Our favorite boat cat

31 July 2016
Heather and the boys had to deal with a very sad incident today. Our faithful boat cat Tilley who had been with us throughout our voyage passed away after being hit by a car.

He was such great company during our journey and always kept our spirits up. He was thrilled to experience land aft almost an entire year onboard. We enjoyed watching him discover the land and become kitten like all over again. Unfortunately with his upbringing on a boat he was not always aware of the perils of land.

We miss you Tilley and will always cherish the time we had with you.

We are Home!!! (I'm sure a lot of you knew that as its been 1 1/2 weeks)

05 June 2016 | HOME!
We decided after clearing in at Shelburne what was another 15 hours after just doing 48 hrs and departed an hour later for an overnight run to Prospect!

After the rough ride it actually calmed down and we were able to have a glassy ride through the night to home. The fog was in thicker than ever but the good old radar held up.

When I came on watch we were making too good of time!! Definitely wanted to be well rested on arrival knowing full well our family would be waiting. So we had a slow burble for the last 4 hours in, a great big bacon and eggs breakfast and a quick cleaning of the boat.

On coming through the outer islands of Prospect we were greeted by the sun coming out and the fog clearing away and our neighbours Dave and Karen bombing out in Dave's boat to welcome us home. After weaving through the rocks in the cove we tied up to our mooring with our folks waving at us frantically from the dock. The welcome wagon was certainly there. We went to my folks for lunch and then to Heathers for supper. Everyone was very happy to see us home in one piece.

It was a bittersweet ending to a great, tumultuous trip. Nice to be home but the list of things to do just to get back into the swing of things is daunting. A week and a half later we are still scrambling! Back to the hectic world.

It took us the next day to strip most of the boat and bring our stuff back into the house. That's when we realized we don't have much furniture left and will have to pick up lots!

We decided to go camping the next weekend as a lot of our friends would be there and it would get us away from the house and the hectic. It certainly did! Had a blast and can already see we will probably have more of a summer of camping than boating.

Its good to be home!!!!

Canada Ho!!!!

04 June 2016
As I type this I can see Canada, there were other ways to tell we were getting close, the fog, 11° water, wearing all of our clothes at once to stay warm!!

It was a rough slog across as the weather man was telling us a great motoring weather window... light airs... what he really should have said was its going to blow 15 knots on your face the entire time and pound your guts out he would have been much more accurate.

As you can tell we survived and are heading into Shelburne for a good rest. Probably aim for prospect tomorrow but with oncoming weather may fall short and hit somewhere closer.

Its good to be home.. well almost.

Barnaget to Onset, Massachusetts

31 May 2016
Leaving Barnaget in the fog was a bit of go but we left and started to head north again with a tail wind. The saying “fair winds and following sea” was not made up by someone who owned an Endeavour as we rolled our guts out pretty much all the way to Buzzard’s Bay. Most if was also in the fog. We definitely are getting closer to home. Longs sleeves rubber boots and wool sweaters for everyone!! Water temperature has gone from 30C to 14C in less than two weeks! Tilley doesn’t know what to make of it as he shed his “winter coat” back in Hopetown. Our original goal was Cuttyhunk as Tom’s father Bill had told us it was his favorite spot to cruise, but as we got closer we realized that it was going to be very foggy and cold way down at the south of the bay. Turned out we were at the right tide to ride in towards the Cape Cod canal so we decided to use this to get to Onset where I figured there wouldn’t be fog. I was getting worried as we actually went the entire way into the mouth of the canal with less than 1/8 mile of visibility but as we made the turn into the channel to get to Onset the sun started to peak out and by the time we had made the rest of the run it was clear and sunny! Spent the night on the town moorings there and decided to stay one more night to wait for the good weather window to jump directly across to Shelburne. The pic is the boys being look outs entering the cape cod canal in poor visibility.

Barnaget Inlet

28 May 2016
If you’ve followed along since the beginning you may remember a family we met on Block Island. Tom and Brandy Guertler along with Olive and Hazel. We hit it off and they managed to see us again by car when we hit Chesapeake City on our way south. They even made an attempt to come to the Abacos in April with their small speed boat for a week of fun. Unfortunately this was stopped by weather after all of the preparations and transport of the family and the boat down to Florida. This included 10 Cases of beer for Maewyn and some Fizzy for our Soda stream. Let me tell you from what I gather from Tom he had to slave over the beer to ensure quality control was maintained (It also made good ballast in the bottom of the boat).
Due to the missed opportunity we knew we had to stop by Barnaget inlet where Tom keeps his larger boat and his parents own a house. As we came to the inlet we noticed some yahoo in a large power boat jumping waves towards us. Turns out it was Tom and a few family members coming out to guide us in. It turns out that the entire family was there for the weekend for his Aunt Sally’s Birthday and a kind of family reunion.
On arrival we met an entire family we didn’t realize we had!! Joanne and Bill Guertler along with their sons Bill, Steve, Dave and of course Tom and their family. The boys were thrilled to see there were young boys there as well and instantly got their cap guns out for an all-out war.
We had the birthday dinner with them that night with kids running everywhere a lot of laughs. What a contrast to our little family unit onboard. Their family reminds me of our family at home when we get everyone together for a night!
The next day we spent decompressing from the journey. Joanne took all the boys into surf city to reload from the war while Bill took us for a tour of his Fleming. Such a beautiful boat I think I may have to split my love of Nordhavns to Flemings as well.
That afternoon we went for a run on Tom’s 55ft Searay which was a whole different world from doing 7kts in a sailboat. It’s a beautiful boat and can go like stink. Just would have to watch your fuel gauges really closely as it burns it quickly at top speed. Wouldn’t want to run out!
We then spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out with everyone, the boys going for a kayak ride (AKA bumper boats). Another wonderful meal at the Guertler residence and it was time for bed. Still trying to catch up from all of the long nights.
The next day it rained and we got ready to go. A last breakfast onboard Tom’s and Brandy’s boat with copious amounts of bacon and maple syrup and we were ready to head out this time toward the Cape Cod Canal.
Thank you again to the entire Guertler family for your wonderful welcome and can’t wait to be back next year for the family reunion again ;> you made it feel like home. Also special thanks to Aunt Sally for allowing us to share in her birthday party! As for Tom and Brandy this won’t be the last time we see each other. Tom and I have agreed to meet in the middle next boating season… I believe it was in steaming hours so if boat A is travelling south at 7 knots and boat B is travelling north at 30 knots where will they meet? …. I’ll see you in Shelburne next year Tom! Heather has promised to make a Cartoon for our time in Barnaget.
Oh and Tilley officially liked the Fleming as well he spent more time on it than our boat!

On the road again

23 May 2016
After a top up of everything including some new shoes for Arleigh (Who knew he kept growing even when he wasn’t wearing any) we departed St. Augustine for a long trip north. We had set our sights on Beaufort NC and we weren’t turning back! It turned out to be mainly a motor and what a long one it was. With very little wind we motored or motor sailed pretty much 90% of the way. Along the way we saw lots of Dolphins which I took to be a great sign of things to come.
Along the way we had wonderful sunny weather and I decided to try my hand at fishing again. It took a while but all of a sudden the reel spun like crazy. I got back to the rod in time to see a huge Mahi Mahi jump about 4 ft in the air then take off again. After a huge struggle to get the fish into the boat (This included ripping the reel completely clear of the rod and breaking our net) I decided to try hauling him up by the line. It was a 75lb test so I figured it wouldn’t break. Well guess again! He got away. We all agreed he had to have been 4 ft long and I know he was at least 40-50 lbs! a female was following him around while we were reeling him in. Heather thought it was out of concern but I figure she was telling him “I told you you shouldn’t have put that in your mouth;>”
The watches were a new thing for the boys as this was a 4 day trip. So we decided for sam to do the evening watch with Mom until dark and I would wake Arleigh early in the morning. This worked well with Heather and Sam talking up a storm. Arleigh being so responsible and capable was able to take over the watch from me while I caught a quick cat nap in the Cockpit allowing both Heather and I to catch up on sleep.
As we were approaching Beaufort we realized that the weather was actually going to be pretty darn good to keep moving. So after a few quick fuel calculations we kept right on going out and around Cape Hatteras. This turned out to be a perfect night for it and we saved about 4 days going through the ICW otherwise.
We still didn’t get much wind and those careful fuel calculations were certainly needed as we ended up using the spare 5 gallon Jerry to avoid sucking air from the sloping tanks. With the wind behind us we needed to run the engine to get us into Virginia Beach before dark. Considering we left St Augustine with 90 Gallons of Fuel we had to fill 86 Gallons in Virginia!!!

St. Augustine again

22 May 2016
Well yesterday we left Titusville and did an 11 hour day on the ICW to push north. Man I won't be doing that one again. It is mind numbing to be constantly steering and trying to remind yourself to pay attention.

Along the way we got bored so started hoisting the kids up the mast to see if we could make it under the bridges;>

Decided to treat ourselves to a marina for the night. Turns out it was a great spot in Palm Coast Marina. Well kept and a cheap place to fill our tanks.

Tilley really enjoyed himself and ran around chasing squirrels, bugs, air and himself because he could run in a straight line for more than 42'! Had to lock him up in the morning though as he was pretty pissed to be brought clear of the land. We think he will love being back on 9 Bayview.

Got up bright and early and set off for St. Augustine. Figured we could do a provisioning today and be ready for the next few weeks. We like this town and it didn't disappoint.

All is ready to continue outside tomorrow to Beaufort, North Carolina.

Titusville late at night

20 May 2016
We left Cape Canaveral late in the day due to the locks being closed during the day.

We pushed hard to get north and made it into Titusville mooring field in the dark. Not the ideal time to be traveling the ICW but we wanted to push it. Don't really want to be in here as each day is a third of the distance we can make during the offshore runs.

Long day planned tomorrow.
Vessel Name: Maewyn
Vessel Make/Model: Endeavour 42
Hailing Port: Prospect, NS, Canada
Crew: Gary, Heather, Arleigh and Sam
About: Gary Old enough, Heather Older, Arleigh 12 and Sam 9 dream of warmer waters. Currently living life aquatic in Prospect NS and have returned from our year on the boat. Will keep the blog going locally but hope to do another trip in the future.
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