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4 day trip to Mayor Island

The next morning we were woken by mind and a swell coming into the bay, this was not forecast and we decided to leave then and have breakfast on the way. We headed South toward Tauranga and with all sails up we made good time across the bay.

Until we reached the halfway point and then the wind disappeared again.

We motored for the rest of the trip, with a lazy swell coming from the port side we had a rolly trip back to the harbour.

A big outgoing tide meant a slow trip around the heads and up the inside of the harbour but we eventually made it back to the mooring.

A fantastic trip with good company and just the right amount of excitement.

4 day trip to Mayor Island

I got out the softbait rod and after losing the back end of 5 soft baits caught a good size snapper for dinner.

We then set off north of the island for a bit of a sail before returning to Southeast bay and a snapper dinner.

I went for a walk up the hill to find cell coverage to let Viv know I was sill alive while John took the dingy off to visit the resident seals.

4 day trip to Mayor Island

We had a lazy morning and set out about 9am with the intention of sailing around the island and coming back to Southeast Bay for the night. But when we left the bay the water was so clear and the sea so calm we decided to work our way up the coast and visit each bay, what a wonderful way to spend the morning, we anchored in a small bay with an island in it and then go the dingy off and went off to explore the area, just stunning cliffs that were interlaced with obsidian glistening in the sunlight.

John was back in the water making up for the years he had missed out on, in not snorkelling before.

4 day trip to Mayor Island

John took some convincing that it was warm but once he was in he wouldn't get out.

Eggs on toast for tea and then outside to watch an amazing moon rise out of the ocean. It was vivid orange and seemed to erupt out of the sea..

Off to bed to dream of fish and spinnaker...

4 day trip to Mayor Island

We found Southeast Bay right where I thought it was and motored in to within about 50 meters of the beach and anchored in 6 meters of water, the bay was idyllic, native bush and bird life all around us.

I went over the side and had a look for the lure that had been dragging out behind us until we turned around to ancore, I found it wound around the propeller, I got that free and then enjoyed floating in 19.5 degree C water, watching fishes and the world go by.

4 day trip to Mayor Island

About 12:30pm still 10 miles from Mayor, a front arrived from behind us the wind went from 5 to 25 knots in about 1 second, that was all a bit much for the spinnaker and the top and bottom parted company with each other.

A bit of a frantic moment while the bottom half was retrieved and the headsail was set, the 25knt winds stayed with us all the way to Mayor so the second half of the trip didn't take nearly as long as the first.

John found the bean bag and settled down for a snooze while I kept us pointing at Mayor, the GPS kept us up to date on where we were at and it was a nice boisterous sail down wind.

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