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just sailing
to Fiji on E'eva

A day like all the rest...

banana rice for breakfast, we tried fishing again this time with Pascal's tried and tested Rapala pure (yeah yeah, more fishing stories)

About 30 minutes later the reel screams a protest, there is something trying to drag us back to NZ i wind the drag all the way up and Pascal slows us down from 6.5 to 4.5 knots.
!0 minutes later we have a lovely blue Mahimahi along side. this was the most amazing colour of blue i've ever seen.

After a couple of practice shots with the gaff and a little effort the Mahimahi was in the cockpit. (note to self, maybe hang it off the back for a while next time, that was a lot of blood and it went everywhere)
Fish fillets for lunch and a nice curry for dinner with a couple of glasses of red wine.
The back half of the fish got put into lemon juice with a little onion in preparation for a raw fish lunch tommorow.
It took Pascal longer to clean the blood off than it took me to fillet and dice the fish.
then we sat down to a feast,

to Fiji on E'eva

up early from a night of very sloppy seas. 5 knts but lots of motions.

we had the fishing rod has been out all day but no luck.

A day in the life of E'eva.
11:00am Pascal gets the weather fax and decides which direction we should be heading. i'm either sitting in the cockpit watching the world go by or inside reading a book.

The windpilot autohelm sits on the back steering the boat while we sit inside on the warm. so far it has steered him 24183miles on his trip. it doesn't matter what the weather is like this little gadget sits in the cold doind all the work while we sit inside trying to decide what to have for lunch.
Today is Rusdi, potato and onion fried and turned out like and omelet.
the a wee glass of something warming, today was port from Banrock station.
After lunch, the crew (that's me) doesthe dishes while the skipper (that's Pascal) has a snooze.
Every 20 minutes or so someone gets up and has a look around ot see that we are still sailing i n the right direction and there are no big floating nasties out there and then its back to a book.
there is nothing to do until we have to decide what is for dinner.
It's a tough life... :-)

to Fiji on E'eva

banana rice for breakfast, then outside to do the dishes.

It was a brisk morning with a good swell running and 35knots of wind. we had 3 reefs in the main sail and a tiny piece of Genoa out and despite this lack of sail we were still cruising along nicely at 6.5knts.

After a few days of feeling sorry for myself i decided to do some washing and have a shower, the pacific wasn't as warm as it could have been but a couple of bucket fulls over your head and most of your bits go numb anyway, a bit of Pascal magic lather in salt water soap and i'm as clean as a very clean thing.

And then you wouldn't be on a boat with a Swiss man with out a big pot of fondue.

As Pascal said, the same thing with someone prettier and beside a roaring fire would be perfect.

to Fiji on E'eva

We are sailing well, there is a bit of a low coming and the wind is picking up. 300 miles out to see and E'eva seems a very little boat.

As the winds pick up and sea get bigger i watch Pacal for clues on who concerned i should be.

He is dressed in tack pants and slippers and bouncing around without a care in the world.

we got a couple of visitors during the day, they hung around for a couple of hours before going somewhere more important.

noodle soup is still a lifesaver...

to Fiji on E'eva

Feeling a bit better but then tried to do some chart work and lost my carrot, the banana stayed down...

If it wasn't for noodle soup and bananas i would have had anything to eat since Wednesday.

We are still keeping watch at night but there isn't much to see, i am fine if i stay in the open or lay down in the cabin.

and sleep is bless from the movement and motion.

to Fiji on E'eva

oooohhhhh god, what am doing here,

I want to go home, 900 miles of this!!!!

i am trying to think of ways to get Pascal to turn around and drop me off...

sometimes a picture paints a thousand words.

Pascal was very sympathetic and only took 2 photos... :-)

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