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Magic Carpet Adventures
Greg, Donna Lou and Boat Cat Ziwhot's Search for Adventure Captain Gregory (KI6IIU) and Admiral Donna Lou (KI6IIS) Norell E-mail: [email protected]
Final on Copper Canyon

The Picture is of the Valley of the Erect Monks

After reading our sail blog entrees fellow cruiser considering inland travel to the Copper Canyon, and wishing a cost summary and wishing waypoints into Marina Palmira. Please e-mail with a request - we will forward the information ASAP. [email protected] or [email protected] . FYI s/v Jacaranda detailed itinerary & cost summary is available at www. It was a big help to us! Thank you Chuck & Linda for taking the time to lead the way.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
Back At Sea Again Passage from Topolobampo to Isla Coronados
Admiral Donna Lou
06/29/2011, Isla Coronados

It felt good to be sailing again! Nice beam reach five to seven knots straight across the Sea of Cortez, lumpy sea not so great! Steady wind most of the crossing, Yanmar used a few times to keep Magic Carpet heading west. We arrived Isla Coronados 26-06.541'N - 111-17.049'W after a 30-hour passage. It's great to see the "Baja" again! Enjoyed a late lunch at anchor. Zapped the first scout bee with our new Electronic Bee Zapper, it is a fun new electronic addition to Magic Carpets electronics.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
Beatriz Update

Beatriz 3rd posting: June 22,2011- She has weakened! - And is no danger to Magic Carpet - We will soon be heading farther North to be as far away as possible from hurricanes, Our biggest concern now (we hope) will be Chubascos. A Chubasco is a violent, but short -lived squall, usually accompanied by thunder, lighting, rain and strong winds. Chubascos are a summer time convection storm that can hit at any time from the late afternoon to early morning.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
06/25/2011 | PG
Good no Danger
06/25/2011 | tony
it works
06/25/2011 | Victoria
Hi Mom and Gregario! Finally able to post- loved ready about your escapades and especially the dolphin. Get North, Stay safe, and thank you for keeping us up to date! We are settling in here in NE. Rain rain and rain...trying to rescue a fallen baby Robin from the big storm last night. His nest fell out of the tree. Love and prayer, Tori
06/28/2011 | Tony
Greg, I sent you an e-mail with two papers to sign and get back to me ASAP.

El Chepe The Copper Canyon railroad

El Chepe: The Copper Canyon railroad , This masterpiece of engineering traverses from sea level to 8000 feet in altitude, passing through vast biologically diverse habitats. This region is listed on the worlds 200 most critical areas for conservation. The route slices diagonally across the Copper Canyon region for 407 miles. El Chepe has opened the gates to one of the most isolated areas of Mexico. There are 86 tunnels and 37 bridges. If all you do is ride the train to Creel for a night or two it's worth it!

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
Arriving back in Creel

After Arriving back in Creel and a short siesta we were off to the Recohuate Hot Springs. Again we did not expect the challenge of getting there or the beauty. One hour out of Creel deep down to the bottom of yet another canyon the Tarahumara have created hot pools for soaking in several temperatures. The hot springs cascade out from the ancient volcanic remains now deep in mother earth. We never expected to be socking our tired bodies in such a fabulous spa surrounded with a million-dollar view on this trip! The Natural mineral water soak. watching the sun set was a peaceful end to a great day. After a Comida Corrida dinner in town and a short stroll sleep came quickly to both of us. Early to rise and on to a Mexican breakfast we answered to bell calling us and attended Mass with the locals. Found answers to a lot of our questions in the local museum said good bye to McClain and board El Chepe for the last time. Ten hours latter we returned to our beloved Magic Carpet all safe and sound at Marina Palmira in Topolobampo, Home sweet Home.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
06/25/2011 | Victoria
Now this is what I like to see. Happy Anniversary love-birds.

We traveled with McClain deep down to the bottom of the canyon a long and sometimes scary switch back trail (yes at least 1/2 dirt trail) single lane for both ways. Batopilas is a 17 century silver mining town in a tropical setting with colonial architecture & Hacienda hotels. With several view stops along the way and a picnic lunch enjoying the view which we can't seen to get enough of. Stopping at old abandoned silver mine with lady luck on our side we find silver and dug out our Own souvenirs of our mining day. After arrival at our new home base it was off for an up stream cool swim in the river Batopilas. We than toured the ruins of Alexander Shepherd's mining operation and his Hacienda San Miguel I'm in ah at the classic look of the Spanish women we have meet along the way and Dona Lupe is a perfect example. This gracias elegant classy woman gave us a wonderful welcome to her town of 1300 people. Sadly the mining days centuries ago left the water ways with out marine life and to this day they are still polluting it (see Greg's picture in the gallery section on our sail blog). The local museum took us back through the town history and mining times. Including the revolution of 1910 ware the people ended Alexander Shepherds mining operation & Tarahumara slavery. With the help of the famous Poncho Villa and his supporters Batopilas was returned to it's people. The swing bridge across the river is an everyday occurrence for locals, but I can't imagine walking it in the wind and rain. Local food was great; watching the birds from rockers at our Hacienda under Mango trees & stars listening to the town as she settled down for the night was very relaxing. Dona Mica packed us a lunch for our journey out of the canyon bottom to 7000 feet to Creel. After a sun rise visit to the Lost Cathedral of Satevo and a stop at a Tarahumara cabin home of a famous Violin maker, who had just sold out to a travailing retailer. Greg was delighted we were not going to be carrying a Violin back to Magic Carpet. So missing the chance to have a homemade Violin aboard we settled for a home made wooden bowl just what we needed! A big opportunity opened to us when we found a Tarahumara man Enrique walking along the road/trail with a load of goodies to take to his home two days away on foot. We offered him a ride and got his picture and with McClains excellent Tarahumara language skills we were able to converse with him, our first and only chance to question a Tarahurama, he was captured in our 4X4. Fantastic chance to personally try to understand there way of life. For a ride he was willing to talk.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
06/29/2011 | Alexander and Florence Montalvo

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