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to Fiji on E'eva

11 June 2010
we left south Minerva bound for north Minerva at about 10:30am, they are only about 16 miles apart.
on the way out of south Minerva we tried gigging and soft-bait fishing but not even a bit, so we put out the rapala again.
I had just started repairing the boom vang, when the rod bent over a bit.
something a bit smaller than the mahimahi took the hook. a few minutes later we had a Wahoo on board, they are an ugly fish but die a lot quieter and less messy than the Mahimahi.
I filleted the back have and split the front half of the Wahoo, i had smoked a few mussels in the presure cooker so thought i'd have a crack at doing the same to the wahoo.
a bit of trimming was required to get the slab of fish to fit in the pan then it went on for about 40 minutes over a very low heat and wahlah perfect hot smoked wahoo.
we got to North Minerva about 3pm and there were 2 yachts already there Chiquita and a large Amel called Revelation.
We went over to visit Chiquita and then back to E'eva to dinner.
we had just got the cheese out to sniff, mmmm not to flash, when Ding radioed from Revelation to see if we wanted to have dinner over there.
We met Drew and Lilly and their kiwi crew Kevin and Jan.
I took over the smoked Wahoo that went sown a treat and then we had a lovely dinner with good wine and great company, there was a decision made that there should be a concerted effort tot locate lobster for tomorrow... huh fat chance.

Vessel Name: Thistledown
Vessel Make/Model: Hartley RORC 32
Hailing Port: Tauranga
Crew: Steve and anyone who wants to come
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Who: Steve and anyone who wants to come
Port: Tauranga