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to Fiji on E'eva

banana rice for breakfast, then outside to do the dishes.

It was a brisk morning with a good swell running and 35knots of wind. we had 3 reefs in the main sail and a tiny piece of Genoa out and despite this lack of sail we were still cruising along nicely at 6.5knts.

After a few days of feeling sorry for myself i decided to do some washing and have a shower, the pacific wasn't as warm as it could have been but a couple of bucket fulls over your head and most of your bits go numb anyway, a bit of Pascal magic lather in salt water soap and i'm as clean as a very clean thing.

And then you wouldn't be on a boat with a Swiss man with out a big pot of fondue.

As Pascal said, the same thing with someone prettier and beside a roaring fire would be perfect.

to Fiji on E'eva

We are sailing well, there is a bit of a low coming and the wind is picking up. 300 miles out to see and E'eva seems a very little boat.

As the winds pick up and sea get bigger i watch Pacal for clues on who concerned i should be.

He is dressed in tack pants and slippers and bouncing around without a care in the world.

we got a couple of visitors during the day, they hung around for a couple of hours before going somewhere more important.

noodle soup is still a lifesaver...

to Fiji on E'eva

Feeling a bit better but then tried to do some chart work and lost my carrot, the banana stayed down...

If it wasn't for noodle soup and bananas i would have had anything to eat since Wednesday.

We are still keeping watch at night but there isn't much to see, i am fine if i stay in the open or lay down in the cabin.

and sleep is bless from the movement and motion.

to Fiji on E'eva

oooohhhhh god, what am doing here,

I want to go home, 900 miles of this!!!!

i am trying to think of ways to get Pascal to turn around and drop me off...

sometimes a picture paints a thousand words.

Pascal was very sympathetic and only took 2 photos... :-)

to Fiji on E'eva
part 2

and off we went out of Opua with no wind so we had a nice leisurely breakfast. just as the wind picked up we got over taken by Chiquita crewed by Ding and Doris. we had the spinnaker up all afternoon and were making a nice coarse straight up the rumb line, we were doing about 6 knots and E'eva settled into the job at hand very nicely.

Chiquita was the last boat we saw for a long time.

as night fall came Pascal and i sorted out our watches for the night, 2 hours each, i spent most of mine sitting in the cockpit, watching the night sky floating past, as night past i was feeling seedier and seedier...

i started wondering what the hell i was doing.

to Fiji on E'eva
part 1
02/06/2010, opua

Up early to make the most of the fantastic showers at the Opua Yacht Club, we found a nice coffee and went to customs at the appointed time of 9:00am, we were not the only people who noticed that Customs were running a bit late and at 9:30 when they arrived we were 2rd in the queue behind an American Cat who had 8 on board, and behind us was Ding and Doris, but that is a story for later, and before i forget Doris' real name is Tania.

We got our passes and then went around the diesel pump and grabbed a couple of magazines from the little shop at the Opua - Russell Ferry

I love camera histories, you don't have to remember any times..

11:33am we departed the Opua wharf, next stop.... um, who knows.. Fiji or Minerva, or Vanuatu, or Tonga...

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