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just sailing
to Fiji on E'eva

Feeling a bit better but then tried to do some chart work and lost my carrot, the banana stayed down...

If it wasn't for noodle soup and bananas i would have had anything to eat since Wednesday.

We are still keeping watch at night but there isn't much to see, i am fine if i stay in the open or lay down in the cabin.

and sleep is bless from the movement and motion.

to Fiji on E'eva

oooohhhhh god, what am doing here,

I want to go home, 900 miles of this!!!!

i am trying to think of ways to get Pascal to turn around and drop me off...

sometimes a picture paints a thousand words.

Pascal was very sympathetic and only took 2 photos... :-)

to Fiji on E'eva
part 2

and off we went out of Opua with no wind so we had a nice leisurely breakfast. just as the wind picked up we got over taken by Chiquita crewed by Ding and Doris. we had the spinnaker up all afternoon and were making a nice coarse straight up the rumb line, we were doing about 6 knots and E'eva settled into the job at hand very nicely.

Chiquita was the last boat we saw for a long time.

as night fall came Pascal and i sorted out our watches for the night, 2 hours each, i spent most of mine sitting in the cockpit, watching the night sky floating past, as night past i was feeling seedier and seedier...

i started wondering what the hell i was doing.

to Fiji on E'eva
part 1
02/06/2010, opua

Up early to make the most of the fantastic showers at the Opua Yacht Club, we found a nice coffee and went to customs at the appointed time of 9:00am, we were not the only people who noticed that Customs were running a bit late and at 9:30 when they arrived we were 2rd in the queue behind an American Cat who had 8 on board, and behind us was Ding and Doris, but that is a story for later, and before i forget Doris' real name is Tania.

We got our passes and then went around the diesel pump and grabbed a couple of magazines from the little shop at the Opua - Russell Ferry

I love camera histories, you don't have to remember any times..

11:33am we departed the Opua wharf, next stop.... um, who knows.. Fiji or Minerva, or Vanuatu, or Tonga...

to Fiji on E'eva

left home at 9am, stopped off at Maramarua for a great coffee and Whangarei for Groceries.

Arrived in Opua just after 4pm. After we put the shopping away and getting the power and water sorted we settled in for a steak and noodle dinner and a nice quiet sleep tied up along side the dock.

Still waiting
15/05/2010, at home

well while Pascal and E'eva are sitting in Kerikeri inlet waiting for the weather to sort it self out , I'm sitting at home trying not to feel too impatient about the lack of something southerly...

I spoke to the skipper today and he is eating sausages from Kerikeri butchery for tea and hoping to go back to Paihia sometime soon.

The fishing rod is sitting on my berth gathering dust but all is not lost, i have read a couple of blogs this week from people who left last week and wish they hadn't it is not as nice out there as it could be..

well it coffee time now night night....

Today's pic is of one of the three dolphins we saw while leaving a nice bay on Roberton island last week

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