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Magic Carpet Adventures
Greg, Donna Lou and Boat Cat Ziwhot's Search for Adventure Captain Gregory (KI6IIU) and Admiral Donna Lou (KI6IIS) Norell E-mail:
Change of Plans-Tripui Fishing Tourament
Admiral Donna Lou
06/26/2012, Puerto Escondido

Change of Plans:
Regular part of the cruising life, Opportunity knots and we could not refuse. Fellow cruisers on the S/V Eagle out of the Pacific No. West had won an entry for 4 in the Tripuli fishing tournament at the Loreto Fest and was looking for partners for team Eagle, we jumped at the chance. We had a great time the super ponga Captain "Pancho" he was a hard working fishing guide who put us right on the fish tight lines for everyone. Tournament rules were you could weigh in Two Dorados and one other non-bill fish per day. Our Dorado were all too small to win us a top spot on the score board, but our other fish Yellow Tail were top notch. Great fighting fun was had by all, freezers are full.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
07/11/2012 | Mike & DIane Robinson
Looks like a great time. We're making our way but have been plagued with car problems. Look forward to sharing an anchorage with you one day!!
Escape from Danzante
Admiral Donna Lou
06/26/2012, Isla Danzante

June 15 2012 Isla Danzante:
To close for comfort!
8:00 p.m. The south east wind that's been steady for the last few day's switches and grows and grows to a strong westerly, with reports of gust to 40 knots. Magic Carpets being blowing into the rocks. Dark has set in our CQR was holding tight! But the new westerly direction was changing our relationship with the Isla Danzante. It was time to get out there, engine was started, inflatable (Aladdin) was smuggled close to the mother ship (we do not want to foul the prop). The Admiral at the helm, the Captain on the bow cranking in the anchor & 5/16 chain road (hand windless). Magic Carpet hovers ready to shot out of the anchorage as soon as the hold is broken. The engine was soon but in gear with just enough rpm to stand our ground. As soon as the anchor is on deck the rpm is increased and Magic Carpet charges into the dark of night on her preplanned escape course. 10:00 p.m. Where do we go? Basic rule on Magic Carpet is not to enter any anchorage after dark. We are in a reef infested area of the Sea of Cortez, hoving to and drifiting into one dose not sound like a good idea. So we decide to brake our rule and head for the hidden harbor of Porto Escondido. Boy hidden harbor is a good name for it, because both the Mexican Navigation lights and channel markers lights were out! So with the Admiral now on the bow and the Captain at the helm Magic Carpet creeps into a safe anchorage in the dead of the blackest night we have ever seen. With our hand held VHF both on channel 17 the admiral calls a little to port now to starboard and on it goes like that with little cockpit visibility the Captains guides the helm from the bow calls of the Admiral. Team Magic Carpet eventually drops the hook safely protected from the strong westerly wind. All is well in the peaceful quite waters of hidden harbor.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
Luxury Cruising Brake
Admiral Donna Lou
06/26/2012, Puerto Escondido

Luxury Cruising Brake:
With the "kids" in town we enjoyed the best of both worlds. Beach clam bakes; to traditional mesquite wood stove dinners, inland travel and short sea passage to a fantastic resort spa. Anchoring Magic Carpet in Ensenada Blanca enjoying shore side amenity's made us feel like we were on the east coast of America for just a short time. Then sadly it was time for the Adios again. We are lucky in life to be able to turn our dream into reality, but it's always hard to be so far from family and friends. Magic Carpet has been based out of Porto Escondido, Baja California Sir the last few weeks. Now sailing out of her hidden harbor we are excited to be returning to our Island hopping way of life. The water has started to warm up and the fish have started to move in. The bit is on , dinners are great - Dorado - Yellow Tail - Serra-
Grouper - Snapper and even Wahoo last night. Interesting enough no Skipe Jack so far this year. We almost miss the great fighting fish, even though it's a catch and release ( not good eating).

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
Great to be out at sea again
Admirals Report Donna Lou
05/17/2012, Puerto de la Lancha Isla Carmen

Wow fantastic to be back at sea, it was tuff putting Magic Carpet back into sea readiness for the second time this year. The call of the sea is a strong force for us. As hard as we try to carry all the wonderful things we do and see with us always, life sometimes clouds the memory. But Oh just sailing out of our safe harbor wakens our senses and deep love for our life style. Dolphins welcome us back like we are long lost friends. Manta rays flip flop around as young dolphins tail dance, birds diving, flying fish scoot across the water. Phosphoresces light Magic Carpets way and announces incoming dolphins, whales blow a quick howdy we feel at home. Fishing is good, breads rising, sprouts are growing sea life is being good to us. Loreto Fest gave us a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. We danced under the stars celebrating Cinco de Mayo in style. We attended cruising seminars and for Donna craft classes. Open mike showed how talented may fellow cruiser are. Colorful local dancers entertained us; local food was a super treat a good time was had by all. We often think as we grow older that it's been slower making new friends, yet in the cruising world how fast and strong new friendships develop. We guess it's because even though we all come from so many different walks in life we share one strong driving force the call of the sea. In many ways our safety and independence is linked with each other. Everyone shares learning experiences and equipment knowledge with each other. The Sonrisa ham net and the Amigo and Southbound marine nets keep us all connected providing weather, sea conditions, water temperature & local knowledge. Greg is the Saturday morning Sonrisa net controller and Donna will soon be handling an evening southbound net. Magic Carpet has been cruising around the middle waters of the Sea of Cortez there is so much we have not seen before. We sailed for twenty four hours to Isla Coronado's from our berth at Marina San Carlos three hours on three hours off, averaging 4 1/2 knots. We were greeted by friends and a pot luck beach party, it felt great to back. So far we visited V Cove on Isla Carmen (a favorite) Punta Perico South (new this season) and Peurto De La Lancha. We are enjoying late spring weather the best in years, warm days and cool nights, water temperatures range from 74 to 80 degrees, winds moderate, sea swells 0 to 5 feet. Sometimes it's a pond and sometimes the sea reminds us to keep our PFD's handy and check out tether lines out. Magic Carpet doing great all systems are working well! It's said one week at sea is like one year at the docks for ware and tear on a boat. We try hard to take good care of her as she is taking very good care of us. We thank Bill Lee for the Lancer 36 great design. Fully loaded she still sails fast, she quick to respond smooth and comfortable and we like to go fast! The last few days we have had strong East South East winds with Five to eight foot swells, so we are hanging out on the North side of Isla Carmen. Some rap around swell invades the north of the Island but it's better than being south. Our wind generator and solar stick are doing a super job, batteries are fully charged, and water tanks are full, freezer full, Ice cubes are ready and waiting, soft music fills the cabin, it's so good to be home. AND the Admiral has more fish credits than the Captain on the tally card!

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
05/28/2012 | Mike & DIane Robinson
Glad to hear all is well! Mike and Diane
06/14/2012 | alex and florence montalvo
Be at sea at ease and alert. Be at sea with wonder. Be at sea with thy God.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
07/06/2012 | Dan & Shirley "Our Affair"
Had a great time crusing with you and Dream Ketcher and the rest of you Rag Baggers.
Great White Shark and turn around trips
Admiral Donna Lou
04/29/2012, San Carlos Marina San Carlos Sonora MX

Picture of Great White Shark caught north of San Carlos, by Panga Fisherman.

Dreams do not always turn into reality Magic Carpets planned sail to the Mexican Rivera was postponed, until next season. The fast approaching hurricane season prevents us from sailing south at this late date. An unexpected Business problem forced our return to the states. We were ready to go! Magic Carpet was fully commissioned provisioned & fueled up waiting for our weather window. Than we had to reverse the process, hurricane proof again (not knowing when we could return) sent the provisions to the orphanage, fuel to fellow sailors, close her up and head north. For the second year in a row we did a fifty day turn around trip. We are now heading out! We will go where the wind takes us, some where on the Baja. We will be meeting with family & friends in the Loreto area. Hoping to make up for lost time. This will be Magic Carpets fourth season in the Sea of Cortez. There are islands we have not visited yet, ship wrecks to dive on, shores we have not hiked, and sea shells to be found, fishes to catch and people to meet. We look forward to our last season in the Baja and continue our journey. News flash a Great White Shark 20 feet long two thousand lbs. was caught just north of us. A fantastic site, we have just learned two or three are sited in the Sea of Cortez each season.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
05/03/2012 | Mike
Thanks for the update...hope to see you before we leave.
Magic Carpets Tools & Gregory’s shoes disappears!
Admiral Donna Lou
02/15/2012, Marina San Carlos

Picture of Magic Carpet in her slip in Marina San Carlos B17

Yes unbelievable Magic Carpet was boarded while we were aboard either watching a movie or sleeping, sometime between 9 pm and 7am. We had left them in the cockpit ready for another day's work. The tools included the most used on Magic Carpet and several custom machined exclusively for our boat. A great loss and set back. After Marina reports, police reports, guard reports we offered a reward for their return. We than started a personal search of Mexican swap meets a eye opening south of the boarder adventure. All of our efforts failed! We felt uncomfortable sailing south with out several of these tools. Louise Hernandez was contracted to recreate several of the lost tool's.
Life in San Carlos, Sonora Mexico offers a very active social & culture life style. It's easy to understand why so many "gringo" live here six months out of every year. This season visit for us included local charity fund raisers and seminars by Dr. Whitney Azoy, Cultural Anthropology, Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World. Helping us better understand the times we live in. Donna's acceptance in the Liga de Arte, offering her a chance to paint and study & show with noted Artist. Greg's busy up grading the boat. Our new spinnaker is beautiful, packed and ready to fly. Cruisers dock side circle of knowledge gather regularly exchanging ideas and lending hands when needed. The Captains Club hosted several great football party's. Magic Carpet is now fully provisioned and ready to sail south. Were waiting for our weather window. We will soon be on the high sea sailing south "fast" chasing our dreams. We hope the winds takes us to Z town than back to the Sea of Cortez for Hurricane season. June 15 thru Oct 31, last year was a very quite season! It makes us wonder if Mother Nature will hit hard this season. We try to always be prepared & hope and pray we are never in a hurricanes path.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
02/15/2012 | alexander& florence montavo
The winds do not always blow in the direction you want . Do not begrudge the winds that may favor the sails of another vessel on the ocean of life. We ask that you be careful even with all your understandings of the sky and the wind and the water. We ask you again to be very aware of the very poor people that in their desperation, will prey upon you as if a spider onto a fly.
The thieves that came in the night should be a real concern. Your journey is only now beginning and you have not left the shelter of the Sea of Cortez. Be careful in all ways of discerning any truth.
Truth is a private matter.
The importance of your truth is what matters.
02/16/2012 | Mike
perhaps it is time for an alarm/lights on a motion dedector
04/03/2012 | Katie and Mark
Are you guys still in San Carlos?

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