
18/12/2011/10:10 am | Glen Gray
Have a lovely Christmas with friends and family. Paul and Cathy (Lucia) say hi! from Marsh Harbour and are happy that Jim is felling better.

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